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Europe » Bulgaria » Shumen Province August 9th 2017

Monuments - from supersized to ordinary size When we travelled in Bulgaria we noticed that they have many monuments. Actually some of their monuments are pretty difficult to avoid to notice simply because they are so darned large. Here in our last blog entry from Bulgaria we are going to write about the Bulgarian monuments. Buzludzha Monument - This monument is built on a peak in the Balkan Mountains, a place far away from any populated place at all. Although it takes a long time to drive there, don't even think about getting there using public transport, it is still worth the drive because this construction is something special. In the middle of nowhere, high up on a mountain top, there is a big round building, looking very much like a UFO, with a high concrete ... read more
Buzludzha Monument
Buzludzha Monument
Buzludzha Monument

Europe » Bulgaria August 8th 2017

Bulgaria has some great hikes We enjoy hiking and when we travel we try to find good hikes when possible. We found a few on this trip and we would now like to tell you a bit about them. Perhaps the word "hike" isn't the best way to describe what we did. "Walks" might be more accurate because none of them lasted more than 6 hours. But we like to pretend we are better than we really are so to us they are still "hikes". Vratsa The town Vratsa sits at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, much of which is protected as national park. There are many different hiking routes through the mountains, some of them take only a few hours and others will take you a full day or more to complete. We took ... read more
Vratsa Eco Trail
Vratsa Eco Trail
Vratsa Eco Trail

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City August 4th 2017

Lennon, Lenin, Lion and Lloyd During our last week in Bulgaria we spent much time hiking in the mountains. We have decided to write about the hikes in a separate blog entry. The hiking blog w will start writing as soon as this one is finished. But in between the hikes we also had time to see and do some other things. Rila Monastery - In the first of our blog entries from Bulgaria we mentioned that if you make a list of the Top 100 Places You Must Visit in Europe it is quite possible that not a single one of them is in Bulgaria. But if you expand that list to Top 200... it is quite possible that Rila Monastery makes it into the list. If you travel in Bulgaria this is a place ... read more
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery

Europe » Bulgaria » Shumen Province August 2nd 2017

From strangely shaped rocks, via 1,000 year old historical sites to a surprise find of a geyser We are now, just like the title indicates, going to tell you what we did and where we went during our second week in Bulgaria. Before we start writing we would like to point out that just like in the previous blog entry the photos don't come in chronological order. So there is little point in trying to retrace our route. • Razgrad - When we told people we met that Razgrad was on our itinerary for this trip they couldn't believe us. They all said that no Bulgarian doing a road trip in their own country would bother to visit Razgrad. We had a special reason, we had booked a half marathon there. It was a small race, ... read more
Ibrahim Pasha Mosque
Stone lion adorning a bridge
Coffee machine

Europe » Bulgaria » Lovech Province » Lovech July 28th 2017

From dancing cows to singing Bryan Adams via umbrellas hanging in a park This summer we spent three weeks in Bulgaria. When you hear that you might ask yourself: "Three weeks in Bulgaria? How fun can that be?" The answer is: "More fun than you can possibly imagine." Other than the black Sea coast Bulgaria is not travelled much. That is a pity because we really enjoyed it there and we believe many others would enjoy it too. In this and the four following blogs we will tell you about what we did and where we went. If you decide to read them all we hope you will realise that Bulgaria is worth visiting and that there are plenty of things to see and do there. But before we begin we would like to point out ... read more
Covered bridge in Lovech
Belogradchik rocks

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City July 12th 2017

July 11 Tuesday Got up at 5:30 to reorganize my items to fit the new fan in the large blue bag. Had a nice breakfast and then we left the hotel at 8 to head for Sophia, Bulgaria. The trip to Nis, our rest stop for lunch, was uneventful. Small towns, farmlands, and an occasional factory. The homes that we passed ranged from slightly dilapidated to nice well manufactured homes. Some had large balconies along the second floor. We did pass a cemetery or two for the first time. Niš is the third largest city of Serbia and the administrative center of the Nišava District in southern Serbia. According to the 2011 census, the urban area of Niš has population of 187,544, while the administrative area has a population of 260,237 inhabitants. It is one of ... read more
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (2)
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (3)
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (4)

Wednesday 14thJune The campsite is just outside the town of Veliko Tarnovo. It is lovely, overlooking a gentle valley with fields of wheat and sunflowers. It has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant. On the first couple of days here, we have done a morning walk through the fields to a neighbouring village and a cycle ride taking in five different villages in this valley and the next. Along with farmland, the area is full of fruit orchards. Cherries are in abundance at the moment. We have spent the afternoons in the shade and by the pool. I have actually been swimming in this one!! Saturday and Sunday were a respite from the sweltering heat – it rained. Whilst we listened to the radio telling us of record temperatures in the UK, we put on our ... read more
Craft Street, Veliko Tarnovo
The fort, Veliko Tarnovo
The Monkey House

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Obzor June 13th 2017

7th to 9thJune Batak The campsite is on the shore of Lake Batak (really a reservoir) and about 10 kms from the town of Batak. We arrived to pouring rain and thunderstorms. Apparently it hasn’t stopped raining for three weeks which is unusual for this time of year so we are told. The first evening it seemed to dry up around six. At one end of the lake was a rainbow whilst at the other end, we watched dense cloud gather and gradually creep over the surface of the water to engulf us in a white mist. The following day was just as wet so we stayed in and the day after that we left. 10th June to 12th June Sakar Hills, Biser The campsite is in the south east of Bulgaria close to the borders ... read more
Lake Batak
Roosting Chickens

Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province June 8th 2017

3rd to 7thJune Kromodovo near Melnik, Bulgaria Before we left Greece we stocked up with food (mainly Kalamata olives) and filled up with petrol and headed north towards the Bulgarian border. It’s the first time we have had to stop at a border and show passports. We then had to find somewhere that sold a vignette allowing us to drive on Bulgarian roads. The road is the main artery connecting Romania, Bulgaria and Greece so is used by huge freight lorries which seemed to have parked up haphazardly just past border control. We pulled up behind one lorry at a wooden hut type building that looked like it sold vignettes but on discovering it didn’t, the lorry pulled away catching the roof and edge of the cabin with its trailed and shaking the whole thing with ... read more
Inside the Kardopulov House
View of Kardopulov House
the sand pyramids

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv April 30th 2017

fabulous trip with my friends Dan & Zlate... read more

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