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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka July 24th 2022

Why Rijeka? Jeff has always wanted to dive at the Kantrida Swimming Complex, which features a spectacular world class springboard and platform diving facility with the Adriatic Sea as a backdrop. So, when the Croatian Masters Diving Championship was scheduled for at a time that did not clash with school, he eagerly signed up for the meet. To get to Rijeka, we took a short flight from Berlin. Rijeka is about 18km west of the airport, and our accommodation (and the pool) was another 6km west from the city center. We were planning on taking the local bus, but we lucked out as Jeff's friend and age group rival was on the same flight and he had rented a car. We scored a ride with him. As soon as we checked in to our rented apartment, ... read more
The Good: Our Victorious Masters Diver
The Good: Our Day Trips to Rijeka
The Good: Trsat Castle

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka October 28th 2018

Opat na ranajky burek ale tentoraz masovy a zjedeny na inej lavicke. Presun k divadlu pri ktorom je aj trh. Kvety na hrob, ovozel vonku, dnu syry a pekarenske vyrobky. No moc som sa tu nezdrzal bo zacalo prsat a von som vybehol v mikine. Je teplo, 20c Na ubytku sedenie v lobby. Chlap co tu ma rezervaciu tiez na 3noci, musel vcera nedobrovolne opustit dorm, bo jebly recepcny na jeho postel dal ineho hosta. Chlap dosol vecer, recepcny uz nikde (je tu do 22.00). Tak chlap sa nasackoval do privat izby, recepcny si to ani tento vecer nevsimol. Inak za izbu som zatial neplatil. Ked nevypita, nedam. Jebat ich za tie podvody co robia cez booking. Prinajhorsom si platbu strhnu z karty ktorou som sa zarucil. Toto by bolo druhy krat v zivote co som ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka October 27th 2018

Ranajky kupene v pekarni mlinar (siet pekarni v chorvatsku). Davam syrovy burek, ten zjedeny na lavicke pri malom pristave pri Bridge of Croatian Defenders from Homeland War. Dnesny ciel rijeka castle. K nemu idem po nekonecnych schodoch Trsatske Stube. Schody su v pohode. Postupne sa mi naskytaju fajn vyhlady na rijeku, more, kopce, dialnicny most a rozne uzke ulicky co sa napajaju na schody. Na vrchole ma caka kostol Our Lady of Trsat a pri nom Pančićev park. V nom je vytvorena krizova cesta. Tak sa idem poprechadzat. Mierne stupanie po fajn chodniku v lese. Krizova cesta fajn, bo vyjavi su robene formou fajn soch. Nachadzam tu i dva bunkre ale vstup bud blokuje kopa porastu abo smeti. Na vrchole parku je vyhliadka (stara kamenna). Fajn vyhlad na mesto, v pozadi more a kopce. Od kostola ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka October 26th 2018

Tak lea opusta dom uz okolo 6.30. Ide na pohovor. Mensia rozlucka a pokracovanie v spanku. Na moje prekvapenie ju jonas nesiel odprevadit na metro. Ona jeho sla vzdy, dokonca vcera ho bola aj vyzdvihnut. Na ranajky som si dal zdravy chleba s medom a olivovou natierkou. Sprcha, zbalenie, rozlucka s jonasom a smer obchod coop pri metre. Kupa 3croasantov, suchare a voda. V metre si nebolo kde sadnut tak som si postal zhruba 15.min. Z ludi v metre som mal divny pocit. Ziadne emocie, celkovo taky chlad. Jak roboti. Horse nez v japonsku. Par ludi citalo knihy, niektory pocuvali hudbu. Akurat zaujala jedna baba, ta sa furt usmievala. Neviem ci pocuvala nieco zabavne abo co. Mimochodom svedka to nebola, aziatka. Na tcentrale podla znacenia smer bus terminal. Tu kupa hotdogu. Som si tam riadne nakydal ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka August 14th 2016

Car rental companies do now allow you to rent an automobile in Italy and take it into the former Eastern Bloc countries, such as the countries that formerly formed Yugoslavia. Therefore, we had to take a bus from Trieste to Rijeka in Croatia and pick up the rental cars there, which turned out to be somewhat of an adventure. We got off the bus in town, and took taxis out to the airport, about 30 minutes away. When we got there, the rental office was closed, and while we were working through options the only person in the airport came over and told us we would have to leave since he was closing the airport. We managed to get through to the rental company and after some delay of a little over half an hour were ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka January 15th 2015

Our last day in Croatia and the Balklands, the Autoban(toll road) is the best way to make your way toward Rijeka but for the last little bit take the scenic off the 1A to #23 highway, the roads are good and it makes for a much more picturess drive. It takes a little longer of course but if you are in no rush , why not? Rijeka is a beautiful clean city for the size of it, the downtown is busy but well organized with a no cars pedestrians only shopping area.We found an interesting Botel to stay in right on the water and right downtown.... read more
drive along the coast
sunset on sea
coming into Rijeka

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka July 12th 2014

The Zagreb pub crawl was mental. Unfortunately both Lizzie and I were a bit out of it the next day, with slight hangovers on top of the colds we already had. We went to see the church and sat in the park for a bit but Zagreb is definitely one to return to. Rijeka was interesting, although the hostel was a bit of a let down. First we had to stand outside for 20 minutes until someone let us in, then there was no one for us to check in with and then (the worst thing as far as I was concerned) the WiFi didn't even work, hence the lack of blogs the last few days. We spent a lot of time in McDonald's because it had free WiFi. Rijeka is a nice enough port town, ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka June 26th 2014

Geo: 45.3296, 14.4335 GÜN 57 GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Yağmur bir süre ara verdi anlaşılan ..Her şeyimizi toparladık Martin'ler bizi uğurlamak için erken kalkmışlar..sağolsunlar ..Vedalaştık ve yola girmeden önce Ayşe ile Pula'da ünlü Antik Roma Arenasını ziyaret ettik. Bu Roman arena tiyatrosu Avrupa'nın en iyi korunmuş eserlerinden biri.. Roma'lılara hayranlığım biraz daha arttı.. MÖ 27 ve MS 68 yılları arasında yapılmış Dünya'da ayakta kalan 6 arenadan birisidir. Kardeşim ne işin var ? bunları yapıyorsun..tüm diğer milletleri bir düşünce alıyor.. Günümüzde bu Arena da müzik konserleri düzenleniyor.Konser veren ıvır zıvır sanatçılar şöyle : Luciano Pavarotti, Đorđe Balašević, Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, , Jamiroquai,Anastacia... read more
Rijeka hatırası

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka December 10th 2013

I always liked Croatia and sailing. Combining both loves with my wife, seemed like a winning combination for our next vacation. We were looking for a town that would allow us to study its historical part. We decided on Rijeka - the place where we were going to explore our newfound interest in history. We were amazed to find out that this "big" town (in comparison to other European cities) holds so many wonderful treasures. It is located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. Because of its history with the Italians, the population of Rijeka uses its own unique version of the Venetian language called Fiumano. Rijeka is the center of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia. The city's economy is based largely on shipbuilding and maritime transport. We rented a motor boat from ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka December 4th 2013

A shade over 10 years after the last arrival in Zagreb, it was time to add the Eternal Derby of Croatia to my footballing catalogue. The recent derby action has been very focussed over the Serb border, but it was now time for a comparison. We were not to know that we would be walking into one of the more controversial weeks in Croat domestic football, since the independent league started. The Man in the Middle was absent. He is always keen to recount the less than fond memories of his last visit, or perhaps he was just embarrassed about the risk of recognition following his finest teapot pose in front of the sponsor boards at the Maksimir. It is worth another look! Bad Blue Boys & All That Jazz In advance of the eagerly awaited ... read more
Stadion Kantrida
Stadion Kantrida

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