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Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province June 8th 2017

3rd to 7thJune Kromodovo near Melnik, Bulgaria Before we left Greece we stocked up with food (mainly Kalamata olives) and filled up with petrol and headed north towards the Bulgarian border. It’s the first time we have had to stop at a border and show passports. We then had to find somewhere that sold a vignette allowing us to drive on Bulgarian roads. The road is the main artery connecting Romania, Bulgaria and Greece so is used by huge freight lorries which seemed to have parked up haphazardly just past border control. We pulled up behind one lorry at a wooden hut type building that looked like it sold vignettes but on discovering it didn’t, the lorry pulled away catching the roof and edge of the cabin with its trailed and shaking the whole thing with ... read more
Inside the Kardopulov House
View of Kardopulov House
the sand pyramids

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv April 30th 2017

fabulous trip with my friends Dan & Zlate... read more

Europe » Bulgaria January 8th 2017

Babinden - Day of the Baba/Midwife, is a traditional Bulgarian festival celebrated on the 8th January which honours the village's midwives. The holiday has pagan origins. There are many traditions that surround the event and I managed to find a Bulgarian culture video that follows the women who take part in the festivities. It is in Bulgarian (I think) but can be seen here - The women are the mothers of children that have been born in the previous couple of years. They collect water and go to the midwife's home bringing small gifts. Outside, under a fruit tree, they take turns to ritually wash her hands. In the video the gifts include things like aprons and towels. But the woman doesn't wipe her hands on the new towels, instead she wiipes her hands on ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Veliko Tarnovo Province » Veliko Tarnovo September 4th 2016

It was an annoying bus ride. There was a kid behind me kicking my seat and grabbing my headrest, almmost giving me whiplash each time. I shoot an angry look back at him but he nor his father sitting next to him seem to care. I don't have a spare seat next to me this time so my heavy, bukly rucksack has to sit between my legs. The air coming out of the vents is smelly, as if it has come through some dude's sweaty socks first. So I was glad when the four hour journey came to an end. I liked the hostel I stayed at in Sofia so much, that I decided to stay at its sister hostel here in Veliko Tarnovo. It was also nice here, but definitely more quiet and relaxed. The ... read more
Ulitsa Georgi S. Rakovski
The Bulgarian UFO
View Of Monument & Veliko Tarnovo

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 1st 2016

It seems that all roads lead through Skopje and I made my way back there for a third time to get a bus to Sofia. Thanks to the political situation around borders, there is no direct bus from Pristina to Sofia as you would have to go through Serbia. At the bus station in Pristina, I met Eric, an American going the same way. Once we got to Skopje, we then met Frenchman Pierre, who was at the same hostel as me in Pristinaand was also making his way to Sofia. So suddenly I had a crew which to be honest, is nice to have on long journeys. The Bulgarian countryside is actually pretty nice. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was impressed by the pretty plains, rolling hills and green forests, which ... read more
Ministry Council Building & Former Communist Party House
St Alexander Nevski Cathedral
National Theatre

Europe » Bulgaria » Veliko Tarnovo Province July 29th 2016

From Bucharest its a short drive towards the Romanian-Bulgarian border. Since Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU, the border formalities are quite improved. I can remember that in the past we were waiting for hours and had to pay for many unknown reasons. Now we only had to pay 6 Euros to cross the "Friendship Bridge", which is on one end at Romania and other hand in Bulgaria, crossing the Danube river. On the Bulgarian side after the passport check you need to buy a road vignette, which can be bought at the petrol stations on your way. from the border city Rousse we drove to the direction of Veliko Tarnovo. A Bulgarian colleague recommended us to visit a nice village, called "Arbanasi" which is close to Veliko Tarnovo. Arbanasi is one of the most famous ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria June 23rd 2016

Beste iedereen, Mijn eerste avond in Istanbul eindigt authentiek. Ik scoor een Lachmachun, beter bekend als een Turkse pizza, in een toeristisch restaurantje aan het Taksim plein. Een Turkse pizza bevat een klein beetje vlees en dat is goed om mijn maag alvast te laten wennen aan Turkije. Voor gezondheidsredenen en om uit te proberen ben ik in India en Nepal bijna twee maanden vegetarisch geweest. Ik ben moe van de lange reis en ga best vroeg richting een diepe slaap. De volgende dag geniet ik zoals alle andere Turkse dagen eerste van de diverse broodjes die de Turkse cultuur rijk is. Daarna vertrek ik met Tolgan en Simon, de twee Canadezen soldaten me wie ik de vorige dag de stad heb verkent, richting het Topkapi paleis. Een gigantisch bouwwerk uit de Ottomaanse tijd. Het Ottomaanse ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria June 22nd 2016

Geo: 42.7339, 25.4858 The great, empty Danube River is smoothly passing beneath us; it reminds me of that lovely state a cooking pudding reaches just before it turns into a full rolling boil. The river is stunningly calm and widely beautiful here, as we pass from Ruse on our way to Vidin, all in Bulgaria. To me, Bulgaria is a surprise. We never studied about it as school children; Eastern Europe was just that grey area on the map, that communist block region, somewhere near Russia, and we were taught to be very afraid. When I was little, in addition to regular fire drills, we also had other drills, air raid drills, where we learned to hide under our desks to protect ourselves from falling bombs, I think. Adult thinking was very strange: how would hiding ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 26th 2015

Marching on Together. In the days of old when a team in white were worrying Europe's elite and winning more than just the highest "away" crowd average award at each venue they visited, Sofia welcomed their presence. A snow covered Moscow was deemed too cold for UEFA Cup football by the mandarins in Switzerland. On 2 December 1999, the bandwagon rolled into town. Programme Man's finest hour had arrived. He organised Marching on Together playing out of the tannoy at the Stadium. The team couldn't reward the support and were rolled over by Spartak's Brazialian forwards. For the first time on the trip, the sun was shining when we ventured out of the hotel. The city was waking up and the stalls for a book fair were setting up further along Vitosha Boulevard. The dome of ... read more
Slavia v Levski

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 25th 2015

The Man in the Middle woke with ideas of mountaineering. I took one look at the weather out the window and suggested that the gloom could be against us. He was obviously fortified by his traditional sausage meal. The weather refused to be an obstacle to his mission. Clouds and mountains don't mix, but we set off regardless. The first mission was an all-day ticket for the metro, trams and buses. The ticket office at the adjacent Metro Station round the corner was the obvious place to start. Do you speak English, we inquired? It never ceases to amaze me, when the answer suggests perhaps one or two words to get by and then a perfect explanation of requirements follows. It wasn't quite that this time, but bonus points should be awarded anyway if they can ... read more
National Theatre
Museum of Socialist Art

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