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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 12th 2015

Up and out early this morning, to snap some pics of Trogir before the crowds descend and to allow us to check out of Apartmani Trogir Stars at a reasonable hour, in preparation for our journey to Budva, Montenegro. Pics below. Enjoy!... read more
Cathedral St Lovro
Cathedral St Lovro
Cathedral St Lovro

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 10th 2015

We got up early for a coffee by the water and a visit to the market. We also went for a wander before the crowds arrived. Trogir is a strange little place. Last night we sat drinking cocktails in the ancient square with dance music going and people dancing by the church. It's a tiny, pocket-size town with a completely toy town feel. Very pretty and well preserved, just all a bit fake. The main quayside is littered with multi-million pound yachts and party boats. To get away from the crowds we crossed the bridge to Ciovo Island, to the beach and whiled a few hours away eating lunch and people watching. While snorkelling I saw Blennies (too cute), clams, anenomes and a whole group of fish snacking on a corn on the cob. Random, but ... read more
Early Morning Sun on the Cathedral of St Lovro (St Lawrence)
Footbridge Across Fosa Canal
Green Market

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 9th 2015

Got up and Simon opened his pressies from the folks back home. After a heartfelt goodbye from the lovely Irena, complete with a bottle of plum grappe, we headed off in the general direction of the coastal road. The route took us up into the mountains and we came across a hamlet (Bunic) that appeared to be completely deserted. None of the buildings had any glass in the windows, the church had no roof and there wasn't a single sign of life. I hopped out of the car, trusty Nikon in hand and prepared to take some shots of the somewhat beautifully decaying architecture. No sooner had I put my finger on the button than a pack of baying wolves came running round the corner. Okay, okay. I confess, it was actually pack of rather moth-eaten ... read more
Abandoned (Near Karlobag)
Coastal Road
Coastal Road

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 5th 2015

On our last day we wanted to visit another "new" place in Croatia. Well, new for us. After 3 days in Split and 1 day on Solta we were eager to see some more of the country. We decided to go to Trogir. Somehow, enjoying the closeness to the sea we did not feel like taking a public bus to reach Trogir. This is possible and cheap. But there are also boats sailing there. These are small public ferries, also cheap. That was the way to go for us! Tiredly we made our way in the early morning (there are not many ferries sailing per day - so we had to get up early) to the Riva in Split where we got on the boat. We made ourselves comfortable on the top deck. The sun was ... read more
Fort Kamerlengo
in the old town
selfie on the bridge to the old town of Trogir

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir April 20th 2015

20 April 2015 Monday. Another beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. Mike and I left Split for our first stop, Trogir, which was just a half hour north along the Dalmatian coastline. Trogir, one of many jewels along the Dalmatian coast...which town isn’t? situated on an island about 100 feet off the coast; easily connected to the mainland by a bridge. The Greeks were the first to settle here in the third century BC, naming the town Tragyrion, after the local goats. The Romans arrived in 48 BC. The town was under the protection of the Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages, until the Saracens attacked in 1123 and burned it to the ground. The population eventually returned and rebuilt the town; and did a pretty good job because in 1997 the city achieved ... read more
Our usual breakfast of cafe au lait and croissant
Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir
Intricate stone carving over the entrance to the cathedral

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir March 22nd 2015

The Eternal Derby of Serbia phase over ............... for the time being.......... we find ourselves on the Croatia Airlines flight to Split via Zagreb for the 2ndinstalment of Eternal Derby of Croatia phase. The Man in the Middle was absent, but the other half had been convinced by a few creative photographs of the Poljud with some blue skies and sunshine in the background. I skipped over a few random disputes on the side of a Croatian motorway and left her with the fantasy idea of carnival football in the sun. We just didn’t need a repeat of the last meeting, where Hajduk refused to play and left a stadium of Dinamo fans to watch the grass grow. A father and son in the row in front maintained their sullen look on the flight to Zagreb ... read more
South Harbour

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir August 7th 2014

What did I know about Croatia, the country, the landscape, the people before we went there? - Not much, probably a very little bit about history but still not much. Probably a bit about the landscape: A friend showed his photos to us, he has travelled to Croatia several times. And the people? Time to explore some more, even if time is limited. It was quite interesting to meet three types of people, the young shuttle bus driver (who was looking for a job), the middle-aged landlord (who converted to Christianity, because he was dissappointed of and not ammused by the communist government in the past) and the old man (who was a Titu supporter). Three views on Croatia now and then, which gave us a very small insight into the Croatian soul... Our holiday home ... read more
Sailing ships and the Kamerlengo -  The Waterfront of Trogir
Ciovo's coastline from the airplane

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir May 6th 2014

Von Bled, Abfahrt 8.00, an die kroatische Grenze - ging für alle problemlos, auch für die beiden Burschen aus Thailand, die von London aus heimfahren. Kroatien: 4,5 Mio Einwohner, 1.184 Inseln, 47 davon bewohnt, 56.542 km² Fläche, 5.835 km Küstenlänge (mit Inseln) Die Währung heißt Kuna, in nehme an, dass Kuna die Frau vom Ritter Kuno ist? Für einen € bekommt man 7 bis 7,5 Kunas. Viele km die Küste entlang, klares Wasser, kleine Buchten und Häfen, überall macht man sich für die Saison fertig: noch schnell ein Haus fertig stellen, oder das Dach neu decken, lüften, Fenster putzen und do weiter. Einfach überall werden Zimmer vermietet. Und der Spruch, der vor 40 Jahren für die Alpen gebastelt wurde, kann jetzt für Kroatien (HR) umgedichtet werden: Großvater, Vater, Mutter und Kind im dumpfen Keller versammelt sind. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir August 1st 2013

Thursday August 1 – This morning we made some eggs for breakfast and then took the boat to Trogir, a city with a medieval old town. The boat ride took an hour, and I enjoyed seeing the shore from a boat for a change. We arrived around lunch time, so we picked one of the many restaurants that all look exactly the same lining the water and ordered pizza. It was quite salty actually. Not the best I’ve had here. We spent some time walking around the old town, including a long stop at the cathedral. It was built in the 13th century, which of course, still blows my mind. It had beautiful carvings and chapels. It also had a small treasury and a bell tower which was great to climb for the views. When we ... read more
View from boat
View from boat
View from boat

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir May 5th 2013

What a day- Suzy started off parked up in Camping Rozac in Trogir . The plan was to walk into town, look around, come back and chill out for the rest of the day. However, all plans tend to go wrong or get changed depending on the weather or on the night sleep that we have had. Iguess that is one of the beauties of motorhoming - if you like it you stay, if you hate it you move on. Well last nights sleep was not brilliant. Noise travels fast on dark nights and there was a gathering of the Dutch camping club in the statics near to Suzy. Also the local disco set up and music wafted over from somewhere until the early hours of the morning. After breakfast and a shower we headed off ... read more

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