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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City September 30th 2009

From Playa Hermosa we head to Volcan Arenal. The route plan is to take in the Cloud Forest (it is what it sounds like) but this is a gravel road and the recent heavy rains mean it is a no no. Only five people have done it in previous tours and two of them blew their rear shock absorbers. So we climb into the volcano range and the clouds close in and the humidity drops. We ride with Kevin and Julia and stop for lunch at a German owned café / gallery. It looks OK from the road but when we walk through it surrounds a stunning football pitch size lagoon. Howler monkeys are heard in the trees and the variety of brightly coloured birds is huge. Humming birds are feeding on the flowers and are ... read more
Costa Rica

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City September 15th 2009

It's going to be little sleep for awhile. Didn't sleep well last night because of coughing jags. Carole took me to the airport Tue. Sept 15th at 5 am. Flight to Atlanta and to Ft. Lauderdale were uneventful. Then checking in at Spirit Air, the lady said I could not enter Panama without a return trip booked. Some rule I didn't know about, and the airline saw no reason to tell me when I booked the flight a month earlier. So then it was a panic scramble to book a flight within 15 minutes so I could make my plane. I had to do it through her terminal, and she acted like it was her second day on the job. I wanted to get a refundable flight so I could tweek it later (I was originally ... read more
The Express Bus

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City August 28th 2009

Booking of a uncommon tour I had see a small paragraph on a backpacker website about an indigenous Wounaan community, close to Panama City, that encourages tours within their village. Our friends were actually staying at that particular backpacker hostel and so we made enquiries about the tour and were able to organise our time in the village for today. Apparently, no one from the hostel had been out to the community in a while and so the receptionist wasn't really sure on what was involved. She confirmed our tour with a member of the community and let us know that we had to catch a bus from the Albrook bus terminal in Panama City out to a town called Gamboa and we would be met there for the tour. Transportation difficulties It all sounded easy ... read more
Traditional house on stilts
The guy who carved the blue that I purchased

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City August 27th 2009

Our first introduction to Panama City was at the Albrook Terminal, the main bus station for the city. A huge shopping mall is adjacent and so the city appeared to be quite modern with new facilities, even though the chicken buses were visible everywhere. The city is quite modern to an extent, but we were quickly introduced to the poorer side of the city once we entered Casco Viejo, an old town that was built after the Old Panama town was Panama La Vieja, but before the modern city took off and moved over to where the centre of the city is now located. We had read and heard good things about Casco Viejo and had reserved our accommodation there for 3 nights. Upon entering the area, our cab driver told us to not walk past ... read more
The lock
Boat on the Panama Canal
Buildings in Casco Viejo

After getting up ridiculously early and being tugged by a small speed boat to the island where immigration was (the engine failed the previous evening), we eventually had our passports stamped and were legitimately in Panama after 6 days of officially being nowhere. We jumped into a small boat and head for the mainland, a little sad to be leaving paradise. The mainland wasn't quite what we expected. A small building with a few men sitting around outside, a plane wreck, and a ''toilet'' - nothing more than a few planks of wood over the water surrounded by corrogated iron - greeted us as we stepped ashore. Luckily the boatman who had taken us there helped us find a driver to take us to Panama City, and soon we were rolling through the jungle, across rivers ... read more

Just got back into this after almost a year. Now that I read what I wrote in August of 2008, I find that is is valuable as a reference to activities and events. Now as we prepare to collect our paperwork on THE VIEW - 31B and hope to find out more about its construction status. Original delivery was April 2008. Now, maybe December 2009 but we shall see. Also, am having lots of problems with HSBC panama. First they changed all the web access and account numbers without telling me. Then since I could not access my account they made it inactive and charged me $15 each month from October 2008 until March of 2009. During this time, I called, emailed and contacted several times HSBC panama representatives who would not return calls nor fix ... read more

Yiipiee...wir haben es bis nach Panama City geschafft. Nachdem wir in Santa Catalina noch tauchen waren...ja, Luzia taucht nun auch mit Haien...sind wir direkt zur Hauptstadt gefahren. Hier sind wir nun schon seit 1 Woche und machen die Stadt unsicher. Bilder folgen sobald es wieder einmal ein anstaendiges Internet gibt. ... read more
Extra WC fuer Chinde
...isch wuerklich ziemlich chli

Upon arriving in Costa Rica on Tuesday 1st of July we decided that we would pass through straight to Panama City. The others had different dates for being back in the States and therefore different timeframes for being in places so I went along with the majority and the plan was to find a boat to take us from Panama to Colombia. From the Costa Rican border post we took a direct bus for about 4-5 hours to the capital , San Jose, arriving in the evening and were able to purchase tickets for the 15 hour bus journey to Panama City where we arrived, somewhat tired after 2 days of travelling on Wednesday 2nd of July. Panama City is said to be the most modern city in Central America but I was immediately surprised by ... read more
New & Old in Casco Viejo
New & Old in Casco Viejo
Panama Canal

No sooner had we stepped ashore on the Caribbean then we realized just how much money was in the country. There, waiting to take travelers to Panama City, were 4 Toyota SUV/ pickups that could not have been more than two years old. One had a snorkel on it. This helped explain why it cost $25 pp. Well, almost. It turned out that they were a place short, so Jorin was stuck riding in the back of a pickup (it did have a canopy). However, with the humidity and heat, Justin ended up switching with him half way through. We had great A/C in the cab. As we neared Panama City, it was very impressive. The skyline honestly looks like it belongs to Miami. Very similar feel. Especially when the weather report has a 'feels like' ... read more
Toyota 4wd with snorkel
Oil Tanker entering the locks
Plaza de la Independencia

We arrived in Panama and planned to spend 3 days there before heading to Equador however soon realised that due to our own lack of organisation we were going to have to spend 5 days there before we could get a flight. As it turned out though we loved Panama City so this was no hardship. The hostel we were staying in was called Lunas Castle which was a massive restored colonial building with balconies and views over the bay. It was a really sociable hostel and we quickly ran into Stephanie and Sach who was had origianlly met in Ometepe, Nicaragua. Our first day was spent walking arround Casco Viejo which was the area we were staying in also known as San Felipe or The Old Town. Its got a nice small town feel to ... read more
The Presidents Flamingo
La Union Club
Ship being lined up to enter the chambers

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