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We’re back on Grand Turk today. Except now I’ve already seen the whole island, so there’s not much to do beside lie on the beach. So I did. All day. Except for the hour spent in Margaritaville with Brooks, Chelsea & Kristina (they’re both production singers). If you’re ever coming to Grand Turk, come for the beach, not for the Margaritaville. The Parrothead Café is better! I took a long walk along the beach on my own just before coming on the ship which was really nice. Peaceful. Pretty. Tonight I went to see the Guster concert. I’d never heard of them before this cruise, but I really really really enjoyed them. They have a boppy rock sort of sound, very early 90s, sort of reminded me of some combination of Blind Melon, Filter and BNL. ... read more
The Grand Turk Sunshine
Just A Cool Rock
Me & Brooks in Grand Turk

Today’s port of call was Grand Turk, the capital of the Turk and Caicos Islands. The island is only 7 miles long, 1 ½ miles wide and has about 6000 people living on the island. Many people had told me about how beautiful the island was and it certainly is beautiful, but completely different that I’d imagined. I’d pictured a lush tropical island, but Grand Turk is all sand, water and salt. The salt industry used to be huge on the island and there are salt water ponds all over it. Because of all of the salt, vegetation cannot survive in its waters, so the visibility is astounding. The clearest blue waters and white sand beaches ring the entire island. I went on my first official excursion - the hop-on/hop-off bus tour of the island. I ... read more
From the Cliffs At Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse Park
The Cliffs At Lighthouse Park

Hello families and friends, We are preparing for Captain's dinner, with Mark and Libby's final full day in the Turks and Caicos, British West Indies. What fun we have had, with many adventures. We'll toast you all tonight and hope to see you all soon. Tomorrow we travel.... some east, some west. Will keep you posted on all the latest adventures. Here is a final parting shot of the Banks.... read more

Lots of photos and a few changes... Since we have a good internet connection, we are taking advantage and sending all the photos that we have been saving. We have a good connection because we are weather-bound in the Caicos Islands, so weather-bound that Mark and I will be leaving by plane, not boat… It is 75 degrees outside but there are torrential rain squalls and the winds have been in the 20-30 knots region with big seas as this front comes through, so Paul can’t even think of moving the boat until Thursday, which is our day to return to the quiet drizzle of the Northwest. We did have a very easy trip from Crooked Island to here. We made the first jump to Mayaguana Island and finally were able to enjoy some of our ... read more
Coral reefers

West Caicos: Today, we made the short hop to West Caicos which took about 5 hours. We made this short sail in order to line ourselves up for a proper (and shorter) departure towards Haiti. We left Providenciales around noon and arrived West Caicos at approximately 5:PM. The plan is to set sail at 11:PM tonight in order to arrive in Haiti during daylight hours. Cheers! Annie & Eric ... read more
West Caicos

Thursday December 7th 2006 Providenciales Turks & Caicos This is our 10th day here~~~~~~~ we are not complaining believe me! The weather has been on the hot side with regular tropical shower off and on.. But it’s all great when we hear that there are 3 inches of snow where we live in Montreal. Our crew, Christiane and Benoit, have sadly departed for Montreal on Tuesday morning. We are sure that they had a shock is waiting in Mtl!!!! Snow on the ground to freeze their asses off….. We will be dropping our dock lines today and will set sail for West Caicos. We will stay there the night and then set sail for Fort Liberté, Haiti on Friday. Internet is on the scarce side so our blog updates will be sporadic, but we will ... read more
View from Didier's
Turtle Cove Marina
Dinner at Yanick's & Phil's

Saturday December 2nd 2006 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos - Turtle cove marina The Turk & Caicos Islands, a British dependent territory comprising eight islands and some 40 cays. Lie at the southeastern end of the Bahamas. The Islands are generally flat, with rolling hills, with the highest elevation found on Grand Turk at 250 feet. Legend purports the Islands were named from the scarlet dome of the barrel-shaped Turks Head cactus which reminds one of a Turkish fez and the word “cayos” for small islands. The Islands aptly proclaimed, “Beautiful by Nature”, are the land fall islands of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage in search of the Far East in 1492. This is our fifth day here, the weather has greatly improved and our skin is back to an Island color Mon!!!. We have met up ... read more
Island Dog
Yes Christmas trees, Why Not!!
Conch Farm

The crossing from Charleston SC to Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Friday Nov 24th, Saturday Nov 25th, Sunday Nov 26th, Monday Nov 27th & Tuesday Nov 28th Day One: With Annie and our replacement crew and fresh supplies all on board, we dropped our dock lines and sailed away from Charleston South Carolina at 11:30am on Friday Nov 24th. Exiting the harbor entrance will all sails hoisted and setting to sea by just after lunch. With the first obstacle before us, being the Gulf Stream, some 50 nautical miles to our east, and to arrive at the GS by just after midnight. By late evening, we had a delighted visit by a dozen dolphins that danced before our bow wake for a half hour or so, always a beautiful sight to see these beautiful mammals ... read more
Sunset Over the sea
Providenciales’s barrier reef

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