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Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere April 30th 2009

Moro Tampereelta, Micha hat mich gebeten ein bisschen was über Tampere, meiner Heimat in Finnland zu schreiben.Tampere ist die größte skandinavische Stadt, welche sich im Land befindet. Alle anderen großen skandinavischen Städte liegen stets an der Küste. Tampere, auch "Manse" genannt (Anlehnung an Manchester in England. Tampere und Manchester sollen sich wegen der vielen aus Ziegel gebauten Industriegebäude ähneln), hat ca. 200000 Einwohner und liegt zwischen den beiden großen Seen "Näsijärvi" und "Pyhäjärvi". Obwohl Tampere eine Binnenstadt ist, findet man überall Möglichkeiten zum Baden, denn Tampere ist von sehr vielen Seen umgeben. Ich fühle mich in Tampere sehr wohl, denn trotz der Größe und Einwohnerzahl Tampere's, hat man nie das Gefühl in einer größeren Stadt zu wohnen. Wenn ich z. B. Langlauffahren gehen will, muss ich nur 200 m laufen und schon befinde i... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 21st 2009

After an exciting sauna party and a late night out in Tampere it was well worth sleeping in this morning. Liz and I did make it up in time to grab the hotel breakfast though. The highlight of this was her agreeing that their scrambled eggs are definitely not good. She'd been trying to defend them everytime I described them to her, but now she agrees they are an abomination of what we call eggs. It's nice to be right on occasion ;) Breakfast over, the friendly (and quite attractive) staff of the hotel restaurant gave us walking directions to Näsijärvi; this is the frozen lake I've walked and talked about earlier. It was chilly, but a beautiful day out and I figured Liz deserved the experience of seeing hundreds of people treating a frozen lake ... read more
Mittens a la Wegscheid
Finlayson Palatsi

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 20th 2009

The day has finally come for the much anticipated sauna party. Work went well and let out early as Dave, myself and several compatriots boarded the Himos-bound bus. Arriving at the ski resort we immediately made the tricky walk down the icy road to the sauna building. This building housed a regular sauna plus a lounge. The girls had gone to the savusauna (smoke sauna) first so the guys took advantage of the lounge, the snacks and of course the booze. Finally, savusauna time came. The savusauna is a very traditional type of sauna; it's lack of a chimney makes it special. Heat is provided by a wood fire set beneath the kiuas (bed of rocks) and the smoke is allowed to fill the sauna. When the sauna is hot enough the fire is left to ... read more
Sauna Party
Dinner Time

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 19th 2009

So... Another pretty lame day. I came straight home from work and went to work on the taxes again. In an effort to stay productive I opted for takeaway instead of saddling up to the bar like I did last night. This plan worked somewhat. I did end up staying and working longer than I did last night, but I pretty much gave up after I got my food. I just went for "New Chinese" which is pretty much like any chinese takeout joint in the US. For entertainment over dinner I chose some curiously Finnish science fiction by the name of Star Wreck. It's a crudely animated, crudely translated and immeasurably bizarre parody of Star Trek. I recommend it. After all, it is another bit of Finnish culture per se.... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 18th 2009

I predict this to be the first of many lame blogs coming up as I've begun to work on my taxes. Pretty much the night consisted of staring at my computer until I couldn't stand it anymore and then heading to Celtic House for some fried food and beer. That'll cure the tax blues ;)... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 17th 2009

Since arriving in Tampere I have been advised that there are three notable wing joints in town. I'm talking hotwings, in the Tampere vernacular it's 'hornets'. So far I've tried two of the three which were Captain Hooks and Speak Easy. Dave and I opted to head straight to the last of the three after work today. It's name is so simple for the English tongue: Siipiweikot. The closest translation I can come up with is, "Wing Buddies." It has my vote for the best hot wings to touch my numb lips in all of Finland. To tell you the truth, it was almost like being back in the U.S. If you've been in Finland for a few months and are craving some typical American bar food then Siipiweikot will not do you wrong. Plus they ... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 16th 2009

Needless to say I wasn't up for much today after the fun weekend in Helsinki. A bonus of checking out for the weekend though was that an executive room with a private sauna became available. So I upgraded to that when checking back in last night. My monday night consisted of unpacking and settling in. I had dinner at the hotel and then enjoyed the sauna before bed. Attached are a few more pictures from Helsinki to make up for my lack of writing.... read more
Cozy Market Cafe

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 12th 2009

I skipped the pea soup at lunch today, but something good still came from work. That is that I learned about Eläkeläiset. Eläkeläiset: I think in Finnish this is something like "retired guys", "pensioners" or of that ilk. They are a band that remakes rock songs in the German Humppa music style. You know, with the accordian, lederhosen and beer swinging. It's definitely worth checking out (youtube). For those of my generation I recommend "Smells Like Humppa". I'm sure Kurt is rolling in his grave. After work I met my friend Carol for dinner at Ravintola Natalie. It's a cozy little place, dark and comfortable with an eclectic Eastern European motif. The menu has a Ukranian slant so I tried a few new things. For my starter I had borsht. Now I'd heard of borscht, but ... read more
Outside Natalie

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 11th 2009

It was a good day as Dave and I were still high from our moose sighting. We drove to and from work with a renewed vigor for moose spotting. Alas, no moose were to be seen today. The evening was equally uneventful as I stayed in to do some planning for my weekend. I intend to go to Helsinki and see some sights. Dinner was at the hotel. Red waited on me, she's great company and the food was great as usual. I chose a caesar salad with prawns, paired with an Italian white wine and then a chicken pasta with pesto and sun dried tomatoes paired with an Italian red. Sorry I don't recall the varietals, but both wines proved good choices. After dinner I talked to my sister, Liz, on the phone for a ... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 10th 2009

We finally saw a moose on the way home from work! It wasn't the most spectacular sighting in the world, but it was a sighting! I'm too excited to write much more...... read more

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