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Europe » Bulgaria » Varna Province » Varna September 24th 2022

Ready for some golf in the middle of nowhere? Well, here is a great example of it. Just over 10 years ago, some guy had the idea to build a new "golf destination" on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. They brought in Gary Player and Ian Woosnam to design 3 courses, the classics Lighthouse as well as Black Sea Rama golf courses...and the way more spectacular, Gary Player designed, Thracian Cliffs. So a little more about this little side trip of 3 nights, 4 days...I must admit, slightly in the middle of nowhere. It's mainly direct low cost/charter planes that are coming to Varna, on the Black Sea. Austrian is flying once a day, not very convenient schedule for me, arriving from London and leaving to Brussels. So I went for the other option, the once ... read more
Not that easy to aim at a green 190 meters somewhere down there...
Stunning! Picture taken from the tee box...the par 3 green is down there....
I end up losing two more balls here...

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City December 27th 2021

Lubo started his tour at the rear of his home, a view that only the residents would see. The front of the building was the first memory lubo shared of time gone by with his parents and grandparents alongside their car, now a vintage model. The area had several embassies. We came to Crystal Park garden named after a hotel bar now closed. The park is an open-air art centre & gathering place, particularly for bench parties which was interesting to learn about. In the same garden, not far from the place of his murder, a monument to Stefan Stambolov. Stambolov ranks among the most remarkable Bulgarian politicians and statesmen of all times, and prime-minister of Bulgaria in the period 1887–1894. More than 120 years after his death, Stefan Stambolov still divides the nation. For some, ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria November 30th 2021

The crossing back into Bulgaria is our longest drive for a while and whilst we are not visiting Sofia its capital we will be staying there tonight. But Serbia has one more surprise, some more atrocious roads, seemingly better than some two weeks go when they were completely removed but even after an early start it takes us some time to get to the border. There has been some anxiety from Graeme in returning back into the EU with the dog and her mounting pile of paperwork, in reality we have everything we need but this is unchartered territory since we left the EU and whilst every crossing she has just been waived through all with an air of disinterest, his concern is just it takes just that one time where they deem it incorrect. But ... read more
Picnic time
Seven Rila Lakes
Rila monestry

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia July 28th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Avant de vous parler de ma journée, je voudrais vous faire part d'un constat de comportement entre la Roumanie, surtout de l'est, avec ces 3 jours à circuler en Bulgarie. Ici j'ai retrouvé ''la civilisation'', que ce soit, surtout, au volant et dans les rues. Fini ce climat, ces comportements agressifs de la Roumanie. Fini la mendicité belliqueuse, qui est chia…. à la longue. J'y ai réfléchi, et fait le constat, qui n'est qu'une hypothèse, et ça n'a pas valeur d'étude, c'est qu'ici les gens ont beaucoup plus le type caucasien, voir pas du tout le teint foncé, type rom, j'ose à peine dire basané. Et cette différence, elle est sur une courte distance, 200km, et une concentration de population bien différente, mais que c'est agréable d'évoluer dans cette ambiance. Question, pensez vous ... read more
monastère du Rila
monastère du Rila
Sofia moderne

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia July 27th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd'hui j'ai raté mom coup. Un super petit déjeuner ce matin, servi en terrasse, au calme dans cette toute petite rue du vieux Velico-Tarnovo. Ça me rattrape un peu d'hier au soir. Je ne peux pas dire précisément ce que j'ai mangé, un genre de rizotto, sur, avec des champignons, mais pour le reste ???, moi qui suis chiant pour manger, ici je ne suis pas vraiment à ma place. Je voulais me rendre à Sofia par le chemin des écoliers, vagabonder un peu dans la campagne Bulgare, plus tôt que de faire une bonne partie du trajet par l'autoroute. Tout en sachant que je ne passerais pas beaucoup de temps à Sofia, vu le peux d'activités touristiques proposées. J'ai donc programmé, Sevlievo et ensuite Gabrovo. La deuxième partie étant sur une petite ... read more
palais de la Présidence
National Gallery
sympa l'hôtel

Bonjour à tous, Hier après midi, comme j'étais à la fraîche dans la chambre, je suis allé sur le net voir les restos de Bucarest. Il y en un qui était encensé sur plusieurs sites, le Caru Cu Bere. Restaurant de spécialités roumaines, par contre il faut réserver plusieurs jours è l'avance. Il est seulement à 300m de l'hôtel. J'y vais et j'ai la chance d'avoir une table. C'est la plus ancienne brasserie de Bucarest, ouverte en 1879. Les Rolling Stones, Nicholas Cage, Demi Moore, Kirk Douglas, le Prince du Japon, etc y ont mangés. Et depuis hier Moi, J'espère bientôt être sur la liste de ces célébrités. J'ai mangé en terrasse, mais j'avais lu qu'il fallait absolument voir l'intérieur. Je pensé, que c'était une ancienne église, mais non, c'est le propriétaire de l'époque, qui l'a ... read more
Monastere Preobrazenski
quand elle souriait wahoo

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Boyana March 15th 2020

12th March 2020 Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgaria just keeps getting better and better, and Sofia is beautiful!We have booked our ongoing tickets to Belgrade Serbia, although this time they have asked for our phone number in the event that the border is closed. Mmmm! Our apartment is really central again and we've found the local supermarket and walked to the centre of town.The free walking tour tomorrow will show us everything we need to see, so better wait until then to explore more. 13th March 2020 Sophia Being next to the tram line can be a real advantage. When you are on the first floor right on the tram line, it is not conducive to good sleep when it feels and sounds like the tram is running right through your bedroom every 60 seconds from 6am! Our ... read more
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery
Rila Monastery

I'd arrived in Veliko Tarnovo quite late the night before. The minibus driver had been kind enough to drop us near the centre of town instead of the West Bus Station, which is about 5 kilometres out of town. It dramatically shortened the walk to my hostel. I was surprised at how quiet the streets had been. I was happy that when I got to my hostel there was still some of the free dinner left. After helping myself to some breakfast, I made a rough plan for my one full day in Veliko Tarnovo. Since Bulgaria had entered a state of lockdown, I was unsure what was open, so my first priority was to secure a bus ticket back to Sofia for the next day to make my flight out. The bus station where you ... read more
Ulitsa General Gurko
Ulitsa General Gurko
Ulitsa General Gurko

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv March 12th 2020

After a good night's sleep in the lovely warm room, I headed down to the breakfast room to get breakfast. I love that this guesthouse/hostel is in a traditional old building and is full of character. The breakfast room is no exception as it has the original foundations of the building on display. The breakfast was great, there was a selection of cereal and breads. You were also given a plate with ham, cheese, egg, cucumber and tomato. There were plenty of different drinks on offer and the homemade lemonade was particularly delicious. Feeling full, I headed out for the day to explore more of Plovdiv. Yesterday, on the walking tour, we had visited the Regional Ethnographic Museum. Since we'd only had a look around the grounds and the exterior of the building, I headed inside ... read more
View from Nebet Tepe
View from Nebet Tepe
Nebet Tepe

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv March 11th 2020

I headed to the main bus station in Sofia to take the bus to Plovdiv. I had done a bit of research online and found that buses leave fairly regularly and there were a few different companies to choose from. I had hoped to make it to the bus station for the bus at nine, but I was too lazy to get out of bed, which was a blessing in this case as when I got to the bus station that bus had sold out earlier as had a few others. You can book tickets online for some buses in Bulgaria, but you have to print out your conformation and then exchange it at the station for a paper ticket for the driver. Seems like a total waste of time and doesn't exactly minimise human interaction. ... read more
Plovdiv Old Town
Plovdiv Old Town
Plovdiv Old Town

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