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Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 5th 2013

Aamulla sampyla leipomosta. Aamupalan jalkeen suihku ja kamat kasaan. Huone piti luovuttaa klo 10. Olin hostellin netissa liki tunnin. Kavin viela syömässä Bratislavassa, koska arvelin että se on paljon halvempaa kuin Wienissä. Kävelin asemalle. Junamatka kesti tunnin. Wienin päärautatieasemalta otin karttoja ja ostin 3 vuorokauden lipun joukkoliikenteeseen. Ajoin keskustaan metrolla, jotta voisin hakea lisää materiaalia pääturisti-infosta. No sieltä ei irronnut mitään merkittävää tietoa. Sen sijaan keskusta sinänsä teki vaikutuksen. Wien on valtava, runsaasti hienoja rakennuksia, ja toki paljon Slovakiaa kalliimpi. Kaupunki vaikutti sen verran vauraalta, että otin passin housuista ja pidin sitä etutaskussa. Ajelin sitten kehää ratikalla, kävin katsomassa missä illan bridgepelipaikka on. Hankkiuduin vielä ratikalla U6:n varteen. Eräällä ratikoiden päättärillä oli kaksi kehää päällekkä... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 20th 2013

Our last visit was in 2011. Back then we stayed in an apartment in Hernals (17th district). This time we are staying in Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district, so much closer to the main tourist area around Stephansdom and also a short metro ride to the Museum Quarter. Our hotel is on busy Praterstrasse and within an area which is haunted by the spirits of expelled and murdered jews, for it was here where many Viennese Jews were gathered before their deportation to concentration camps in the course of the Holocaust. Many Jews also lived in apartments and ran businesses here. Tragic testimony of this are the small brass plates embedded into the footpaths in front of the buildings where they had lived. Inscriptions bear the names of family members, the concentration camp they were sent to ... read more
Brass plaques in front of building on Praterstrasse
Shoe shop on Praterstrasse
Cafe Ansari exterior

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 20th 2013

Geo: 48.22, 16.37The hotel we're staying at is great. We got stuck in a suite since we had to add an extra night but it was nice last night. Ya, $300 nice! We had another free breakfast this morning and then walked about 6 blocks down to the US Consulate to replace our stolen passports. Since my passport was the only thing of mine that was taken, I still had my ID, copy of our passports, wallet, etc. Mom has lost all of her stuff so it's harder for her. We had to stop first downstairs to get our passport pictures and spend 48€. Then to the 4th floor for our 9:30 appointment. We were early so we got in quickly. We had to fill out paperwork, submit our passport copies, police report and $270. By ... read more
Mom showing off our new room in Vienna
On the bed emailing.
What a wierd motorcycle!

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 19th 2013

Geo: 48.22, 16.37It's still raining today. We got our free breakfast. I called the US Consulate in Vienna, Austria as soon as they opened. They made an appointment for us tomorrow at 9:30am. Bring our paperwork too. OK. Now we have a plan. I called the Hotel Stephanplatz and asked if they had a room available Monday night. We were already booked on Tuesday but we needed to get to Austria right away. They had a room but, unfortunately it was a suite. We had to miss our activities in Salzburg, the salt mines tour and Mozart concert. We were fortunate to be able to continue in Germany but we needed to get the passport issue behind us.So we never went to Salzburg but spent an extra day in Fussen and an extra day in Vienna. ... read more
Mom at the Fussen train station
Mom and her luggage!  All of it!
Train station in Munich, Germany

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 18th 2013

Geo: 48.22, 16.37'The-Hungary-Special-Ultimate-Leave-Hotel-In-Budapest-Fun-Tax-for-Tourist' tax. Budapest wouldn't let us leave without one last subtle mugging. Once that unpleasantness was complete, we boarded a westbound train towards Budapest's Coach terminal. Here we would be boarding an 'Orangeways' bus bound for Vienna. Or so we thought we would depart from the coach station. Orangeways are too budget for that. Rather, their 'pickup spot' was across the road, denoted by a faded poster, blowing in the wind, before a construction site, as tumbleweeds blew by. The bus ride itself, was bearable enough. It was cosy, but air conditioned and 3 hours later we were to arrive in Vienna.On first glimpse, the city itself seemed somewhat underwhelming. We found the nearest U-Bahn station and made the short trip from the city centre to Langenfeldgasse in the so... read more
Hotel Vienna

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 9th 2013

Ok I should be embarrassed by the blog title I know but you can't blame me... it had to be done. I've always wanted to visit Vienna and finally made it by a long train journey from Munich. A well air conditioned, comfortable train journey didn't prepare me for the wall of heat that hit me the minute I stepped off the train. The heat was so intense that it literally took my breath away. I got a taxi to my hotel and had the strangest conversation with the driver. Rather than be the welcoming face of Austrian tourism he started on this made onslaught about how I have to be careful in Vienna as there are tons of pick pockets, con artists and other criminals and they are all from Eastern Europe, South America and ... read more
Summer 2013part 1 161
Summer 2013part 1 162
Summer 2013part 1 167

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 6th 2013

Magnificent is the word that comes to mind after walking around Vienna. So many beautiful buildings, palaces, churches, other big buildings. Spent a lot of time walking around but also done more visiting places than we have in other places. Trying to decide which museums/ palaces to visit was challenging, especially given that we decided to manage without a guide book. Spent a good part of one day at the Schönbrunn Palace and gardens on the outskirts of the city (once in the countryside). It’s not as beautiful as the Hofburg Palace here in the city but it was interesting going round the 40 or so rooms they have opened to the public, free audio guide helped). Lots of history of the Hapsburgs that we have kept coming across in Central Europe. The gardens were very ... read more
Hofburg Palace
Vienna centre
Shonbrunn Palace

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 2nd 2013

Woolly says – I was awake at the crack of dawn and sat enjoying the mist rise over the lake, Ian did tell me off for using his camera but I’m sure he wasn’t cross really! Not the best of nights the 11pm silence rule was completely ignored which left Ian awake until the early hours, but showered and packed away we were ready for the day. We had kept 300 CHF (approximately £10.70 GBP) to pay a visit to the Czech Republic’s newest tourist attraction, Stezka Korunami Stromu in the town of Lipno. This was a 40 metre observation tower made completely of wood with views all over the surrounding areas. Knowing our fear of heights we had debated this adventure but felt that it might be worth it. Woolly says – it was easy ... read more
Lipno Dam
otherside of the dam
Lipno Town

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 2nd 2013

Geo: 48.22, 16.37We met Michael Dorsch as expected at Most. His girlfriend couldn't make it because she wasn't feeling well, but we had a great time nonetheless. It was an interesting study in degrees of separation as Michael is the son of Rich's college roommate (Tom Dorsch), cousin to Jim who Jake taught, and friend of Natasha, both Jake and Mandy's friend from high school.Dr. Dorsch is a newly appointed professor of economics at Central European University and is launching a new interdisciplinary program in public policy studies. The program will include experts in philosophy, economics, political science, history, and sociology.We had great conversations about a number of topics including the impact of economics on political decision making (for better or worse), the state of modern Hungary, and his excitement at launching the new degree program. ... read more
Jake and Justin
The Wilde Maus

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 27th 2013

Hey guys, last night we went out for tea and did the fair grounds which was awsome. Today we went to see the balcony where Hitler declared the 3rd reich to the austrian people ( declaring austria to be under his regime). Then we went to the natural history museum and saw a lot of stuffed animals, there were so many species. I put up a magpie (megpie) and some leopard print for you milly. Also in was thinking we shoudl get blake two monkeys like jess had that'd be cute. Xx tonight off to the schnapps musem.... read more

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