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This day was the most anticipated of the trip. We were heading to the world renown Playa Flamenco in Culebra, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. We started out the day by driving the rental car down to the Ceiba Airport. It was not easy to find due to the street signage. Luckily we had the help of some locals who were biking and we followed them the whole way to the airport. Once there, we proceeded to check in and waited for our flight on a puddle jumper plane from Air Flamenco. It was amazing! I videoed it the whole time and while in the sky we could see smaller islands as well as Playa Flamenco, rated as one of the best beaches in the world. When we landed there were publicos waiting ... read more
Air Flamenco
Random island
Playa Flamenco

Woke up to rain but we still decided to head out to the horseshoe beach Mar Chiquita in Manati. We hoped that the rain would subside but it did not. We had a rough time finding our way to the freeway since the signage is horrible. Be cautious of this. We even accidentally went down a one way street! Once we got on the freeway (Highway 2) we discovered that although it is a tollway, the freeways have large potholes in it! How crazy is that? Once we finally found Mar Chiquita, it was beautiful! It is a little cove surrounded by eolanite rocks (limestone) and that day it had some serious waves due to the rain. They have kiosks that serve food that is open on the weekends. Unfortunately, we were not able to swim ... read more
Playa Mar Chiquita
Playa Mar Chiquita
Playa Mar Chiquita

We took an early flight and arrived at around 2:30pm. While we flying over Puerto Rico, we saw beautiful turquoise waters, boats, and islands. We knew we were going to love Puerto Rico. This was our fourth time going and every time we find a new adventure to embark on. The car rental was quite an easy process. The driving was scary! Be prepared to have people stop, pull out, or cut you off in a heartbeat! Once we got our car from Charlie's Car Rental, we went on to get groceries at Pueblo grocery store. They had everything we needed from fruits, to waffles, to rum, we were set with food for breakfast and lunch for the next 5 days. We checked in at the Acacia Boutique Hotel and then headed to Bebo's Cafe for ... read more
Flying into San Juan
Acacia Boutique Hotel Room 101
Front of Acacia Boutique Hotel

Nouvelles presque fraîches Nous sommes partis depuis septembre 2008, notre dernier blog remonte à juillet 2009. Ce n'est pas de la paresse, c'est de l'adaptation au rythme local. Où sommes-nous présentement? À Salinas, Puerto-Rico. Nous revenons d'une petite escapade à Haïti. Peu de gens croisent dans cette région mais nous n'avons pu résister. À vrai dire, voici comment a commencé le projet d'y aller. Moniiiiiiique! Viens lire ça! C'est comme ça que le projet Haïti a commencé. C'est à l'été 2012, à la Grenade que nous lisons sur le site internet Noonsite qu'un rallye humanitaire se prépare vers l'orphelinat de Sœur Flora, Île-à-Vache,... read more

We visited the Puerto Rico in December 2012 and really enjoyed the diversity of the activities/sights. These are few high lights from the trip- must see places if you are planning a visit to Puerto Rico. Old San Juan- San Juan is the capital city; old San Juan is the older part of the city, has one of the biggest and best natural harbors in Caribbean. It is a walled city that makes up the most historic and picturesque part of Puerto Rico's capital with cobblestone streets and historic landmarks. While walking around, we observed hundreds of cats. The cats are very much a part of the Old San Juan experience. El Morro- Located at the most northwestern point in San Juan, it was designed to guard the entrance to the San Juan. Site of many ... read more
At the peak of El Yunque after a long hike
Bacardi Limon

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico December 8th 2012

This trip was somewhat of an afterthought. Where could we go that's warm, outside of the contiguous United States, can fly out in the morning and be on the beach by the afternoon, and somewhat affordable? Puerto Rico it was. I can say with certainty that if you're a fan beautiful clean beaches, a touch of Caribbean culture, eclectic shopping and beautiful architecture, then this is the place. For me though, that word "vacation" still hasn't found a comfortable place in my vocabulary. Why take a vacation when you could be traveling? Well, maybe because I have a husband who doesn't relish the idea of every trip we take involving a perpetual threat to the orphaning of our children. "I insist that the next trip we take will be to some place clean, got it Andrea?" ... read more
Kite flying by El Morro Fort
Puerto Rico
Plaza de Armas

PUERTO RICO San Juan My Mum was meeting us in Puerto Rico for 2 weeks, I was so excited, since I haven’t seen her in over a year and missed her like crazy! Matt and I arrived at the Airport just 2 hours before my mum, so we had some time to figure out what there was to do in Puerto Rico and then pick my mum up from the gate. After we finally found each other, we jumped into a taxi and headed to Wind Chimes Resort in Condado, just outside of Old San Juan. It was actually already booked out, so they referred us to their sister hotel Canario Inn, where we got free breakfast for the inconvenience, yey! Lol Condado is a pretty beach town, quite posh, so there are lots of expensive ... read more
Our front porch in our Appartment in Culebra
On a sunset Boattour with Willy
Just floating around

I arrived ahead of everyone else to make sure everything was prepared for the wedding. I stayed at a great little guesthouse in Old San Juan called Posada San Francisco where I met a lot of great people to hang out with during the week. Mostly I searched for little trinkets to put in welcome bags. I thought Puerto Rico would be cheap like central america, but Old San Juan was not at all. I ended up taking a bus about an hour away to a market to buy things. It was an adventure, but it was worth it. Everything was about a third of the cost and the exact same stuff. Part of the group arrived on Thursday to spend the day in Old San Juan, so we went out to a salsa club. Andrew ... read more

Quenapas.That is the name of a fruit that I descovered today. It is only grown here in the Caribbean, and certain parts of sub-tropical Africa. A little word to describe a quenepas... they appear to look like little limes. Except to open it, you break the peel off with your teeth simply by biting it. It breaks open like a shell, revealing a lime shaped jelly that you simply pop in your mouth. Watch out for the seeds though, there is a pit in the center of the jelly. So you just suck the jelly off the pit and spit the pit out once you're done. Just thought I would share my discovery today :)... read more

Hello folks! This is the beginning of my travels here. It has almost been a month since I arrived, and it sure has felt like it. I have been through a series of dengue fever and serious cravings for foods of all different types. Turns out waiting a month to meet fun people with similar interests (I'm referring to when my classes start) is a bigger pain in the a$$ than what I had originally thought! It will all be worth it though here in a few days, not only do classes start in 11 days, but people will be all moved in in 9. So all I have to do is hold on a little longer and I have already made it through the toughest part of this trip! So far on this trip, I ... read more

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