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Well well, don't mess with hurricanes. Yesterday was a little crazy. We saw two water spouts= tornados in the sky over the water but not actually touching the water. We were getting into boats to go snorkelling in the rain when suddenly lightening/thunder/water spouts struck! It was intense. We then proceeded to take more rain showers which is so nice. I have only used 1 of my weekly freshwater showers since I arrived and I don't feel dirty at all. Its amazing. I SAW A TURTLE TODAY! It was incredible but swam away quickly. He was so small and cute, we think he was a green turtle. But the rest of snorkelling today sucked. It was extremely choppy, the hurricanes and tropical storms out on the open ocean are messing with our currents. I was exhausted. ... read more

Welll well ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. I've been pretty MIA as far as this blog goes this week but alas I'm here to udate everyone. The first order of business deals with MOHAWKS. Yes, it has become an epidemic among the SFS students. One of the girls is really into cutting/shaving hair so my bestie here, Mikenna, decided that she wanted one. She's rockin it and it seems completely crazy but she is extremely happy with her decision. The island men don't seem to hate it either, but as far as we can tell they don't really hate much of anything. One of the islanders, Money (we all hang out with him a lot so you'll be hearing many Money stories), has a friend who has decided he's in love with me. It's cute. He ... read more

It's been a while since I wrote in this so I'm sure there are a few people out there that are waiting for some sort of news... or not? Well I hurt my toe so I've been named flipper once again because I can only wear one flipper when I'm out snorkelling which sort of sucks and doesn't work well when there is a lot of current. I, of course, saw an amazing caribbean reef shark when I was practically unable to swim yesterday making me the easiest target if he were to get angry. uh oh. I think I'm settling into a routine finally. I wake up super late and stumble around still half asleep and slowly wake up during morning classes (sometimes not as much). I have a test today where we have to ... read more

So. I didn't post yesterday because classes started and we still can't access the internet on our own computers thus all of the centers laptops were swamped and for homework usage only. They gave us like 6 papers to read and well that was a lot more than expected. Today we had 4 quizzes total from 3 classes. CRAZY. I thought this would be a bit more relaxed. I got good grades on 3 of them and bombed the other although truly I don't think it matters. Yesterday was the first real snorkel. We went to a place that was no more than 100 yards off of our stations coastline! Its called the admirals aquarium and its this beautiful small reef. Right away we saw a nurse shark, baraccuda sp?, and a lion fish!!! There were ... read more

So I've arrived safetly and I'm loving this! The kids are all great and the island is beautiful. It's extremely hot but I think I will get used to it soon. Upon arriving, we all changed into swimsuits and jumped in our salt water pool. The internet isn't working on any personal laptops so we have to use the centers computers but that's OK. A crab tried to break into my room today. We had to catch him and then release him into the brush, he didn't take to kindly to our rescue attempts. I live in a room with 3 other girls. I have the bottom bunk, which is perfect but still warm. Putting up my mosquito net was an adventure to say the least. We have a volleyball court and ping pong table that ... read more

So, while I'm still actually into this blog I figured I'd keep writing in it! Today we finally got to swim in the ocean! It was super warm and amazing. We had our swim tests which was only swimming out to a boat and back to the dock and then a 10min water tredding session. Afterwards we were able to snorkel a bit but tomorrow will be the first full on snorkeling trip out on the reef :D! Tonight we are going to go out to the local bars and that should prove interesting. We wandered around the town today and it was crazy. Everything has been destroyed by Hurricane Ike (2008). But we found the ice cream shop and discovered C&C pineapple flavored soda, yum! My face is sunburned, OUCH. I finally revealed my bottle ... read more

And I'm off. Goodbye US, hello CARIBBEAN! ... read more

I awoke at 7am and went to the beach for some more snorkeling before I would leave this beautiful island. The water was very clear and calm. I stayed out there for about two hours before returning to the hotel to get ready for my trek to the airport. I caught a taxi to the airport at around 11am and was there within 15 minutes. Check in and security was quick and painless. The airport is very small and there is not much to do except sit and wait. The time flew by though, and soon I was on Delta 510 to Atlanta. I was in coach seat 26D on the MD-88 aircraft. There was nobody sitting next to me so I had lots of room to stretch out. I admired the view of the clear ... read more
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Turtle Cove
Turtle Cove

I had been trying to visit the Turks and Caicos for a few weeks now but full flights kept it from happening. I had a hotel credit at the Turtle Cove Inn that I had to use or lose by this week, since our flight goes to seasonal status on Saturday, which means there will only be one flight a week until the winter time. I tried to get on a 6am flight to Atlanta but it was full. No big deal, as there is a flight at 7:10am that will get me there in time. I cleared for that flight and was seated in first class seat 1C. It was a quick flight from Indianapolis to Atlanta, aboard Delta flight 687, an MD-88 aircraft. Once in Atlanta, I had about an hour to connect. The ... read more
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Where to?

Well, we have reached our final port before Fort Lauderdale! We arrived at our Grand Turk dock about 1:00 this afternoon and are scheduled to sail toward Fort Lauderdale at 6:45. Grand Turk is only 7 miles long and just over 1 mile wide and is the capital and seat of the Turks and Caicos government. It has been a longtime favorite destination for divers to explore the 7,000 foot-deep pristine coral walls that drop down only 300 yards out to sea. On shore, the tiny, quiet island is home to white-sand beaches, the National Museum, and a small population of wild horses and donkeys, which leisurely meander past the white-walled courtyards, cute churches, and bougainvillea-covered colonial inns. Although it has the 2nd largest population of all the Turks and Caicos, Grand Tusk’s permanent population is ... read more
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