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I arrived in South Caicos last December 2 ,2016.It was my second time to be outside of my country for an employment.South Caicos is really delightful place for someone who seeks the beauty and tranquility of the seas or for someone like me who loves to watch sunset and sunrise over the horizon.I find the views anywhere on the island panoramic. Beaches of white sands,turquoise-colored sea,beautiful rock formations along the cliff and the vast Atlantic Ocean just around the corner waiting to be visited are some of its distinctive features.There were resort hotels located along the beautiful beaches where you can stay while enjoying the climates of tropical.It is a nice place to tan yourself and run wild and free while wearing those sets of bikini.The resorts also provide water recreation to adds up the fun ... read more

Well, I've take a little bit of a retreat from blogging. The days are similar and I have little to report of any real importance. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was honestly one of the best I've ever had. All of the students helped cook the most incredible food. I'm not used to eating really thanksgiving food, but rather lasagna, and really really enjoyed having turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, PIE... I had a great time dressing up, eating good food, and enjoying dinner for the first time in a long time inside the center walls. Everyday begins exactly how the day before began. I've been doing directed reserach with Annemarie aka studying habitat complexity on coral reefs and how that relates to fish assemblages (species richness and abundance) across mulitple families. Because I am ... read more

Well we survived. We evacuated to the hurricane shelter at east bay (5 min from the center) at around 2pm yesterday. It was cloudy and windy from then until long after we fell asleep. At about 2am we woke up to VERY loud rain and wind aka Tomas. Apparently he decided to come directly over us but it did very little damage. However, the shelter flooded a little (we were even on the second floor?) by pouring in through our hurricane "safe" windows. Luckily my bed was farther off from the wall and I didn't get wet. Our dog, Bruno, and cat, Tomas (Thomas for some), survived as well as this goat that seems to think he lives here. We spent the evening outside on the beach watching the intense waves form and crash before our ... read more

UPDATE: Tomas is getting stronger and is officially an H1. It is moving slower than planned so we won't get him until most likely tomorrow morning. We're evacuating at 2pm now before the even stronger (60mph) winds hit us. The ocean is CRAZY right now and the wind, as it is, has already started to toss the smaller students around. We are apparently going to be in the eye of the storm, which I might add is larger than FLORIDA! Oh, and our shelter has glass pannels all around it so we can see the destruction as it occurs... sweet? I'm ready. Are you? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Not much to report about recent weeks. It's been pretty calm and regular. Classes are officially over, I just have my exams left next week. I got into Annemarie's DR project ... read more

Like always, I apologize for the extended period of time sans new blog post. I'm busy and well I'm really pretty lazy. Sorry... The camping trip I spoke of last time was a miserable event. Within minutes of arriving at the beach I felt the sand flies start biting me. I ended up with about 300 sand flea bites all over my legs/feet/soles/back/ ENTIRE BODY! grrr... It was fun at time but really it wasn't worth it. I set up my tent alone (be impressed, I was) and then spent most of the evening trying to stay as close to a fire as possible to discourage flying insects/ sand fleas without overheating. Of course we woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning to come back (while running on little sleep, thank you bug ... read more

Yet another action packed week has gone by. I can't tell you how quickly this semester is going. My break is next week... NEXT WEEK. Who knew this would be half way over soooo soon? I hope time slows down but I fear it will only speed up. Well, monday aka yesterday, we went lionfish hunting!!! Lionfish, for those who don't know, are an invasive species that hail from the indo-pacific region. They were most likely dumped by americans who had them in their aquariums but realized that they're venomous and will eat basically anything so they plop them in the ocean. BAD! They basically can live anywhere, have no predators, reproduce constantly, and will eat anything and everything all day long. They're a problem because they're eating important commercial fish like Nassau Grouper ( Epinephelus ... read more

I can't imagine I was much older than 4 years old when I decided I loved the cat ocean and I wanted to see dolphins. From that point on I always asked if we could go somewhere where I would have the chance to do the whole swim with dolphins thing. Today, during my conch assessment, there were 4 DOLPHINS! Wild, real dolphins just swimming around us. BEST DAY EVER. To top it off, we saw an adorable sea horse. Unfortunately, we usually lie about what we saw to the next groups to go out when we get off the boats and they don't believe that we actually saw them. However, it was 100% real and 100% a 16 year old wish come true.... read more

As of yesterday I've officially seen all 3 shark species (reef, lemon, and nurse), a green turtle, eagle rays, and southern sting rays. I feel like I've accomplished what I came to do. I really love Wednesdays. We don't have class and I get to sleep in until 10! It's like a dream come true... well actually, I wake up at 7:50 for morning meeting (yes, I'm at summer camp) and I try really hard to stay as asleep as possible through that to make my transition back to dream land easier. Once I'm actually up, its time to go snorkeling. I didn't really sea anything cool but it was, of course, still gorgeous but with a strong current. We really only snorkeled for about 25 min today because we're getting jaded and are just too ... read more

Seriously. Listen to that song. I'm pretty sure its our theme song for the trip. Its great. Well its another sunday morning on the island. In general, its too hot and sunny for my already burned skin and slight hangover... Saturday nights are really the only nights we can go out, plus our curfew (yes, we have a curfew at 11pm) is extended to 12. Everyone just goes crazy. It's pretty funny to watch it happen. Mostly, its really fun and everyone handles it well. There are of course a few exceptions but that's really how it always goes. As Daneil said, different location same thing. Its so college. Yesterday was a stellar day! I woke up with a slight hang over because the hotel had happy hour friday night, which we can't resist. I quickly ... read more

So I realize these are becoming less and less frequent but really most of my days are identical. We have every hour scheduled on the weekdays and saturdays and that plan rarely includes much variety. Needless to say, I am still enjoying every minute on South Caicos. Today I went for a run and ran past a few wild horses, what's better? If you haven't facebooked the pictures of the crazy 10ft tiger shark we saw some fishermen skin alive then you should do that now. They're bloody and of course very sad but it's a different culture. Cultures can't be wrong. We tried to reason with them but they just laughed. It was, however, an extremely interesting once in a lifetime event. I'm glad I stayed even though it was greusome. I really really want ... read more

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