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Central America Caribbean » Saint Lucia February 10th 2015

Tuesday February 10th 2015. Castries, St Lucia, Castries is the capital and largest city in St Lucia (pronounced Saint LOO-sha). The city is in a flood gut and is built on reclaimed land. It houses the seat of government and the head offices of many foreign and local businesses. The city is designed in a grid pattern simlar to New York but on a much smaller scale. Its sheltered harbour receives cargo vessels and fetty boats as well as cruise ships. The city was founded by the French in 1650 as Carenage which means safe anchorage when the island was purchased by the Governor of Martinique. We approached the island passing its dramatic twin peaks the Pitons which soar 2,000 feet up from the sea sheltering magnificent rainforests and orchards of bananas coconut mango and papaya. ... read more
2. Our Guide Sharon
3. An Aerial Tram
18. D on the Tram

Hé oui enfin, nous sommes de retour sur notre belle corneille. Elle nous a attendus durant dix-huit mois, au gros soleil et à la poussière du chantier. Nos désirs de travaux n’ont pu être réalisés qu’à moitié; en effet, nous voulions faire refaire la peinture de la coque au complet, œuvres vives et côtés, mais la CARRA en a décidé autrement. Nous n’avons pu que faire refaire les œuvres vives. Absaroque doit donc garder son vieux « plumage ». Ce contrat a été très bien effectué par Kelly Bernard au « Rodney Bay Boatyard ». Le travail a été très dur, je dois avouer que je suis bien contente de ne pas avoir eu à le faire. Donc, nous sommes descendus à Ste-Lucie le 1er novembre, moi pour une semaine et JP pour la saison; mon ... read more
Et voilà le travail...
La coque avec sa nouvelle peinture anti-salissure

Dateline: St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean Today we woke to the lush and beautifully tropical island of St. Lucia. St. Lucia is one of a string of volcanic islands, tropical and with (once you are out of the downtown area) beautiful beaches. We have docked in Castries, south of Rodney Bay and north of Marigot Bay. At the edges of town there are luxurious resorts and villas. The, rain forested, iconic twin mount peaks called the Pitons are just down the coast and include the worlds only “drive in” volcano-one can drive right up to it! Historians date the settlements on St. Lucia back to 200-400 BC from artifacts of the Arawak Indians. As with many islands here, the Caribe Indians arrived and took control from 800-100 AD. So, who really discovered St. Lucia? Some say Columbus ... read more
The Outdoor Market
Downtown St. Lucia
St. Lucia

Docked early in Castries capital of St Lucia, another different island, very mountainous and approx 238 sq miles. Anyone looking for a woman here you could be in luck - 6 women to every man! The most famous landmark in St Lucia is the UNESCO site of the Pitons, two huge mountains on the edge of a bay that seem to rise straight out of the blue Caribbean waters. After we had been for a walk into the town we decided to book a catamaran, rather than a taxi, as the drive through all the mountains would take too long, and sailed down the lovely coast, passing beautiful beaches and fishing villages, lots of sheer cliffs and tropical vegetation. It was the best view of the Pitons from the boat, then we docked in the oldest ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Saint Lucia December 25th 2014

Karibik, British Windward Islands, 27.12.2014 – 23.01.2015 Copyrihgt by Bernhard Sonnleitner Programm: 27./28. Dez. 2014 Flug Wien-London-St.Lucia; 28.Dez.2014 - 03.Jän..2015 St. Lucia; 03.Jän. Flug St. Luciac- St. Vincent; 03.-07. Jän. St.Vincent; Fähre nach Bequia; 07.-09. Jän. Bequia; Fähre nach Union Island; 09.-10. Jän. Union Island; Boarding auf die Segeljacht Rasmus; 10.-16. Jän. Segeltörn auf der Rasmus von Uninon Island nach Grenada; 16.-22.Jän. Grenada. 22./23. Jän. Rückflug über London nach Wien 27.12.2014 – ST. LUCIA Flug über London nach St. Lucia. Die Insel St. Lucia gehört so wie die übrigen Inseln, die wir besuchen (St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada), zu den ehemals British Windward - Islands in den Kleinen Antillen. Die östlichsten Inseln des karibischen Inselbogens wurden von d... read more

Central America Caribbean » Saint Lucia » Castries December 10th 2014

Up at 7.00am as we had arranged to meet another couple at 8.00am to share a taxi to Soufriere. The usual trip hustlers at the port, offering a variety of trips with different prices but eventually settled on a taxi trip to Soufriere (with Diamond International) , taking in a few fishing villages, the volcano and maybe a waterfall for US$40 each. A pleasant enough journey up the Morne Fortune mountain, past the colonial style, Governor Generals residence to a view point with marvellous views of Castries Harbour ! On to Cul-de-Sac Valley with its banana plantations before passing Marigot Bay, a palm fringed cove where the rainforest reaches right down to the waters edge. A quick stop and a wander at Anse La Raye and then onto Soufriere and views of the Pitons that are ... read more
Anse la Raye

Central America Caribbean » Saint Lucia November 26th 2014

It's a small world! Few days ago I was in South Africa. Next I spent a week in Bangkok at home and two days in Saigon. No, here I am, a little further. It is truly a small world! On last Wednesday, I'm flying early to Saigon. Bump in an old friend I hadn't seen for years at the airport...he is on my flight. Up to here, it's kind of normal. On my Bangkok to Paris flight few days ago, I only met two other friends I hadn't see for a while. But on the flight to Saigon, while boarding, a young French couple ask me. Were I skiing in Queenstown back in July? Well, yes...and they recognized me....we chatted for ten minutes on a chairlift back in July this year....that's a small world! So on ... read more
Not a bad way to go between islands...
Love that smile!
Castries, the capital of St Lucia.

St. Lucia: What a wonderful day firstly we boarded a catamaran for a cruise around the harbour, then headed out to sea towards the coral reefs for a snorkeling adventure. Luckily for us we were not permitted to consume any rum punch until after we had finished our snorkeling. Once back onboard the rum started to flow quite readily and all our party consumed copious amounts especially Colleen!! She over indulged a little bit to the extent that when the cat docked it took two other ladies and myself to assist her back to the ship. On the way we thought we had lost her, and on backtracking found her perched in a garden bed, she must have been having a rest. It took a bit of difficulty to get her back to our stateroom and ... read more
Water Babe
Go Pro
Water Babe No. 2

26thMarch – Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia Happy Birthday Phil and Happy Wedding Anniversary Bren and Eliza!! I made chocolate brownies in celebration. Had to motor most of the way as the wind was right on the nose, and how lovely to enter the marina. It’s a very large, well protected marina....and Boomerang is here. Went out for Thai dinner at a restaurant that is part of the marina complex. Had a lovely evening then the boys, Debby and I left John and Phil still celebrating. The next day Phil was very ‘tired’ and ‘dehydrated’. Hmmmm 27th: Boomerang boys stayed over the night. Took them out for pizza and icecream for dinner and then relaxed back on board with a movie. A very pleasant night. 28th: Late breakfast waiting for boys to wake up then took ... read more
pizza for dinner
...and ice cream
time for movie

25thMarch – Soufriere St Lucia 39nm, big day sailing, had to dept early (0730) had to motor up the side of St Vincent but were able to sail once we cleared the headland. Once again, on the nose, bashing into it. Had to motor again once we got in the shadow of ST Lucia. WOW the pitons are just amazing. Soufriere is just the most amazing anchorage. A very stunning place. We took up a mooring as you must as it’s so deep and were just in awe of the Pitons. There were quite a few large cruise sailing ships there (including the one Fiona Lloyd is going to work on) Cleared in to ST Lucia here no problems. Out on the boat was just lovely, but ashore was a different story. We didn’t get a ... read more
The Pitons
Soufriere Bay
Happy Birthday Brownie

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