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Weather is beautiful in San Juan. Visited the Castillo San Cristobal and Castillo San Felipe del Morro.... read more
Disney Fantasy in San Juan
San Juan
San Juan

My first and last visit to Puerto Rico was back in 2007...for playing some serious golf. I actually found out today that due to the time spent on the golf courses, I even forgot to visit some sites of the Old Town in San Juan. While booking my cruise, I knew it would be my second visit to San Juan...not the best for me, but this was it. I would have preferred to visit another island for the first time. And as you all know, life can turn around, and this day ended up being more than a cool one....thanks not to the sites, but thanks to people I share the day with! This is already our third stop on this week long cruise. And every night, it's party time with mainly the same people at ... read more
San Juan Fort
It's Mojito time!
Old San Juan...

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Fajardo November 25th 2014

A new cruising season is upon us but I never posted a final blog from last season! Here's the update, past and current: We sailed from Vieques back to Culebra in order to pick up my brother and sister in law at the airport in early June. Once again, we explored the lovely anchorages and beaches of Culebra. This time we were able to enjoy the ‘hot tub’ on Culebrita – it was too rough to swim in when Peg was with us. We walked a different path to Flamenco Beach only to find confusing signs when we arrived near the beach – one warning for unexploded ordnances, the other indicating it was a tsunami escape route! After a week of snorkeling, swimming and relaxing, it was time to make our way to the marina at ... read more
Celubra's Airport
The 'hot tub' on Culebrita

Ashlee had the idea to go to Puerto Rico. I told my friend Harper about it and he mentioned that he had visited Puerto Rico many times and loved it. Harper insisted we do the following while in Puerto Rico: 1. Stay in Old San Juan mostly while in Puerto Rico. 2. Visit Ponce in the south. 3. Try the Water-Bread. 4. Try the Black Beans and Rice (at Hotel El Convento (former convent)). 5. Visit the Rainforest 6. Visit the east side of the island and check out the resorts there. We completed our mission. Truthfully, Harper also said to visit the islands of Martinique and Saint Thomas while in Puerto Rico, but I had to return early for business. We ran into an antique shop owner who said that although there is no US ... read more

Friday, June 6, 2014 Today is our last day of the cruise. It sure has gone by super-fast, but been a fantastic time. As Royal Caribbean said in the Day 7 Cruise Compass, enjoy every last bit of your final day at sea. Everyone slept in this morning, except for me; I was up at 5:00 am. Kinda scary when I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up. I headed to the Champagne bar to work on grading papers and participating in the class I am teaching. Cindy meet me for breakfast at 7:30 am and we headed to the dining room for breakfast. As I have mentioned before, love being served for breakfast. Our table mates this morning were people we have say with before. Following breakfast, Cindy and I went to the photo ... read more
Michael and Brian Guo playing basketball
Jenny and Marcus getting ready to rock climb
Marcus getting ready to rock climb

Saturday, May 31, 2014 Todd was up at 600am, grading papers. Yes I am working on part of the trip. After I finished grading papers, I headed back to our room to make sure everyone was up. We have a tight schedule this morning. Jenny, Marcus, Michael and I wanted to run on the beach this morning. The beach is 1.5 blocks away. Everyone was up to running; Michael decided to work out in the gym. Cindy stayed back in the hotel. So Jenny, Marcus and I walked down towards the beach. I ran ahead and started running. It was super warm and humid this morning, I felt like I was back in Houston in the middle of the summer. For me, it was so enjoyable running on the beach. I was able to keep my ... read more
Lunch time, Manolin
Lunch - Mofongo Relleno con Pollo
The group at the Bacardi distillery

Friday, May 30, 2014 Our household was up early this morning. Todd was up at 4:00 am, all others 5:30 am. You know me, have to be up early. We are so excited to take our cruise, third one in six months. After doing some last minute organizing at the house and saying our goodbye’s to the dogs, we were off to the airport to catch our flight to DFW at 8:45am. Thank goodness for the HOV lanes, it made the trip to the airport quicker that time of day. We arrived at the Houston airport around 7:45 am and went through security without any major issues. We boarded our American Airlines flight and left on time. We arrived in DFW 15 minutes early. This is great news; however our gate was not available. We ended ... read more
Island of Puerto Rico
Embassy Suites, San Juan, Puerto Rico - Airport
Casino in the Embassy Suites - San Juan, Puerto Rico

We pretty much crashed for a week upon returning to Whisper after a month in the states. Once we were well rested and provisioned, we took advantage of light easterly winds and motored back to Culebra. Spent a few days in Dewey, the main town on Culebra, then sailed south to Vieques. Although its name means “small island” in Arawak, it’s the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands. Like many of the Caribbean islands, Vieques has been home to indigenous people, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and various pirates. The US took over the island in 1898 and, in 1941, the Navy purchased two thirds of the island to be used for live training exercises, ship to shore gunfire, air to ground bombing and amphibious landings. In 1999, a civilian employee was killed and four others injured ... read more
Another starfish

Since the last post, we’ve visited Culebrita, an uninhabited island on the northeast side of Culebra, circumnavigated Culebra, visited the three anchorages on the west side of Cayo Luis de Pena (later discovered two moorings on the east side), met up with cruising friends from Rhode Island, and drove around Culebra’s main roads in a rented golf cart. We are now in a marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, getting ready to fly home for a little while. The guidebooks we read spoke highly of Culebrita, the little island with the abandoned lighthouse at its top, a lovely expanse of sandy beach, and the “jacuzzi” somewhere in the rocky outcrop on the north side. What we saw of the jacuzzi was a bit too rough to swim in, but fascinating to watch. The beach was as advertised ... read more
View to the west
Tortuga beach looking north
Tortuga Bay looking south

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or so they say. In any case, a lot of time has passed since the last post – I’ll try to do the Reader’s Digest version of the last 6 weeks. On February 13th, we sailed from St. Croix to St. John and spent the night at Salt Pond Bay. The next day, we sailed over to Virgin Gorda, where we pulled into a slip at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour. Our plan was to check into the British Virgin Islands, check out the summer boat storage facility at the marina, and tidy up the boat in preparation for our guests who were arriving the following Wednesday. Saturday morning, while I was below decks and Jon was in the cockpit cleaning, there was a crash and boom, then quiet. I ... read more
In the Travel lift
Preparing to lower centerboard
Centerboard down

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