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As the crow flies, Rila Monastery is really close to us in Borovets. However, those who know me can verify that I'm no crow and so Glyn had to drive us around the mountains, taking around 1.5 hours to get there, but it seemed a lot longer. The sky was dark with storm clouds, but it was very warm. The last bit of road up the mountain was twisty as always, with a huge landslide covering half the road at one bend, that wasn't worrying to see, no not at all! I struggled to stay awake as did Glyn, but we got to the Monastery safely and soon woke up. There were a few tourist coaches, a car park attendant who charged us 5 levs and the obligatory stray dog. Rila Monastery is buried deep in ... read more
Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
Rila mountains.
Cat at Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 17th 2018

Bulgaria day 1-2 Four grumps, thunder, urban exploring and bodily functions Day one wasn’t actually spent in Bulgaria but I always like to mention the getting to the airport and then the inevitable delays getting to our destination country. We managed the appalling roadworks on the M6 without too much trouble....THREE years and counting....but a wrong turn later on saw me having to drive over a bridge that my satnav didn’t know existed. And it cost me £2! Which I had to pay online when we got to the airport. At John Lennon airport we parked on the Imagine car park which fills you with wonderful imagery from the song. The grotty shed on an industrial estate left all of that to the imagination. The best and quickest security checks ever has encouraged us to fly ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 17th 2018

Today I have become an Urban Explorer in the mountains! This is easily done in Bulgaria due to the declining population, the fall of communism and the failure of capitalism, resulting in an extremely high amount of derelict dwellings, factories and public buildings. Glyn and I had driven near to Mount Musala looking for moody, misty mountains (which we found) but ended up exploring what we think were derelict hotels, literally in the middle of nowhere. We arrived in Borovets in the small hours of the night, having driven from Sofia, and after much confusion mixed with stroppy night receptionists, we eventually dragged our luggage past the only rowdy bar in the area and found our apartment. To Glyn's utmost horror, there was no bogroll and he was getting anxious about his morning poo. So he ... read more
Bobby’s Bar, Borovets

Europe » Bulgaria » Vratsa Province May 21st 2018

Erik en ik werden uitgenodigd om samen met Kris & Dalliya in Bulgarije te klimmen. Kobe was er ook graag bij. Wij hadden tot nu toe weinig ervaring met klimmen in Oost-Europa, buiten Kalymnos (Griekenland). Kris & Dalliya regelden alles voor ons. Dit was een unieke ervaring voor ons. Wel leuk! In de luchthaven van Sofia werden we opgewacht door Dalliya's vader. Hij verwelkomde ons zeer vriendelijk met transport, uitgebreid eten en drinken. De autorit van de luchthaven naar Sofia gaf wel direct een duidelijk beeld van de aanwezige armoede. Dit was aan de gebouwen, de wegen, de auto's, sommige mensen, ... te zien. Het "weten" en "zien" gaf ook hier weer een duidelijk gevoelsmatig contrast. Er werd mij later duidelijk gemaakt dat de toestand elk jaar aan het verbeteren is. Het is een prachtig land! ... read more
Yainka Hotel, Vratsa
Vratsa, The Little Cave

Europe » Bulgaria » Veliko Tarnovo Province » Veliko Tarnovo October 26th 2017

We were in Romania for almost 12 hours now and we were already heading out of the country, albeit for quick day tour into northern Bulgaria. Being this close to the border with Bulgaria, Shea and I decided that we should arrive a day before our tour started in order to tick off another country on our list. When our guide Alexander picked us up in the hotel lobby, we were under the impression that he would be taking us to meet up with the rest of our group for the day. I was surprised to learn that today's tour would consist of just us. A private tour of Bulgaria! Driving south from Bucharest towards the Bulgarian border, we made a quick stop to pick up some snacks and water, and also to use the restroom ... read more
Rock Churches of Ivanovo
Church in the Rock
Exploring the Rock Churches of Ivanovo

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City October 20th 2017

Before I continue, a few interesting facts about this country: • Bulgaria was the third of the current European states after San Marino and France • Bulgaria is one of 12 countries that use the Cyrillic script, created under king Boris I The Baptiser • Yogurt is a national product containing Lactobacillus Bulgaricus which was isolated in the early 20th century • Bulgaria is ranked third in Europe in terms of the number of archaeological sites, following Greece and Italy • Bulgaria is famous for rose oil which used to be called 'liquid gold' as a gram of rose oil was equivalent to a gram of gold before modern extraction techniques evolved Wednesday 11 October I didn't let mummy sleep much last night. I could tell she was tired (when I tried to wake everyone up ... read more
Plovdiv - Popular art
Plovdiv - Secular church that is now the "Friday" mosque
Plovdiv - Mosque and roman forum ruins

Europe » Bulgaria » South October 10th 2017

Thursday 5 October The rasping sound of a tongue licking our campervan was what woke us up this morning. All around us was the tinkling of bells and loud 'moo' sounds. When we looked out the window, there was a herd of cows ambling past! Last night we had arrived after dark, and wondered where on earth the coordinates given to us by Vasco would lead us! The roads in Bulgaria are not very well maintained and tend to be full of potholes. Passing through one village, daddy didn't see the speed bump (which had no marking), and the campervan gave an almighty jump, with everything going flying! Toward the end of the drive, we took a dirt road that seemed to lead into the middle of nowhere! Indeed, when we awoke we were surrounded by ... read more
View from campervan when we awoke
A herd of cows passing by
A cow licking the van

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Mount Vitosha September 16th 2017

Trochu dostipany smer metro a konecna stanica vitosha. Na google maps tato stanica neni zakreslena ale existuje :) V metre este kupeny celodenny listok na mhd, tetula mi ho este naskenovala, bo inak by mi nefungoval na metro. Nechapem preco ale proste to tak je. Cakal som,ze na konecnej budu volake obchodiky, kde kupim ranajky a volaku poziven a hlavne vodu na cestu. No nikde nic, vseko este zatvorene az na jednu fastfood pizzeriu. Zdrave ranajky za mnou este ale treba kupit volaco na cestu, hadam cestou nieco bude. Trocha vody som si naplnil na ubytku z vodovodu (podla cs pitna) ale dalo sa mi dat do flasi len asi 0,7l, bo debilne plytke umyvadlo. Mensie hladanie bus zastavky odkial ide c.93. Odchadza z vychodnej strany nakupneho centra paradise. Na zastavke digitalny oznamovac odchodov busov. Luxus ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 15th 2017

Takze nakoniec moj trip zacina uz o den skor a to vo viedny, kde hral svoj vonkajsi zapas ac milano. O 12/30 koniec v robote, doma rychla sprcha, strihanie a zbalenie minima veci. V sofii ma caka slnecno nad 30C. Avsak tu je zima a veterno. Naskakujem na vlak a cez tt sa dostavam do bratislavy, na fakt prisernu stanicu. Hanba hlavneho mesta. Keby som turista a vystupim z vlaku na takomto mieste, hned dam spiatocku a padim kade lahsie. V Ba si vystojim peknu 10.min frontu na listok, zistujem cenu jednosmerneho do viedne, krasnych 12€, spiatocka 14€ a spiatocka s celodennym mhd 18,80€. Berem poslednu moznost, kedze sa este musim presunut z hlavnej stanice vo viedny k stadionu metrom. Mensi problem s platbou, platit som chcel fio kartou ale chuj som zabudol,ze uz mam dnesny ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 15th 2017

Sofia, capitala Bulgariei O destinatie perfecta pentru o escapada din Bucuresti fara aglomeratie, nervi pe drumuri si vreme adecvata. Am gasit hotelul Bon Bon Central chiar in centru, cu parcare, camera aranjata frumos cu prosopele in forme de scoica, cu tv, wifi. Locatia lui este perfecta pt explorarea orasului, vizite in muzee si mall-uri si iesiri la terase tarzii in noapte. Statiile de metrou sunt adevarate santiere arheologice in aer liber protejate. Am stat 2 nopti=110 euro... read more
interior camera Hotel Bon Bon Central

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