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Our first experience of the Caribbean .... Arriving in style in the water taxi is somewhat reduced in glamour factor by the town of Almirante, the gateway to Bocas. It's quite grimy a fact that was intensified by the very dull weather. Don't get me wrong, it was really hot but there was still drizzling rain!!! The crossing itself from the mainland, saw me leave my black fleece in the taxi, so those who are fed up of seeing it in every picture along with my second most worn item, my pink rain jacket, you'll be pleased to hear unless you visit Boquete anytime soon, you've seen the last of it.... But after all that's what everyone thought when I had the identical black bench fleece lets call it 'mark one' stolen by some random girl ... read more
Humming Birds
Aqua Lounge
Star Fish

Another day in Bocas and it is still hot and humid. Still partly cloudy too, and windy in the afternoon. We took a trip out to Bird island which is really several small islands located just off the northwest coast of Isla Colon at the farthest tip away from Bocas town. Bird Island (also called Swan Cay) is the only home in Central America of the Red-billed Tropicbird and is also one of the most important nesting sites of the Brown Boobie. For this reason you are not allowed to go onto the islands, but tour boats can venture close enough for you to see these birds. As our boat got close to the islands, the birds circled around and around, giving us a fantastic show and a good opportunity to get some great pictures. Unfortunately ... read more
Swan's Cay AKA Bird Island
Tropicbird flies over Bird Island
Red-billed Tropicbird

Monday 6th Feb - Bocas The day before, we'd booked ourselves into a nice German hostel that was extremely clean, had TV in the room and had an excellent shower (a rare luxury on the road). It's funny that probably the 2 best places we've stayed at so far in Latin America are owned and run by Japanese and Germans and although you get plenty of weirdo krautz about, they are the countries of the people we've felt most akin to since we've been gone. We'd also bumped into a dutch girl on the way to the border who then stuck to us like glue for 2 days. The previous afternoon, we'd surfed round town looking for someone to take us on a discovery scuba dive and today was the day for our 1st taste of ... read more
Bocas Airport
Scuba Diving

We stayed in Santa Teresa for three nights. Santa Teresa is nothing more than a dirt road which jungle on one side and jungle, beach and sea on the other. Apparently they did pave it but it rained so bad last year it washed the road away! Either side of the road there are hostels, hotels, supermarkets and surfshops. I saw and heard loads of howler monkeys in the trees. There were also loads of big Iguana type lizards skulking about. Most people get about by quad bikes with surf board racks built onto them! The apartment was great and we were able to cook our meals which saved us money. We also had a TV so we watched films in the evening. Rich spent most of the time surfing, I just took the time to ... read more
Torch central

My first impression of Bocas was pretty bad. A touristic but pretty run down village, a completely unmotivated guide to bring us to our hostel and to show us around town, almost nobody around in the spanish school, slightly rainy weather... not the vibe I was expecting. Then again it is usually not a good idea to expect too much when traveling to new places, so I swallowed my disapointement pushed my expectations out of my head and just immersed myself in the experience. During the following days I was rewarded with many more or less impressive highlights that made me feel quite comfortable here. There were a lot of different people to meet, beaches to discover, restaurants to try and quite a few bottles to empty. I saw dolphins from the waterfront porch of my ... read more

Isla Colon is the main Island of the archipelago where is located the capital of the province, Bocas del Toro. Reachable through one of the flights made ​​by the two national airlines company, Air Panama and Aero Perlas, or with comfortable water taxi from the coastal town of Almirante, is known as one of the favorite provinces of the entire Panamanian tourism industry. Isla Colon and Bocas offer a wide range of choice regarding accommodation and restaurants, from the most typical and economic to the most fashionable for restaurant and from youth party hostels to lovey seaview hotels. The best attraction of the island for us is the beach of Boca del Drago, known as The Starfish Beach situated on the opposite side of the island from the town of Bocas del Toro, easily reached by ... read more
Cayo Zapatilla
Playa de las estrellas

Bocas Del Toro is a Caribbean area in Northern Panama that is made up of several Islands of which the main Island is called Bocas Del Toro and the main town on the Island is Called Bocas Town. To get to the island you must take a water taxi from Almirante, a 30 minute boat ride. Almirante is literally a crappy town and not a place you want to spend much time. Waiting for our boat to arrive to head to Bocas we could not help but notice the quantity of garbage in the water and the number of outhouses that were located over the water - the place literally smelled like feces due to this - we couldn't wait to get away! Amy and I couldn't help but think of the irony of how "tourism" ... read more
Come sail away...
Amy soaking up rays
Me soaking up rays

Apres avoir passe quelques jours a Puerto Viejo en compagnie de mes 3 amis, Pablo, Aaron et David, j ai pris la direction du sud pour atteindre le Panama, plus precisement Bocas del Toro, un archipel au nord/ouest. Arrivee a Almirante, j ai commence mon voyage sur l-eau, au milieu de petites iles, plus belles les une que les autres. J ai rencontre une fille des plus bizarre, je ne serais pas restee avec elle si on n avait pas rencontre Eva et Damien dans le taxi qu on a partage pour arriver aux iles. On a decide d aller sur une ile voisine, plus petite, qui s appelle Bastimientos. La/bas on a pu profiter de deux jours de relaxation, on a fait un tour, vu des dauphins, fait du snorkling au milieu des meduses et ... read more

Hey So had one final day out in Panama before saying fairwell to the city. Headed out to the Parque Natural on the outskirts of the city to a national park in the rainforest. The adventure getting there was almost as good as the park itself. Decided to brave it and take my first Chicken bus (the funky old USA school busses) My particular one had a class painting of the joker (Heath Ledger) from batman on the back and it was just as jazzy as all the rest. I decided as they all stop at the station id take my chances and get my taxi from there to the park as it is alot closer. So off i went standing randomly at the side of the street and flag down this bus. First of all ... read more
Photo 3
Rain Forest Park
Photo 5

K - We are currently on Bocas del Toro, a beautiful archipelago on the Caribbean side of Panama and are basically having a little vacation after a whole 5 days of traveling! I can't rid myself of the feeling that this is somehow wrong and that "traveling" should be nitty and gritty and dirty and tiring and that sipping rum cocktails on the beach doesn't really count! Boca is a beautiful, laid back place - it reminds me of the Greek Islands about 25 years ago - just enough infrastructure to make sure you can get a cold beer when you want one but with a rough and ready charm and local hotels and restaurants rather than big chains. You travel out here on a water taxi and we are in a lovely little hotel about ... read more
Our private beach!
Boat trip
Rhinoceros Beatle.

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