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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein May 30th 2012

Bad Gastein is a famous spa town in the Austrian Alps. But it is no ordinary spa since the water is naturally infused with high concentrations of radon. Many people come here for treatments specifically to absorb the radon into their bodies either by bathing or spending several hours in specially constructed caves breathing heavy doses of radon. Patients swear by it but I did not come here to expose myself to radioactive gases. Bad Gastein is only a little more than 1½ hours from Salzburg and right on the edge of Hohe Tauern National Park. I think the name means High Tower possibly referring to Großglockner mountain, Austria's highest peak at 3798 meters. I did not get nearly that high but I did hike to Graukogel at 2492 m. Accommodation and Food I reserved 3 ... read more
Possibly Großglockner
Graukogel Summit
Looking West from the Summit

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein September 28th 2011

Well, after three relaxing weeks in the alps, we are now back on the trains and exploring longer distances across the continent. And we must admit that we are very happy to be on the move again. But let me start with our three week adventure across the time share resorts of Italy, Austria and Germany. There was a quick introduction to Tscherms in the last blog where we had a beautiful view of the Italian alps and down through the valley covered in vineyards and apple orchards. We made the most of having a kitchen and were even quite excited to be able to go shopping in a supermarket and buy bread and milk and meat and pasta - don't worry, the novelty soon wore off after we realised that we also had to do ... read more
ripe for the picking

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 3rd 2010

I decided to hold off the blogging until I get home that I can have SOME stories to tell you guess when I get home. I will write all the blog once I am back in Canada, I don't seem to find anytime now anyways to write them but here is the pictures. (There was no pictures allowed in the caves ;( )... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 2nd 2010

Today is finally the day that I get to go paragliding. I woke and went and had breakfast which was awesome, there was bread, cheese, meats, cereal, fruit and yogurt. This place is more like a hotel then a hostel. I was downstair ready and waiting for my ride to come pick me up. He arrived right on time, his name is Luis and he has been paragliding for 22 years geeze I wish I had his job. It was about a 20 min drive to out destintation and for some reason I was not nervous at all. When we arrived we had to take a cable car up but his car was full of the instructor and the equipment that I hopped in the next one. When we reached what I though was the top ... read more
My first jump certificate
Not me, but a few mins before it was

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 1st 2010

I had an early morning bus to catch to Vienna and from there I take a train to Bad Gastien. While waiting for the bus these drunken people came along who were still drunk from the night before. When they saw my Canadian flag patch on my backpack the one girl overly excited and started asking me a lot of questions and Canada, and if I like Slovakia and such, it was pretty funny and she was helpful in the end letting me know when to get off the bus at the bus station. My bus ride was only an hour long so that was good. On the bus there was a Jewish Rabbi sitting in the seat across from me. Not long into the trip he stood up took out his huge shawl/blanket, some leather ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein July 21st 2010

Another 3 nights have been and gone! Bad gastein was great!! It's a really small town but I filled my time by going out, and some time just hanging around in my room enjoying the space to myself!! The town is very hilly because it's tucked in between some mountains high up and then goes all the way down to where the vally is. There is a big river/waterfall going right through the middle of town which was really cool. There's a hiking trail that follows the river all the way down to the valley, so i went down there. Then realized that it was down a long ways from the town. It was a greulling hike back up! hahah There are also thermal springs and thermal baths everywhere you go! They even had a thermal ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 11th 2009

Ok, today was due to be an action packed day, And it was. We got up fairly early at 8 to organise ourselves and get a bit of food into us. (Yummy hostel buffet of bread and cheese and ham and cereal) On a side note, would it kill hostels to invest in a bit of apple juice. Anyway we (the three of us, three australian girls and Annie and Sinead) were picked up from the door of the hostel to be brought to the adventure centre. Sweet. I spent the trip convincing Annie and Sinead that they should do both Canyoning (legend) and Rafting (also legend). It worked, and the three of us as well as the two girls were kitted out to do some jumping into and off stuff (waterfalls mainly). The first up ... read more
Post rafting pic (we are all freezing)
Good pics of rafting to follow 1
Good pics of rafting to follow 2

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 10th 2009

Having left Prague and its mean stingy people behind, we headed south east to Austria in a much nicer train than we had arrived to the Czech Republic in. Air Con, Trolley service, Microwave, Jacuzzi, butler, gym and a concert area. But really it did have air con. We managed to commandere a whole 6 person cabin for ourselves and proceeded to sleep and sleep and sleep. In a stroke of genius i put our bags in between the seats and created a bed type effect. Then in an even greater stroke of genius i slept on the floor and was able to lie down properly. I am the sleep master :-) We continued along our way and about half way through the journey the police checked our passports and gave out to us for not ... read more
Yawwwwn 2: Revenge of the sleepies
Foot wars 3: The virus takes Manhattan
Not Paradise, but pretty and clean and green

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 1st 2009

We seem to time our travel to be on rainy days so we bundled ourselves up and caught the tram to our stop and we were off and running. It took about 9 hours to get to Bad Gastein by train via Salzburg but well worth the effort. Bad Gastein was our choice to do adventure travel options mainly canyoning. After checking in (and being up graded to a private room - like the place even more) we headed down to book ourselves in for Canyoning the next day and sort out some food. With luck the chef here is fantastic with food and ordering the special for the day (a 3 course meal of soup, main with salad and dessert) we headed up stairs for some well earned sleep and to get ready for canyoning. ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein February 18th 2009

Friday 16th - Friday 23rd January 2009 Our arrival at Bad Gastein was welcomed after a fairly hectic day. My bags were absolutely back breakingly heavy and we hadn’t left ourselves much fat time wise. The train arrived at Westbahnhof in Vienna while Jane, Phil and I were off buying lunch and other goodies and so poor Sean had to move four backpacks and four daypacks from one end of the platform to the other by himself (he found a luggage trolley when he’d finished). Fortunately, none of us missed the train and the rest of the journey was rather uneventful, with the exception of a one hour wait at Salzburg because of a late train. Bad Gastein is absolutely beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The village is in a ravine that has ... read more
Room with a View
All Lifts Open!

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