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Wasabi dropped me and my gear off at the Turtle Cove reef by the marina at 22 ft and picked me up 90 minutes after. Just how it should be so I can get some bottom time. Beautiful turquoise blue water. There are flamingo tongues everywhere. I saw a white grouper with red spots very shy. I watch it open its mouth wide for the cleaners to come in and do their job but of course as soon as I got close everyone disappeared and missed the shot. The cleaner shrimp had a belly full of eggs I sort of got that shot. Not much more since its sailing season and surge is constant. I will update this post when I look at those photos.... read more
Fish portrait
Grouper just got mouth cleaned
Down shot lol

The boys were up celebrating their second place in the Fishing Tournament until 3 am so I booked a couple of dives with Turtle Cove divers not photographer friendly so not my fave operation but the only one available for the time being. If you are diving here go to Dive Provo instead. We dove Boat’s Cove and Brandywine in West Caicos. Brandywine is a site named after a sponge with the shape of a brandy glass. I had a reef shark and a turtle coming up to me at the same time to say hello but my strobes were out of place and not even on. So only got dark shots of them. The viz was 100+ and very comfy temperature. I shot a few gobies, strawberry groupers and flamingo tongues. Apparently there are Sargassum ... read more
Flaming Tongue
Neon Goby
Reef Shark

Background: We began our trip in style with a limo trip to the airport (courtesy of Deb, our travel agent) and processed through the ignominious TSA experience in good time leaving plenty of time to wait for the flight to Miami. We flew in one of the smaller jets with our seats in the row in front of the exit row. Lesson learned on this experience: the near vertical, non reclining seat was not good for the backs – next time ask questions of our cruise line booking person, if possible. Our stay at the Hyatt Pier Sixty Six hotel was uneventful except for the acquaintance with resort prices in a “past its prime” facility. The room views were marvelous of the intercostal waterway on a beautiful afternoon and we were close to the pier to ... read more

My travel buddy and I decided to celebrate my Birthday in Providencials, Turks & Caicos. It was good to go off-season because prices are a bit better and the beaches were barely inhabited. But, also, the down side is, there are more tropical storms brewing in the summer months. We did have allot of cloudy days, and rain - but it didn't dampen our spirits {pun intended} we went swimming anyways! We stayed at Comfort Suites which is across the street from Grace Bay Beach a good 5-7 min. walk, and from there we walked North up Grace Bay where there we very few people. Quiet. Serene. Just what we needed. There was a sort of rock wall in the water and we had fun spending our day there - jumping off the rocks into the ... read more
To the Beach
Taking it in
Grace Bay Beach

The boss wanted to spend a couple of weeks in provo. I got to walk Provo's stunning beach and do a dive or 2. Our boat dives are short because my buddies get cold pretty quick so I only don't really have time to take many shots. I saw my first hammer head in one of those dives. It came up from the deep blue checked the 4 of us out from like a ft or two away and then continued its journey. It was an amazing experience. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera that day. I remeber a dive site called "The Amphitheather. Very cool.... read more
Triple fin blenny
Blue stripped goby

i had a trip planned to Hong Kong this coming June for my 21st birthday, but however the trip is cancel due to to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. my dad is frantic about going over there now because of the radiation and all that blah. So now i find my self debating about where to head too. i have been looking at beaches in the Turks and Caicos island between Grand pineapple in Antigue. i was wondering has anyone been to either and could they help me decide which is better to go too. ... read more

Some days you look forward. Some days you look backwards. Some moments you are present. When you look forward it means you are not present to this moment. You are thinking about the future. When you look backwards it means you are not present to this moment. You are thinking about the past. Anguish lives freely in you when you live in the past or the future. There is little anguish in the present. People try to teach this. Certainly Buddha did along with the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Werner Erhard; others. Why do enlightened people have such silly names? Somehow enlightenment is still so rare that some people can earn a living by helping other people be present. It seems that it should be taught in school. Werner Erhard (and others) seems to have figured ... read more

I think I’ve decided that February is the best time to take a beach vacation. This seems obvious I guess, but this winter the snow, slush, rain, cold rain, hail, winter extravaganza that I’ve gotten to experience in Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, etc. lately has been a lot of cold, boots, puffy jackets, layers, scarves, gloves, hats, and other nonsense that I’ve been glad to not think about for the past week. I started to get a scratchy throat/cold a couple of days before we left town – just what every girls wants on her way to vacation! The day we left I felt pretty badly, and was just hoping for the best when we arrived in Turks & Caicos. It worked – by the next morning I felt considerably better, throat not aching, other symptoms ... read more
"our" ocean
view of house & pool
hanging in the pool

EASTERN CARIBBEAN ON THE EURODAM January, 2011 The Holland America five-star luxury cruise ship Eurodam was our home for a seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise in early January, 2011. We boarded in Fort Lauderdale mid-afternoon and immediately checked out our deluxe verandah cabin, measuring 200 square feet, which was amply comfortable. The stateroom had a 54-square-foot balcony with a gorgeous (and comfortable) wicker-like pair of armchairs with ottomans and a table just big enough to hold drinks. The cabin’s decor scheme was quite cheery, and, frankly, it was one of the nicest cabins I've seen in cruising. Our dinner in the main dining room was a preview of the delicious menus we anticipated daily during the coming week. There were four choices of appetizers as well as soup and salad. Eight different entrees included a pasta choice, ... read more
Bill enjoys a conch fritter at the Bare Naked Conch cafe
Jerry the Conch performs
Sally the Conch Takes a Bow

Arrived yesterday at Providenciales (Provo) in the Turks and Caicos (TCI) and have good internet at the Marina. Terry's wife, Tuss, says that I need to include more "human interest" items. But, I will give a brief update of the itinerary before trying that. We left Emerald Bay on Grand Exuma on Saturday and made an uneventful passage across Exuma Sound to a small island called Rum Cay. This is one of the Bahamas "Out Islands" and you know you are not in Kansas anymore. Terry called the marina several times on the radio with no response. Finally, another marina guest responded and said that "Bobby" the marina manager was out surfing but to come on in as he was certain there would be a slip. We worked our way up to the fuel dock with ... read more
Entering Marina at Rum Cay
Safely Tied Up at Rum Cay
The "Office" at Rum Cay

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