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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany May 23rd 2019

Our guide and driver, Marek and Karel, met us at 9 AM this morning for the second part of the Prague tour we had booked. The weather here yesterday was miserable, with rain and gusty winds most of the day, but the forecast is for improving conditions later this afternoon. Today we are to visit the Prague Castle, a castle complex dating from the 9th-century. The castle is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic, and has been a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, occupying an area of almost 750,000 square feet, at about 1,870 feet in length and an average of about 430 feet wide. The ... read more
St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral
St. John of Nepomuk's Tomb

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany July 8th 2017

We headed for Prague Castle via Malostranska. In 2005 we got off at Hradcanska and strolled through Royal Garden towards the entrance for the castle. This time we took the No.2 2 tram from Malostranska to Prazsky hrad. We weren’t sure which would be the right stop, but one of the local people let me know where to get off. It was the lunch time when we arrived at the castle site. We had lunch at the terraced restaurant garden. From where we sat down we could see its striking spires and towers of St Vitus Cathedral. My father said, ‘The cathedral look like Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona.’ My mother expressed interest in visiting Josefov, Jewish District, after looking round the castle. I said to her that there were several buildings we were going to ... read more
Basilica of St George
Golden Lane
City of Prague from the castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany April 15th 2017

In der Nacht habe ich leider sehr schlecht geschlafen. Vielleicht bin ich es nicht mehr gewohnt, in fremden Betten zu nächtigen. Ich habe mich dann trotzdem zum Sightseeing aufgemacht und die Müdigkeit lies sich durch Kaffee beheben. Ich habe also nochmals an der Rezeption nach der Straßenbahnverbindung in den Westen Prags gefragt. Hier ändern sich nämlich gerne die Streckenführungen und meine Karte vom Reiseführer und auch die, die ich vom Hotel bekommen habe, waren veraltet. Dank der Beschreibung habe ich den Weg prima gefunden. Vor Ort war ich dann in der Strahov Bibliothek und dem gleichnamigen Kloster. Das war sehr sehenswert, auch wenn die Warteschlage vor dem Ticketverkauf doch etwas lang war. Wenn auch nicht so lange wie die an diesem Osterwochenende vor der Prager Burg. Danach bin ich zur Wallfahrtskirche Loreta. Die war auch ganz ... read more
Die bekannte Strahov Bibliothek.
Wallfahrtsort Loreta.
Blick vom Burgberg über Prag.

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany June 4th 2015

The second leg of our quest-trek during summer 2015 focuses on teaching at Anglo-American University i(AAU) n Prague, Czech Republic and continuing our Camino training schedule. This is the 8th year we have come to Prague to teach at AAU, and the 14th time we have visited this beautiful city. Every time we come we discover something new, and we expect the same this year. We have rented a terrific apartment about a 20 minute walk from campus (or 2-stop tram ride for those rainy days) that is conveniently located between 2 huge parks. This makes for easy early pre-breakfast training walks as we have enjoyed exploring these lovely parks along with the other areas around Prague with which we are already familiar. AAU has recently moved into a newly restored castle built originally in the ... read more
Front entrance hall
Kitchen, office & living room
Nice size bedroom with 2 large windows

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany October 22nd 2010

Free free free internet!We love this feature! Just had our first long conversation with another Amercian and couldn't understand a word she was saying! Whoops. The train ride here was fabulous, through Bavarian village in a valley alongside a river. It is a pretty close second in terms of beauty to Switzerland! Going to search for food. Wil update later!... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany July 20th 2010

Prague Castle Day two saw us waking up rather early and absolutely exhausted. Feet hurting before we've even started for the day does not bode well when we'll be spending the whole day walking! We managed to breakfast and get out of the hostel by ten and found our way to the metro. I will never understand why every country in Europe, apart from England, manages to have an incredibly simple and easy-to-use metro system. And a ticket for unlimited public transport for the day (including all buses, trams, metro and the funicular railway) was a mere £4 - I love other countries sometimes! Having given up on the idea of walking to Prague Castle (it looking far too far away despite the hostel owner's insistence that it could be walked in under a... read more
View from Prague Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany July 16th 2009

Hi Everybody! In the last few days I have seen the Dancing House, the Prague Castle, the Kriski fountain, and I took a day trip to Kutna Hora to see the bone church. Because Prague was largely undamaged in WWII many of their architectual marvels still exist. Prague Castle is considered the largest ancient castle in the world. It has existed in some form since the 10th century. The highlight of Prague Castle is the St. Vitas Cathedral which was started in 1344 and not finished until 1929. Yes, 1929. It took them over 600 years to complete the cathedral. They even changed architectural styles in the middle of construction! Prague Castle was also the place of the second Prague defenestration (which is a Czech code word meaning: throwing people out of windows). This defenestration was ... read more
Dancing House from the bottom
Astronomical clock
Stained glass windows

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany July 7th 2009

Sunday July 5 Breakfast at our hotel here in Praha is amazing—I might even like it better than Berlin. They have pastries, breads, cheeses, cold meats, fruit, the equivalent of some sort of egg salad, ham (the ham is good), an egg noodle dish, coffee, juice…After breakfast, we did a whole lot of nothing. I updated my blog, messed around on the internet, Viv took another nap, and just basically took it easy. We went out for lunch (we’ve been eating so much) in Hradčany (the castle district). We shared a very good chicken noodle soup. Viv had beef goulash with bread dumplings and I had roasted pork. The food here is amazing—I love the idea of serving meals with little potato or bread dumplings so you can soak up all the extra sauce from your ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Viv thought it'd be funny to stick her hand in all my pictures

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