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Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna December 18th 2013

My flight from Doha to Vienna was at 2:30am. My coworker was leaving around the same time, so we decided to have a drink beforehand. Apparently, he invited everyone because there were 6 or 7 people that came to hang out. It was a good time. However, I had warned him not to get drunk before the flight - you can get into trouble! So, I think I scared him a bit and he limited himself to 2 guinness over three hours. I have never seen the Qatar Airways section of the airport so busy. I guess it is Qatar National Day and the week before christmas so everyone was taking off. I had already checked in online and had my boarding pass and I was bummed to see the "fast drop" line was just as ... read more
Schonbrunn Christmas Market at 9am
Schonbrunn Christmas Market at 10:30am
Hot berry punch

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna December 9th 2013

Did I get your attention with the title? (I almost wrote "have I got your attention"...British English is killing me.) Darcy and I went to Wien this weekend to see the Christmas markets! And the adjective for Wien is Wiener. So that word was everywhere. Curse my immaturity. But not really. Teehee. After school on Friday we went to what is definitely the sketchiest train station in Budapest, got on our train, had to kick two guys out of our seats, and went to Vienna. WITH NO PROBLEMS. AGAIN. WE'RE SO GOOD AT THIS NOW. The train ride was less than 3 hours. And cheap. Basically I need to go Vienna always. We also bought 48 hour transportation passes. Spoiler alert: We didn't get checked once the whole weekend. Saved us a lot of stress though. ... read more
Ornament Booth
Best hosts ever
Hearts in a tree :)

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna December 3rd 2013

Gutten Tag Greetings from Vienna. We are on day 4 of our cruise and are seriously drinking and eating our way down the river. I have cut myself down to toast for breakfast, a small lunch and then dinner. There is so much food on this boat and you could seriously eat all day and night if you want to. Budapest Christmas Markets There were two markets in Budapest to explore one at St Istvan’s Church (St Stephen to us) and on in the town square. I managed to purchase some lovely decorations for the tree. The market was a mixture of both Hungarian food and Hungarian craft. Greg and I puttered round at night and managed to sample Gluh Wien, a huge pretzel and a 12” diameter potato Rosti. I managed to purchase a few ... read more
Yes that is the spire
Hi Honey....I have just parked my coach in the lounge room

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna November 1st 2013

Today many in our tour group headed to the Schonbrunn Palace for an expensive optional excursion. We decided to "do our own thing" and check out some aspects of the Hofburg Palace that we had only glimpsed the day before. It was All Saints Day, a public holiday in many parts of Europe, so we weren't sure what would be open. Luckily the two areas we chose to visit, the Spanish Riding School with its specially bred Lipazzaner Stallions and the Imperial Treasury, were both open. We saw the horses exercising to music...captivating for a while in a pretty amazing building, but not enough action for our taste, so we moved on and had a terrific coffee & strudel in lovely sunshine in the Palace cafe. The Imperial Treasury was something else again! It was full ... read more
Vienna Imperial Treasury

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna October 31st 2013

Yesterday we "did" Prague in a it's back on the bus bright & early and off to Vienna! It was a pleasant enough drive and we arrived in Vienna around lunchtime. We decided to skip the optional sightseeing bus tour and set off to do a self-guided walking tour to some of the many popular sights. We started at St Stephen's Cathedral then on to the Opera House, St Peter's Church, the Hofburg Palace and the Cappuccin Church. So many sights, so little time! We walked and had a cursory look at these places and enjoyed walking through the beautiful pedestrian-only streets in the city centre. The only place where we spent time was the Cappuccin Church which includes a crypt, the Kaisergruft, which holds the coffins of the Hapsburg Kaisers and their relatives. This ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna October 29th 2013

Geo: 48.2242, 16.4083Too many incredible buildings for me to show. Vienna should be a 'must see' on a trip to Europe. Continuity of 650 years of Hapsburg rule up to 1918 is reflected in the art, architecture, music, Lippizaner stallions, etc.There was a private concert for our passengers last night in the Albertine Palace. Orchestra plus two singers performing Strauss and Mozart music. No prizes for guessing The Blue Danube was on the bill. We felt very cultured (between naps).Today went to the Museum of Fine Arts. What a treasure! We had a great guide who beautifully described the main items in each room. Forget Paris museums, check this out. Included some pics, see captions...... read more
Covered Cafe
16th© Cellini Salt Cellar
13th© Table Decoration

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna October 28th 2013

Geo: 48.177, 16.4756Another glorious day but the forecast is for a cool change tomorrow. Just as well as we've run out of lightweight clothing. Vienna tours Monday and Tuesday, in another city with amazing heritage buildings. Boat pics this entry.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 18th 2013

There are three things that I had forgotten about Europe ……. Just how many people here smoke ….. Just about every second person has a dog that they take everywhere with them …… And .... that you have to pay to pee! Smoking in public places has been banned in Australia for years – particularly in restaurants. Consequently, you tend to forget that it never was that way. In Europe, there is nothing more annoying than going into a restaurant for a meal, getting settled at a nice table in your area of choice, only to have someone come along a few minutes later, sit down, and “light up” at the table next to you which means that you then have to suffer through breathing in their cigarette smoke for the duration of your meal. Ughhh! ... read more
Our route to Vienna
The Danube
Chandelier bedside lamps

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 7th 2013

Nukuin pitkään. Tänään oli ratikkahallilla erityinen ratikkapäivä, joten ajoin sinne ensiksi. Kävelin linjan 6 pysäkille. Katselin näyttelyaluetta, mutta en viitsinyt lähteä ajelulle täydessä museovaunussa. Ajoin sitten metrolla Tonavan pohjoispuolelle. Kävin katsomassa Vanhaa Tonavaa ja sitten ratikoilla Tonavan saarelle. Kiertelin siellä puolisen tuntia ilman paitaa. Taas muutin suunnitelmiani. Kun ratikka ajoi nettilän ohi, päätinkin hypätä kyydistä. Kuvien siirto onnistui. Ajoin viela kampille ratikka 5:lla, jotta nain taas eri kaupunginosia. Oli sovittu etta minun pitaa olla takaisin klo 18 mennessa, jotta sain paivavaatteet pestaviksi. Pesetin sitten koneellisen pyykkia. Kavin suihkussa ja lahdin illaksi kierrokselle. Pysahdyin eraalle terassille lasilliselle, kun nain Venuksen. Seurasin sen laskemista ja Saturnuksen ilmestymista tummenevalle iltataivaalle. Suomessahan ne ovat a... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 6th 2013

Sain nukuttua kahdeksaan asti. Vuokraisäntä oli jo lähtenyt töihin. Söin aamupalan. Päätin mennä katsomaan ensiksi Schönbrunnin linnaa, koska se oli lähellä: kahden metropysäkin päässä. Ajoin silti yhtä pidemmälle. Puistossa kohtasin suomalaispariskunnan ja pyysin heitä ottamaan minusta kuvia. Puiston jälkeen oli sen verran hontelo olo että investoin 2 euroa vesipulloon ja ajattelin tehdä linnassa 22 salin kierroksen 11,5 eurolla, mutta luovuin ajatuksesta, kun sinne olisi ollut vartin jono. Poikkesin matkalla kaupunkiin kahvilla. Sitten menin hetken mielijohteesta syömään persialaiseen ravintolaan seisovan pöydän 9 eurolla. Kaduin ajatusta jo pian sen jälkeen, koska röyhtäytti ja mahassa kiersi. Keskustan linnoihin en poikennut sisään, vaan ihailin niitä ulkoa. Ajelin sitten taas satunnaisella ratikalla. Linja 1 tuli ensin ja ajoin sillä aiempaa pidemmälle. Olin ajatellut pitää tänää... read more

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