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Sadly, we are leaving Ometepe today. I'm going to miss it. I love the small villages & the farm animals that are abundant everywhere. Especially on the main highway. I am really falling in love with pigs & cows & horses & especially ponies! So cute! I have also fallen in love with Gecko speak. They sound like birds making a long winded cheeeep cheeeep but I just love how they announce their presence in the room. We haven't seen roomate snake in about a day. I guess he doesn't like having company. There are these blue birds, called Urracas, that make a lot of noise, almost like they're yelling, & actually seem to follow us around when we are out walking. They're beautiful with a big tuft of feathers on the top of their heads ... read more
Our ferry backing into the dock on Ometepe.
Inside the boat.
Welcome to San Juan del Sur!

San Juan Del Sur - Playa Hermosa and Hotel Rayito de Luna... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

Well... I said my farewells to My great Friends Ryan & Deb Whom I met in San Jose and shared a house with for 4-5 months, and Michael, who's working in Costa Rica yesterday, Pretty sad I really enjoyed hanging out with them all the time drinking and playin Rummy ( Which Ryan & Deb taught me while in San Jose ) and actually got pretty good at it! But all good things come to an end ( FOR NOW ) I plan to meet back up with Ryan & Deb in Mexico around May or June when Deb's contract is up in Costa Rica and we'll bum it up on the west sideeeeeeee of Mexico and make it down to South America and hang out!! Cheeeaaaaa!!! can't wait man! I finally made it to Alexa's ... read more
The View outside Hostel Esperanza
Deb cookin up some Tacos!!
Deb is an AWESOME cook!

I'm only about a week into the trip, but it already feels like it's been longer (in a good way). Was able to quickly get into the traveling mindset this time. I'm currently in San Juan Del Sur, a cool little town in the south west of Nicaragua. My friend Matt and I flew into San Jose, Costa Rica last week and spent a night in the capital. Got up in the morning and took the first bus to Tamarindo, an extremely touristy surfing town on the Pacific coast. I'd been there before, so I knew the town itself was nothing special, but we just wanted to get in a day of surfing as soon as possible. We found a nice hostel that evening, then spent a good eight hours in the water the next day. ... read more
Waiting for the bus
Surf's up

San Juan Del Sur. What a stark contrast to the jungle isolation of Ometepe! A small town on the Pacific coast, this town and the surrounding coastline is renound for its excellent surfing and warm Pacific waters...Mi Gusta Mucho! We arrived and checked in to our little hotel and quickly headed to a surf shop to get a lesson sorted for the following day. That night we spied out a little place that did fish and chips!!! Admittedly it wasnt the same as at home but it was a fair effort and was very greatly appreciated by us! The following morning we hopped on the truck with all our boards etc and bounced along a dirt road for about an hour until we arrived at the beach. Our instructor was a Peruvian surfer in his late ... read more

It rained like hell last night. But luckily (and surprisingly) we stayed perfectly dry in Casa Feliz. This morning the rain finally broke around 9AM. Perfect timing. Got up and got some coffee and banana/chocolate chip pancakes at Gato Negro. I bought an awesome knockoff DVD of "Machete" and though I never buy knockoff's it just seemed appropriate to buy a cheesy movie with Danny Trejo down here. Then we check out the farmers market at Big Wave Daves, but it amounted to 4 or 5 tables set up by a buncha gringos. At 11AM the truck showed up to take us to the 2.7kilometer, 17 platform, Zip Line known as "Da Flying Frog". Jose was our awesome guide and safety instructor and explained everything very well in English to us. Then we were off; the ... read more
Matt's to Canopy Tour
Robyn's to Canopy Tour
Canopy Tour - Da Flying Frog

Anyone who's dined at El Colibri in San Juan del Sur knows why I forgot what happened the rest of the day leading up to it. In truth, we took it slow today; sleeping in and tooling around the small town of San Juan so Robyn could get to know the place. We tried to get a look at the turtles laying in La Flor but because of the rain no tours are happening tonight. So we spent it treating ourselves to the great food El Colibri has to offer. I discovered this place quickly when I got here and it became my immediate favorite so it was a pleasure to share it with Robyn. I enjoyed the filet mignon with gorgonzola sauce ($10) for the last time and Robyn loved the Gnocchi. We split some ... read more
Filet Mignon
drinks at the beach

Robyn and Joe and I woke up with some killer coffee and breakfast at the local favorite coffee-shop "El Gato Negro". The owner decided to become an ex-patriot after she became so disgusted that George W. was re-elected. So she moved down to San Juan and started this amazing coffee shop. They roasted the beans right next to us as we ate and enjoyed telling Robyn all about our experiences over the last 6 weeks. Joe had a bit of work to finish up so he went to base camp while I gave Robyn a brief tour of the town. We met Joe and went for a hike up to the large, stone, statue of Jesus overlooking the bay (a poor man's version of Rio you might say). When we got to the top the guard ... read more
Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur
Gato Negro
Robyn at the Beach

(Day 880 on the road)Let's start this blog with a guest paragraph written by my dear travel companion and friend Tino, giving us the definition of what we have termed "hiluxing", "hiluxen", or "to hilux": To Hilux: Hitch-hiking at the most comfortable level, on the back of a massive and powerful Toyota Hilux pick-up truck ("A legendary workhorse - built for the toughest jobs"). A Hilux is commonly used here in Central America by the more wealthy part of the population for driving on the often dismal roads, but is also a feature of many of Asia's rough routes. In comparison to similar trucks, a Hilux is characterised by good safety-aspects (high sills at the load floor, relatively new cars), but more importantly it features all the comfort aspects the demanding hitch-hiker tends to look for ... read more
Unhappy child actor during a religious procession in Masaya
Clouds over the ocean after sunset in San Juan
Cathedral in Granada

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