Island Time

Published: September 29th 2010
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So I realize these are becoming less and less frequent but really most of my days are identical. We have every hour scheduled on the weekdays and saturdays and that plan rarely includes much variety. Needless to say, I am still enjoying every minute on South Caicos. Today I went for a run and ran past a few wild horses, what's better?

If you haven't facebooked the pictures of the crazy 10ft tiger shark we saw some fishermen skin alive then you should do that now. They're bloody and of course very sad but it's a different culture. Cultures can't be wrong. We tried to reason with them but they just laughed. It was, however, an extremely interesting once in a lifetime event. I'm glad I stayed even though it was greusome. I really really want a tooth from the shark as well but that quest has proven more difficult than I anticipated.

That was my rant. I'm sorry, but it was a really long night trying to salvage that paper.

On the up side, I got a 98.5 on my fish ID test. My only mistake was stupid, but atleast I know the right answer.

Coral ID's are boring. Coral doesn't move. You have to dive 12 feet down to see them because they all look the same. It hurts your ears after a while. I don't suggest IDing coral anytime soon should you feel the urge.

I think I've lost weight. That makes me happy.

We have food again (my logical flow of thought takes me now to food, duh). We only get food shipped to us once every 2 weeks and well... I'm so happy we don't have to keep eating rice and hot dog buns. The man who does the ordering messed up last time and didn't order enough food for us so we were skimping to but it nicely. Today, the bagels were replenished and shit hit the fan. Everyone went crazy and I think we ate about 6 dozen bagels today. I'm trying to resist although... they smell like heaven. I really miss food from home. The food is actually quite good here but I want mexican food, thai food, indian food, dad's cooking (mashed potatoes now please), italian food, spicy food, janko's, middle ground, fiesta, the hot sauce from los martinez, etc... you get the picture. Oh and PIZZA. Good pizza. The pizza here is good but it needs to be less healthy. REALLY.

My white t-shirts are no longer very white. I'd just like to point that out. Laundry is not fun here. We try and collect rain water so we can have freshwater laundry rather than saltwater which leaves your clothes feeling just a dirty.

My skin is really dry, annoying.

There's a man named Patrick who comes to english lessons. He wants an american wife who will have his babies and cook for him. When he asked every girl at ESL if we believed in God, wanted kids, and had a boyfriend, we all responded that we had serious boyfriends back home, we want 0 children, and that God isn't real. He seemed a little dissapointed. But really, he speaks english. He only comes to lessons to try and marry one of the SFS girls. It's pretty funny.

Well folks, I'm exhausted. Its time for bed. GOOD NIGHT!


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