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South America » Bolivia January 4th 2013

2.2.12 Had to sit in a freezing cold bus terminal in Puno from 5am till 7:30am what a hell hole, but Linz did have a good cup of tea! We then crossed the border next to the giant Lake Titicaca- very nice! The borders were very basic surrounded by the usual Quechan ladies who were wearing bowler hats, jackets and big puffy pleated long skirts and trying to sell nuts, Pringles and Snickers. Got to our hotel, had a good 4th floor corner room overlooking the lake, islands, town and surrounding mountains. After power nap we went for a beer and fish dinner which consisted of lovely bit of trout from the lake. We then went and joined in the festivities that were on in the town centre. The first of 5 days of celebration, not ... read more
Tasty trout
Locals partying

South America » Peru » Cusco May 4th 2012

13.1.12 Mancora Peru. Arrived in Mancora at 5.30am feeling dazed and confused after very little sleep due to heat, very windy roads and border duties. Had nowhere booked but luckily there was a moto taxi driver that spent 30min driving us around trying to find a room. Ended up finding one called La Casa de Sebas. Bit pricey but spacey, quiet and didn’t really care as was so tired and just needed a bed. My first impressions of Mancora was that it was pretty shabby and dusty. Spent the afternoon on the beach watching the chaos of loads of surfers all dropping in at once along with kite surfers whipping past everyone. Grabbed some good ceviche (lemon juice marinated raw fish with squid and prawns (cooked) and onions. Was really nice but a ‘little spicy’ was ... read more
Mancora falling apart after high tides
Enjoying a cocktail
Party with DJ's, guitar and dog!

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Baños May 4th 2012

5/1/12 Flew from Panama City to Quito. This time we stayed in the Centro Historical (Old Town) in a hostel called La Posada Colonial. We spent the afternoon wandering around the town checking out all the old buildings, there are so many churches! We then went to a cafe called La Vista Hermosa. There we had a very expensive hot chocolate and chicken empanada, it was worth it though as it had started raining and we were both freezing! 6/1/12 We got up and had breakfast at a café then walked along a street called ‘La Ronda’. The houses in the street have all been restored and there are posters on the wall telling you about the history and the people that lived there. It was a shame we didn’t go there the night before as ... read more
Old Town, Quito
Photo 4
In the buggy in Banos

Central America Caribbean » Panama January 24th 2012

Playa Guanico, Panama 19th December 2011 – 4thJanuary 2012 Rich and I finally arrived in Panama 7 hours late due to our flight being delayed because of thick fog at the airport in Quito which meant that no planes could land. After spending 2 hours just queuing up to check in we then got a measly free breakfast and hung out in departures going slightly mental. We finally arrived in Panama City and were going to get a bus to the centre but after seeing how full they were thought sod it and got a taxi. We met up with Dan and Jemma at Hotel Costa Azul (not as posh as it sounds!) and had a few beers in the room before going out for an Italian meal. Dan and Jemma’s hold luggage got left in ... read more
Making bread on Xmas Day
BBQ on Xmas Day
Rio and Luna

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos January 18th 2012

Galapagos: 8.12.11 Day 1: Flew from Quito to Guayaquil, then to Galapagos Isla Baltra, amazing views of the islands as we came into land. Bus to the zodiac’s and onto our home for the next 8 days the Floreana motor yacht. Got a bunk cabin with ensuite bathroom air con and hot water, sweet. We had a nice lunch in dining room complete with bar. Then got a bus to highlands of Isla Santa Cruz where we saw the famous giant tortoise plodding around their natural habitat, loads of the big chaps everywhere. Then we walked up a lava tube, which was nice. Into the main town of the Galapagos Porto Ayora to pick up some booze and let two of our new boat companions buy some clothes because there luggage had been lost. Pretty touristy ... read more
And another
Rich in shell
Linz in shell

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito January 18th 2012

26.11.11 Got a taxi from Taganga to Santa Marta then flew to Medellin via Bogota. Met a nice chap on the bus from airport to Medellin who rang loads of hostels for us, most were full so ended up going to one in the centre called Hotel Odeon. It was in a pretty dodgy area but was really cheap- only £8 a night. The chap gave us his phone number and said to call him if we needed any help! We then caught the metro to see Suzy and Sean who we met on the Gapster / San Blas trip at her mum’s house, for some traditional Colombian food which involved bean soup, avocado, sausages, salsas, arepas (corn breads) etc as it was Suzy’s birthday. Drank loads of Sean’s Aussie mate’s aguadiente (sugar cane alcoholic drink). ... read more
The park at the top
Woman making wierd sugar stuff
Botero sculpture

South America » Colombia » Taganga January 15th 2012

14.11.11 Gapster day 1: Bus from Portobelo to another village and got on the Gapster Boat. Very wavy but fast for 1 hour then one engine broke so journey took 3hrs. Immigration was cool at the island of El Porvenir, played volley ball and drank beer, ate egg sarnies on pretty much a desert island, then to Kuna island (can’t remember the name), dinner with the Kuna. The indigenous people that inhabit the islands are called the Kuna Yala. They live under their own rule. The Panamanian government only intervenes if it’s to do with international law i.e. Drug running from Columbia. The island chain is called the SAN BLAS and they are paradise! I got a chickens foot in my stew! The Kuna Yala’s toilets are just little shacks with a jetty so they literally ... read more
Beers at El Porvenir
Chicken foot!
Kuna kids

Central America Caribbean » Panama January 5th 2012

6.11.11 Bocas Del Toro, Panama: Rained all morning and finally plucked up the courage at lunchtime and cycled over centre of island to the other side. It was very hilly and took ages as we only had a cruiser style bike with one gear! Went for quick snorkel, lots of fish near shore, then had a beer and got boat to starfish beach. Snorkelled around looking at starfish, there were loads! Rich found a dollar in the sea, then decided to get a boat home with the bikes in, as couldn’t face the cycle. Cooked dinner and ate with Dave, Suze, James and Stacey. It is a real nice place to stay, the rooms are very homely and there is a great deck with hammocks, it’s called Panama’s Paradise. 7.11.11 Rained again in the morning and ... read more
Cycling to the other side
Cycling across Bocas
Traffic jam at Boca del Drago!

We stayed in Santa Teresa for three nights. Santa Teresa is nothing more than a dirt road which jungle on one side and jungle, beach and sea on the other. Apparently they did pave it but it rained so bad last year it washed the road away! Either side of the road there are hostels, hotels, supermarkets and surfshops. I saw and heard loads of howler monkeys in the trees. There were also loads of big Iguana type lizards skulking about. Most people get about by quad bikes with surf board racks built onto them! The apartment was great and we were able to cook our meals which saved us money. We also had a TV so we watched films in the evening. Rich spent most of the time surfing, I just took the time to ... read more
Torch central

12/10/11 Woke up, weather still really bad. Grey, windy and rainy but not cold still 28d. Had a typical Salvadorian brekkie of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers and onions served with refried beans and some salty cheese like feta. You also normally get fried plantain as well but they must have ran out as had papaya. The coffee was bad. Got a lift to El Cuco a village a 15 min drive away down a bumpy road. The town is pretty shoddy, we went to a place to use the internet and managed to check the weather and surf forecast but the internet was really slow and we had a power cut three times so we gave up in the end. We did manage to find out that we’re in a tropical depression as there’s a ... read more
Concrete barrel
Sleeping swines
Flood in Nicaragua

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