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Europe » France » Centre January 31st 2016

Beaucoup d'excitation et un peu de stress mais nous sommes tous les deux fin prêts pour partir à l'aventure en mode chaussures de marche, sac à dos et total impro ! Que nous réserve ce grand voyage ? Réponse dans les prochains épisodes... ;) Quentin... read more

Europe » France » Centre January 9th 2016

Well here we are back in Briare for the winter; we had to get here fairly early to carry on with all the medical stuff for Peters prostrate (quite nice alliteration) more health stuff later. . We arrived late September after our cruise along the Nivernais Canal and the Canal lateral la Loire. Our blog seems to have turned into a New Year letter this year as we seem to have been very busy and not really felt like writing. Apart from a few very cold days in November early December the weather has been fabulous, daytime temperature up around 15 degrees and plenty of sunshine, Xmas day we were in tee-shirts. So the title is a bit misleading really. Cruising Our cruise along the beautiful Nivernais was fairly uneventful, just magic scenery, friendly charter boats ... read more
Nivernais Canal  (48)
Clamecy Raft Day
Clamecy Locals

Europe » France » Centre » Villandry October 8th 2015

Our time in France is soon to be over. We had spent a night on an aire and were trying to work out what to do next. Our first thought how much longer would we be able to stay on another aire tonight. This time at the chateau of Villandry. We knew there was plenty of room to park alongside the road in between the plane trees and a further aire just down the road. We had googled it on line and seen the parking and the overnight stop and it all looked pretty good . We had phoned the Chunnel up and moved our return home by yet another day. Having paid another £8 we were coming home now two days early. Our plan was to visit first the chateau. We had seen a gardening ... read more
Chillis in the garden
a bed of ornamental cabbage
The garden and the begonias

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency October 7th 2015

Our time on holiday is coming to an end sadly. The weather is still holding out but the mornings are feeling a slight more chillier. The evenings are getting darker by the day. Neither of us is looking forward to going home as all of a sudden we seem to be finding a good deal of things to do. Having said that we have already rung the Chunnel to rebook our return journey. We have paid a further £16 to move the booking from Wednesday next week to the same time but on the Tuesday. The choice is trying to find things to do and pay another nights fee on a campsite and we feel that the £16 is well worth spent. We had planned to stop on a camperstop we had identified in the Camperstop ... read more
Romanesque church
pretty stained glass

Europe » France » Centre » Sully-sur-Loire October 6th 2015

It seems odd that our holiday really has come together as we creep ever closer north and home. From one castle to another. From an incomplete one to a complete one. From Guedelon to Sully sur Loire. I felt as we drove that this has been a bit like making a cake. YOu need the recipe and the method and we got that in abundance in Guedelon. Add some stone , some mortar, some oak and mix well and what comes out is something like Sully sur Loire. After leaving the lovely experience of a medieval building site we headed back to the roads and hoped Sally would behave . The forests are amazing in this area of France, dense, dark and full of creatures . We regularly see hunters out with their dogs and guns ... read more
Moated Sully
The art of the patisserie
Furniture inside the castle

Europe » France » Centre » Saint-Satur October 4th 2015

After our night on the ranch we picked up our morning supply of croissants and baguettes before hitting the road for Saint Satur a tiny sleepy village sandwiched between the Loire and a canal. On our way we passed the test track for Michelin Tyres at Clermont Ferrand. Over the hedge we could see a ribbon of tarmac covered with water and a van tearing round at breakneck speed. Now that looked like fun. I think Suzy would have enjoyed that careering round a speed track. We arrived at our campspot a Flower camp in the tiny sleepy Loire town of Saint Satur. It was sleepy o'clock time and the camp staff were just shutting the doors of reception. Park up anywhere and come back at 3pm to pay. They let us in and we drove ... read more
The canal by day
The canal

Europe » France » Centre » Tours August 8th 2015

In the first little town Cathy saw a shop & shouted - there's a pottery & they have plates with cherries on, park somewhere! So, I went round the back of said town & parked opposite the church in the car park / boules / market area. We walked to the high street & found the shop. The pottery shop was an opticians (snort) & the plates were part of the window display (guffaw). To make me laugh even more & make this worthy of a blog entry, was that they were paper plates hahaha! Off we go taking the main road instead of the peage for a way as it followed it & it just seems nicer sometimes; thousands of acres of harvested wheat fields & yet to be harvested corn & sunflowers. The sunflowers ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres June 20th 2015

We are in the "breadbasket" of France, so called as this is a very large grain/wheat growing area. Very flat and large fields. Travelling through the countryside we saw many grain silos which reminded us of our visit to Alberta! We stopped and coffee'd at Brou and then onto Chateaudun where we walked the route touristique. Unable to visit the Chateau as no dogs. Lunched in the square. Several pretty villages. Dangeau had some lovely half timbered cottages.... read more
Timbered buildings Dangeau

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres June 19th 2015

We travelled yesterday to Illiers-Combray which is 20 km from Chartres. Visited the magnificent cathedral and as usual some restoration work was being carried out so scaffolding inside and out! The city was really impressive. There was a group of seminarians being given a guided tour - many took a photo of Barney awaiting our return on the cathedral steps. We wandered the city and enjoyed a typical French salad in the Place Cazalis - delicious. We spotted a ballet shop! The gardens were a delight, truly a lovely city and well worth a visit.... read more
Inside scaffolding
Down the alley

Europe » France » Centre » Chenonceaux June 7th 2015

Sunday 7 June 2015 Both the Château of Chenonceau and the nearby town of Amboise are places we really want to see and on this sunny early summer day we did. Our intention was to get to Chenonceau early and avoid the crowds, as we well remember an uncomfortably crowded Versailles on our visit there four years ago. Despite our good intentions, the reality of driving even short distances over beautiful back roads meant our arrival at the glorious place that is Chenonceau was a little delayed, but there was no problem finding a park in the shade (both free), then strolling leisurely up the drive with the Château showing through the trees. We seemed to have beaten the tour groups and were able to enjoy the experience without jostling for position. Chenonceau is simply stunning. ... read more

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