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Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere January 26th 2008

Viimeinkin tuli lumi maahan. Viime viikolla paloi sitten tämä auto pihallamme. Finally there's snow. This car was burnt last week. Finalmente hay nieve. La semana pasada este coche fue quemado...... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere January 23rd 2008

So, its Wednesday. And the new exchange students from Australia, South Africa and Brazil have arrived a few days a go, and they have been attending language camp in Karkku!!!! There are 22 of them, and today they came to Tampere to tour the city, SO WE WENT TO MEET THEM!!!! About 20 of us met in Tampere at 12 and headed to this really cool lounge/bar/cafe in the city. We hung out there for an hour or so catching up, and drinking hot cocoa! Eddy Meksiko, Valeria and I came together on the train from Turku, and on the way Valeria made some Mate (south american kind of tea). We drank a bunch of it, then didnt eat or drink anything else all day. That stuff is crazy. So we all walked to the bus ... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere January 20th 2008

I took a couple of pictures of the nearest church, which was burned two weeks ago Hace dos semanas que quemaron esta iglesia que está más cerca de mi casa. Pari viikkoa aiemmin tämä läheinen mormonikirkko poltettiin.... read more
a burned church in Tampere

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere September 25th 2007

Having managed to work out Tallinn's tram and trolleybus system, we managed to get back to the waterfront to catch our 12.00pm hydra-foil back to Finland. However, out of the 4 terminals at waterfront, none of them were for the Linda Line. Where the hell is it? It's 11.30am. The girl at the info desk in ferry terminal A, then tells us that the Linda Line terminal leaves from the Linnahall, 700m back in the direction from which we came. 700 metres?! She says once we see it, we can't miss it. Well, I hope she's right because it is 11.35am now which leaves us little room for error in order to catch our boat. So we jog lightly back the way we came and we see the Linnahall on our right. But it's just a ... read more
Tammerkoski & Finlayson Building By Night
Illegal Pussi
The Hostel Crew

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere August 8th 2007

A usual day at language camp! 7:30 Wake Up 8:15 Breakfast 8:45 Morning Lecture (going over the schedule of that day, and wake up dances!!!) 9:15 Classroom Learning- there were around 25 students in each classroom. we were split up first into groups of 25 based on what language we speak, my group was 24 americans and 1 canadian! then in each classroom there were four big tables. each table had a Finnish tutor (Finn our age) sitting there to help us. we were then each assigned a tutor, so we were with that tutor and our group of around 4 or 5 students for 5 hours a day in the classroom! 10:10 Break 10:30 Classroom again back with Riina my tutor, Max, Brennen, and group! 11:30 Lunch and free time (to go row boating, ... read more
CAMP the entrance...!

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Karkku August 6th 2007

Hey everyone! I meant to start this blog before I left, but I guess I procrastinated a little too much. So, now I'm in Finland! The plane rides were very long. I flew from Detroit to Amsterdam which was almost 8 hours, and then I flew from Amsterdam to Helsinki which was about 3 hours. I got to Helsinki yesterday at about 5:00 PM and I was incredibly jetlagged. They took us all on a bus from the airport in Helsinki to the language camp in Karkku where I am now. I've been meeting alot of cool people here. Most of the people here are from the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Although I did meet someone from Italy and a girl from Germany. The girl from Germany, I think her name is Christine, is also living ... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere March 2nd 2007

Tampere 2nd March 2007 The Place - 5/10 The Nightlife - N/A The local ladys - 6/10 Tune of the Trip - Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah This was the 7th Country of the year so far a trip to Tampere and no not with the kids! (lol an old Gary Glitter joke) this time it was three of us me , and Daniel and then Olga Daniels girlfriend who flew over from Latvia on Friday night. Daniel and I started at 3am I picked him up from his house then drove to Stanstead Airport got parked up then got to check in , The flight was pretty full and was surprised how busy the airport was , but probably because its been so long if ever that I have flown out on a Friday, ... read more
Tampere, Finland
Tampere, Finland
Tampere, Finland

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Tampere July 16th 2005

40-vuotispäivän aattona Kaupin talviuimareiden saunan takkatuvalla. Juhlat pidettiin nyyttäreinä. Hyvin tarkeni uida.... read more
40v-juhla 003
40v-juhla 038
40v-juhla 085

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