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Our last couple of days were quiet, mainly because the weather turned to warm, very windy and cloudy. Also because Steve had a problem with his foot (suspected Gout - very painful) and that put the kibosh on a planned rainforest walk. Still we were able to get some interesting things done: Friday night is street party night in Gros Islet, with lots of street food, street bars and VERY LOUD music. We travelled by local bus, had a cocktail, surveyEd the long queues for food and, as we had done previously at Shirley Heights, decided to go elsewhere to eat. The elsewhere was Rodney Bay Marina, only a walk from our hotel and home to several very attractive restaurants. We have eaten well in St Lucia but English Harbour was better.... On Saturday we had ... read more
Friday night Street food at Gros Islet 2
This a Bob Marley Birthday cocktail
Steve enjoys said cocktail

The last couple of days have been fairly quiet beach days. The days tend start with some rain, wind and overcast skies, but gradually brighten up to be warm and sunny. In never drops below 26C, even in the evenings, so we’ve spent most of our time on the beach, and eaten dinner outside everyday. On Tuesday however the weather was fab and we headed out on an excellent trip, as follows. After an early pick up we joined a catamaran for a 2 hour cruise down the West coast to Soufriere. We were with a lively crowd of Americans, Canadians and a few others, mainly our age group but some families with kids. Then by bus up into the hills for a drenching under a waterfall (Cj: the waterfall wasn’t huge, but by heck it ... read more
Cruising under clear blue skies
Steve pummelled under waterfall
While Cathy strikes a pose

Our last night in Antigua involved a return visit to Restaurant Incanto....fabulous food in a delightful setting, although it was a bit blowy that night. Our hostess in Antigua let us check out late which was great as we were able to have a full day before our evening flight to St. Lucia. This was interesting on a small 50 seater aircraft. We flew at about 18:00 heading south and looking west. As we flew the sky turned redder and redder finally fading to black as we landed. Spectacular but not really photographable. So, all good except that the taxi we ordered to pick us up failed to materialise so we had to find a cab and got into our new hotel later than planned. We’ve moved from a small B&B in the Antiguan hills to ... read more
We’ll miss the breakfast view in Antigua ... English Harbour in the distance.
Poolside at the new place..note clouds
Local beach...less cloud

Saint Lucia Blog 24th January 2020 Another day, another island. An early arrival with two other cruise ships in port as well. We berthed in the older part with great views across the harbour. Again running the gauntlet of taxi drivers touting for trade and there are a lot of them it was outside to have a look round. Tourism now outstrips Agriculture as the main source of income and with three ships in the battle for trade is endless. The road infrastructure around the port is okay for cars but underfoot with all the stalls spilling onto the road was a bit hazardous and it wasn’t much better the further you got away from the terminal. There was a small garden (George V) which seemed to be dedicated to Saint Lucians that helped in the ... read more

November in Calgary can be drab and dreary; cold and snowy waiting for the ski hills to open, so we headed south to Saint Lucia. We have a small suite in a private residential area of Gros Islet at the very north end of the island, Lime Tree Cottage. We have a small private garden with our own coconut tree. Yesterday a lineman from the power company came to trim the branches and cut two coconuts for us to try. He cut the tops off with his machete and we drank the coconut water straight from the shell. Doesn’t come any fresher! Even the local birds, that resemble colourful pigeons like to drink coconut water straight from the shell. We walked to the remnants of the fort at the top of Pigeon Island where Rodney, the ... read more
Local birds
Causeway to Pigeon Island
Rodney Bay

It's my last day! Yesterday was my last full day here, so we spent the day at Windjammers, and then the evening at the Gros Islet street party. Windjammers was really good. It's a shame I didnt have any goggles, because there were loads of fish this time, and some big, colourful ones too. The water is really clear and calm, so I could see them pretty well even without goggles. Then they started to circle me like sharks and it freaked me out a little so I had to swim away and get out of the sea. I've tanned as much as I can, so we'll have to wait and see how dark I am compared to everyone at home. I went to the Gros Islet street party with Olivia, her boyfriend, her mum and ... read more

Yesterday, after the hospital, I went with the boys and the girls from Leeds to Marigot Bay. The weather wasn't great and it was quite windy. So we decided to play frisbee in the sea. It was a lot of fun, but because of the wind, it was very hard to aim the frisbee. At one point, I tried to throw the frisbee to one of the girls, but it got caught in the wind and headed straight for some rocks, where it hit a crab and sent him flying. It was a very very good shot if I had been aiming for the crab. I felt so bad, but when we went to get the frisbee, I saw the crab climb back out of the water onto the rocks, where he then hid much deeper ... read more

So close to the end now! This weekend was my last weekend in St Lucia. On Saturday the girls and I just spent a day at Reduit beach. I spent a lot of time in the sea, and a lot of time napping in the sun. I'm definitely going to miss the beach when I'm home. Unfortunately, I managed to sun burn just my ankles. I went into the sea first, and when I came out to the sun lounger, my feet and ankles were covered in sand. I put suncream everywhere, except where the sand was stuck. I thought I'd wait for it to dry and then brush it off, then put suncream on. But then I fell asleep, and when I woke up half an hour later, the sand had fallen off and my ... read more

It's my last full week here, time has definitely flown by. Just trying to catch up with a few touristy things before I go next week. On Tuesday, it's 2-4-1 drinks at a bar in Rodney Bay, so we all went there - me, the girls, the boys and some new medical students from Cambridge and Leeds. We had a great time and had quite a few daquiris. We even made it onto the bar's instagram page, because the waitress took a photo of us. Today, we went on a boat cruise. Some of Errol's family were having a family reunion, and as part of it, a lot of them went on this boat cruise. They were really nice and said Errol and I could come along as well. So we sailed down to Soufriere, went ... read more

Only 2 weeks left! I'm actually really looking forward to going home. 8 weeks is a long time. There haven't been that many exciting cases in the hospital this week, and no really exciting news. Friday the girls and I went to the Gros Islet street party, but we only really went there for the food. We had our lovely BBQ grilled fish, had some drinks on the beach, and then went home. Yesterday, we spent the day at Windjammers resort. I got even more tanned and swam a lot. There was a big inflatable trampoline in the sea, so I swam out to that and climbed on for a bit. Alex and Liv didn't want to because it was quite far out, quite deep and there was a lot of seaweed out there. It was ... read more

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