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Just got back into this after almost a year. Now that I read what I wrote in August of 2008, I find that is is valuable as a reference to activities and events. Now as we prepare to collect our paperwork on THE VIEW - 31B and hope to find out more about its construction status. Original delivery was April 2008. Now, maybe December 2009 but we shall see. Also, am having lots of problems with HSBC panama. First they changed all the web access and account numbers without telling me. Then since I could not access my account they made it inactive and charged me $15 each month from October 2008 until March of 2009. During this time, I called, emailed and contacted several times HSBC panama representatives who would not return calls nor fix ... read more

Upon arriving in Costa Rica on Tuesday 1st of July we decided that we would pass through straight to Panama City. The others had different dates for being back in the States and therefore different timeframes for being in places so I went along with the majority and the plan was to find a boat to take us from Panama to Colombia. From the Costa Rican border post we took a direct bus for about 4-5 hours to the capital , San Jose, arriving in the evening and were able to purchase tickets for the 15 hour bus journey to Panama City where we arrived, somewhat tired after 2 days of travelling on Wednesday 2nd of July. Panama City is said to be the most modern city in Central America but I was immediately surprised by ... read more
New & Old in Casco Viejo
New & Old in Casco Viejo
Panama Canal

Yiipiee...wir haben es bis nach Panama City geschafft. Nachdem wir in Santa Catalina noch tauchen waren...ja, Luzia taucht nun auch mit Haien...sind wir direkt zur Hauptstadt gefahren. Hier sind wir nun schon seit 1 Woche und machen die Stadt unsicher. Bilder folgen sobald es wieder einmal ein anstaendiges Internet gibt. ... read more
Extra WC fuer Chinde
...isch wuerklich ziemlich chli

No sooner had we stepped ashore on the Caribbean then we realized just how much money was in the country. There, waiting to take travelers to Panama City, were 4 Toyota SUV/ pickups that could not have been more than two years old. One had a snorkel on it. This helped explain why it cost $25 pp. Well, almost. It turned out that they were a place short, so Jorin was stuck riding in the back of a pickup (it did have a canopy). However, with the humidity and heat, Justin ended up switching with him half way through. We had great A/C in the cab. As we neared Panama City, it was very impressive. The skyline honestly looks like it belongs to Miami. Very similar feel. Especially when the weather report has a 'feels like' ... read more
Toyota 4wd with snorkel
Oil Tanker entering the locks
Plaza de la Independencia

We arrived in Panama and planned to spend 3 days there before heading to Equador however soon realised that due to our own lack of organisation we were going to have to spend 5 days there before we could get a flight. As it turned out though we loved Panama City so this was no hardship. The hostel we were staying in was called Lunas Castle which was a massive restored colonial building with balconies and views over the bay. It was a really sociable hostel and we quickly ran into Stephanie and Sach who was had origianlly met in Ometepe, Nicaragua. Our first day was spent walking arround Casco Viejo which was the area we were staying in also known as San Felipe or The Old Town. Its got a nice small town feel to ... read more
The Presidents Flamingo
La Union Club
Ship being lined up to enter the chambers

Miasto Panama to swiatowej miary stolica, gdzie drapacze chmur dumnie wyznaczaja bogate dzielnice finansjery. Jak to w duzym miescie, wszedzie dookola bogatego centrum, gniezdza sie biedniejsi mieszkancy. Tutaj jednakze, roznice sa bardzo kontrastowe. Wystarczy skrecic w zla przecznice i po 50 metrach mozna sie znalezc w prawdziwych slamsach. Na szczescie na rogatkach getta stoi policja i wygania zablakanych turystow gdzie pieprz rosnie... A kanal... jak to kanal... Tyle, ze calkiem duzy.... read more
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After consuming pancakes for breakfast we met up with Rafael again to do a tour of the city. An English girl by the name of Lisa joined us, she had just finished a trip through South America and had been in Africa before that. She works a few months each year and then travels for the rest on a tight budget, not a bad life really. We started our tour at Panama Viejo the site of the ruins of the old city which was raided by pirates in the 1600's. The old tower still stands so we ascended it and had great views of the city. After the attacks, the city was moved inland and to a higher vantage point to avoid being sitting ducks on the shoreline. Our next port of call was to a ... read more
Panama - Old ruins
Panama - Golden alter
Panama canal

From Los Angeles we ventured south, taking Copa Airlines down to Panama. Unfortunately I was sat next to a fat bloke who dominated the arm rest early, snored and smelt like rotting cheese so it was a long flight. The flight attendants spoke mainly Spanish with a little English, we realised quickly that for the next few months there'd be a lot of pointing and charades in order to communicate. Thankfully I knew "Uno Cerveza Por favor." At the airport, we were picked up by a local Panamanian named Rafael who spoke perfect English. Fortunately for us, he had attended a local school where almost all of the attendees were Americans. He reckons the principal must have really liked his Mum to let him in there. Rafael was a brilliant guide, who shuttled people to and ... read more
Panama - Clouds
Panama - Church
Panama - Colourful Buses

Jump back, whats that sound? Here she comes, full blast and top down. Hot shoe, burnin down the avenue. Model citizen zero discipline. Don't you know she's coming home with me? You'll lose her in the turn. Ill get her! Panama! Panama! Panama! Panama...ah..oh..oh..ah...ah! Yes, my friends, I made it to Panama safely. I thought I was mistakenly flewn to the States. The city is very modern. I didn't know what to expect, so it's resemblance to the U.S. really opened my eyes. U.S. troops were stationed here for a long time, so they had a lot of influence on Panama's growth. Plus, the Panama Canal of course! The U.S. managed the canal for more than 80 years until they transfered ownership back to Panama in 1999. Panama now maintains and runs the canal with a ... read more
Panama City, Panama
Abandoned hotel in Casco Viejo neighborhood.
Panama Canal

QUEPOS and MANUEL ANTONIO After we left Jacki in Jaco, we traveled farther down the coast to Quepos, Costa Rica. Our two favorite things about Costa Rica were the wildlife and the beaches. Quepos offered both of them with world class surfing and Manuel Antionio Park. The road from downtown Quepos to Manuel Antionio is littered with small resorts built into the cliff. It is quite beautiful and had more of a family appeal than did Jaco. We stayed in the only lodge that offered direct beach access so we could watch the surf. The first day the water was calm and I felt confident that I would be able to handle the waves, but there was a storm off the coast that night and when I awoke for my lesson the waves were easily twice ... read more
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