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Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 26th 2013

Roller coasters yeahaa... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 26th 2013

26th sat photos of slovakia and the start of vienna/ palace, love the gothic style cathedrals.Tonight we went out for tea as a group, food was pretty average, but after we went to one of the oldest theme parks on the world it was awsome!, i did three roller coasters and one hard core spiny one (yolo). Was one of the best nights we've had.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 25th 2013

Vienna 24 July 2013 We have been to Vienna before but it was really skimming the very top surface, so we were looking forward to exploring this lovely city. Our camp site (Camping West Wein) was 7km out from the city centre. As with so many European cities, the public transport was excellent, particularly the Metro with trains coming at least every 10 minutes – but usually more frequently. We walked 2 minutes to the bus station, waited 5 minutes for the bus which stopped at the Metro station and we walked straight onto the train. We became quickly oriented with our excellent maps we got from the Camping reception. We walked past many of the museums, onto the Hofburg, the former Imperial court. This complex not only consists of the palace but also a cathedral, ... read more
Wiener Mozart Concert inVienna Concert Hall (4)
Hundertwasser Museum Vienna Austria (13)
Schonbrunn Palace Vienna (9)

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 22nd 2013

Remember the other day I was telling you how brilliant I am. Forget about that, because I am an idiot. I went on a bike trip today though Austrian wine county (think the helicopter shot from The Sound of Music). I bet you are already looking forward to the photos. Well ... don't hold your breath, because there are no photos. My IPhone stayed at the Hostel today ... plugged in .... charging ... all day. Yep ... I am dumb! We took a train out to wine county and then we jumped on our bikes for a leisurely 20 KM (I have no idea how far that is) ride through beautiful rolling green hills, stopping at several wineries along the way, to sample their wares. In addition to the great wine, we hiked up some ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 20th 2013

I have had so much success with Fat Tire Bike Tours, that I have started looking for bike tours in all the cities I visit. Not all tours, however, meet the standards set by Fat Tire. And some ... well some are just bad. Case in point ... Vienna. There is no Fat Tire bike tour here, so I made reservations with another company. And, because I purchased the afternoon bike tour, I was able to book a morning walking tour for just 3 Euro. First the good news. On the morning walking tour I met some new friends from Iowa City. You know when you meet new people ... everyone seems nice at first, but as you get to know them, you learn their flaws, and then you must determine whether or not those flaws ... read more
More Cool Buildings
Royal Lippizzaner Stallions

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 19th 2013

I do a fair bit of traveling, so I am accustomed to identifying names in foreign languages. As long as the latin alphabet is used, I am in good shape. But someone needs to explain to me how "Vienna" becomes "Wien" in German. Its not like we are adding an "x" to Brussels. Here, the only thing these two words have in common are thee consecutive letters sandwiched somewhere in the middle. Until I actually arrived, I was not 100% sure that I was going to end up in Vienna. But it turned out to be a very, very good day. First, Wien does mean Vienna, so I was in the right place. Second, I traveled to Wien on a Fast Train named the "RailJet," which is maybe the coolest Fast Train name yet. Finally, and ... read more
Bike Rally
Wien Flowers

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 16th 2013

Hello everyone! As you can see, I finally decided to start my own travel blog. I have been very passionate about travelling for some years now, and would like to share some of my experiences and discoveries around the world. I want to thank Mitko (a friend I met during my Master's studies at Warwick Business School) for bringing up the idea to me. At first, I was quite reluctant to open a blog for two reasons: (1) My lack of time these days and (2) the fact that nobody reads blogs unless their content is really intriguing, innovative, well-written, or controversial. Nevertheless, I changed my mind and finally decided to start a blog anyway. Even if few people will read it, I am persuaded that I will personally enjoy reflecting on my trips and putting ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 9th 2013

Test, Test... funktioniert das? Auf Wunsch und der Einfachkeit halber (wobei ich mir nicht so sicher bin, ob das wirklich einfacher ist als ein Mail zu schreiben) habe ich mich nun bei diesem Blog angemeldet, um euch (un-)regelmäßige Updates zu geben. Falls ich irgendwann nichts mehr poste, bin ich auf Mail umgestiegen. Nicht das ihr glaubt, mir ist was passiert. ;-) Morgen gehts auf jeden Fall los. Meine Reisevorbereitungen sind noch am Laufen (ich muss nämlich noch mindestens 5x meinen Rucksack ein- und auspacken, so wie ich das gestern auch schon getan hab), damit ich wirklich sicher bin, dass ich alles Nötige mithabe. Drum... bis bald. :-)... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 5th 2013

Over the last 3 days we have been visiting Austria. Our first stop was in Graz, and whilst a pretty city that is predominantly populated by university students thanks to the six universities in the city, we didn't get to see much of it due to a fairly busy work week in Melbourne (yes I am still continuing doing my day job as we float around Europe!) Austria is a little bittersweet for me... as a child growing into a teenager, I was bombarded with classical music from this sweet country from my Mum, but also from playing the violin for ten years. In that time, I really wanted to visit and be inspired by the music that came from this richly cultured country, and maybe that led to me actually marrying an Austrian... which grew ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 25th 2013

Ostatnie dni w Stanach upłynęły nam pod znakiem zakupów (oczywiście!), pakowania i imprezy rodzinnej w okolicach Pocono Mt w Pensylwanii. Lot z Nowego Jorku do Wiednia mamy już za sobą, nie obyło się bez przygód: dwugodzinne opóźnienie oraz bardzo ciężkie lądowanie. Zmiana czasu będzie trudna do przejścia, tym bardziej, że jutro wracamy do pracy na pełnych obrotach. Na szczęście tylko trzy dni do weekendu ;) Już teraz zaczynamy tęsknić za Ameryką, zwłaszcza, gdy popijamy lotniskową kawę americano nalaną do połowy objętości kubka... Jednak gigantomania ma swoje dobre strony :), a w oku kręci się łezka na wspomnienie miłych pań z 'dinerów' po trzy razy podchodzących z dzbankiem świeżo parzonej kawy i proponujących dolewkę. Z cyklu podsumowania: 1. Na liczniku Chryslera po dwóch tygodniach jazdy stuknęło nam 2,300 mil, tj. 3,700 km. 2. Folder ze zdjęciami liczy ... read more

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