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Saturday February 26 (Skip) Well this day started off very exciting! Upon leaving our bedroom I ran into a couple who were supposed to take a early bus from David to Panama City and guess what, no buses running because of large protests along the Pan-American highway and into Panama City. These protests are being run by indigenous people of Panama who reside in areas that Canadian mining interests want to mine. President Martinalli (not sure if I spelled his name correctly) was trying to push through legislation allowing this company to mine. Protests have been building for the last week and I guess things are getting pretty hot this weekend. Soooo, Barb and I discussed our options and finally said, what the hell, we'll go for it and see if we are able ... read more

Zijn we weer..... Nature Air (vliegtuigmaatschappij in Costa Rica) had een aanbieding naar Bocas del Toro in Panama. Twee nachten in een hotel aldaar en de vluchten heen en terug vanaf San Jose. We wilden er al een poos naar toe maar er waren geen vluchten beschikbaar. Iedere drie maanden moeten we het land uit voor 72 uur dus we hebben er een nacht aangeplakt in Bocas del Toro. Met de bus gingen we naar San Jose, de z.g. Interbus. Ietsje meer comfortable dan de gewone bus en wat meer relaxed. Interbus brengt je nl van hotel naar hotel, geen gedoe met taxi's enzo echt ideaal om in Costa Rica rond te reizen. Hotel geboekt in San Jose want de vlucht ging de volgende dag om 13.00 en om 12.00 moesten we op de luchthaven Pavas ... read more
02 Mini vliegtuig - mini airplane
03 niet meer dan 17 personen - no more than 17 people
04 mini vliegtuig met mini wiel - mini airplane with mini wheel

What an absolutely wonderful 6 days I had in Bocas. This may or may not have been due to the fact I was in a stunning location, staying in a cool hostel, only minutes away to pristine beaches or perhaps the fact I was drinking 50cent beers most nights surrounded by wonderful company. Hmmm I wonder if I'll get through a blog without writing the word beer??!! All beers aside, oh how I put a few beers aside (haha I can picture mum's face right about now!) No in all seriousness I absolutely loved Bocas del Toro and the time I spent there. As soon as I stepped off the boat onto this small island town I felt a good vibe. I felt welcome and I felt hot, bloody hot! With Noah, one of the guys ... read more
wish you were here?
red frog beach
amazing sunset

Sorry it has taken so long to write again! Since last time, we finally finished our open water dive course (this seemed to be an ongoing joke with the staff at UDC), found our sea legs, took the boat back to La Ceiba without puking, bussed it to San Pedro Sula, bid farewell to Delaney, got food poisoning AGAIN, and made our way through Nicaragua and Costa Rica to Panama. After a grueling 12 hour bus trip during the day we arrived at our first stop in Nicaragua, Leon. There isn’t all that much to the city, but there are plenty of things to do in the mucho bonito surrounding areas. On our second day, we went volcano boarding in the afternoon. Unfortunately on the way there, another bus coming from the opposite direction broke down ... read more

I made it to Bocas on the last lancha last night after traveling for 24 hours straight. I'm at the Golden Grill which offers free internet access. Last time I was here there was a church preacher screaming on a mic in the park across the street- today there are mormon missionaries. I've never seen them in Bocas but did have a run in with Jehovah's Witness surfers back when I lived here. They were super nice and gave me free pizza. The current missionaries are more agrresive and do not have free pizza. I met with my botanico friend and we will head to Isla Popa and the Peninsula Valiente latter today. Until then I am enjoying yummy food, free internet, a hot shower and people watching in Bocas town. ... read more

Our first stop in the Atlantic Ocean was Shelter Bay. While we were at Shelter Bay I made some friends. On the last day we were there I got invited over to a mega yacht called Supernova. There was a kid on there who was 7 years old and he wanted to play Wii with me. The next day we left Shelter Bay and went to an anchorage that had an old Spanish fort. We got there around dinner time so we went into town and there were only 2 restaurants that we could find which we thought was weird. The next day we left kind of early because the town was so small that we couldn't do anything. When we got to Isle Grande it was really hot so we jumped in the water. That ... read more
One of the natives
A house on the island
Jack snorkling

Apologies for the lateness of this blog-Tom decided he wanted to write one which is totally fine but you will be waiting a long long time for it, I've asked ALOT did he think today was a good day to write one but apparently the conditions just aren't ever quite right...or something like that! So anyway since we last wrote we've been back to school which was a weird but good week. We're really glad that we did it but a week is definatly not enough to try and get a grasp of it, plus we didnt actually get to spend the week with a family (mix up with the school, really gutted as I was pretty excited about getting an authentic experience but I guess in hindsight the head wreck of being back at school ... read more
Julia and I
Lake Atitilan
Tom's beard...comments???

Having some problems uploading the pictures so I only have about half of them up so far. Enjoy. This past Wednesday I awoke before the sunrise to begin my mini-vacation to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. I was instructed to be at the airport in Tamarindo at 6:30 AM which required a 6 AM taxi and $30 of my precious dollars. I arrived at the airport and waited for an hour and a half until the plane arrived. The plane was small, it fit about 18 people if I counted correctly. The trip was two legs. A 45 minute ride to San José, where I had to wait for 2 hours before the 50 minute flight to Bocas Del Toro. The flights went well, although it took me a few minutes to get used to riding in ... read more

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