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Wow. We are finally back to our blog after almost four years of no travels. It has felt amazing to be back on the road again, even if this trip is only six weeks and not eight months like the last, and each day inspires us to keep traveling. We arrived in Managua, Nicaragua on the night of December 27thafter a smooth and relatively short flight from San Diego to Houston and then Houston to Managua. We had pre-booked our hotel in Managua since we knew we would be arriving so late and they even picked us up at the airport (what luxury!). Our driver, Gerrison, was our first introduction to the incredibly amazing friendliness of the Nicas (Nicaraguans) as he happily practiced our Spanish with us while detailing the highlights of Nicaragua. After a quick ... read more
Granada's plaza mayor

Life became more adventurous yesterday. To get to San Juan Del Sur (a port, beach town on the Pacific Ocean), we chose to take a bus via Rivas and a new bus into San Juan Del Sur. We left Granada via a walk through the chaotic market to get to the bus station. Upon arriving, we were pulled and yanked by dozens of people saying, "Rivas." They all knew our destination as it seems many backpackers travel this route. Thankfully, the chicken bus to Rivas was fairly empty when we arrived so we were able to keep our packs with us inside of the bus as opposed to on top of it. Vendors came on the bus to sell various food and beverage items. The bus quickly filled up with locals and a few other backpackers. ... read more
Rivas Bus Stop - AKA Zoo!
It's 5!
Sun's Down - Surf's Up

Answer to my brother... J'ai lu ton mail avec un grand sourire. C'est beau de voir que tu t'en mets plein la tête. Ca me fait chaud au cœur, parce que si y a bien quelque chose que je peux comprendre c'est cette envie de bouger, de connaitre, de se connaitre, de voyager et de voir du pays. Les plaisirs simples de la vie. Redevenir l'enfant curieux de tout, qui doit réapprendre a communiquer, a se mettre en contact avec ce qui l'entoure, que ce soit la nature ou les gens. Tes projets sont merveilleux, je pense que ca peut être que BoNNN. En Amérique latine, il faut aller } EN COLOMBIE. C'est clair et net. Le Chili et l'Argentine. La Patagonie. Enfin, je te dis. Le plus dur quand tu voyages, c'est que tu te ... read more

Two weeks in Nicaragua - Granada, Isla de Ometepe and San Juan del Sur.... read more

Zon, zee, strand, surfen! Dat is onze uitgelezen levensstijl hier in San Juan del Sur. Vanaf nu SJDS. Dude, wat is dit fantastisch. Het helpt alleen niet bepaald bij het vertrekken naar Costa Rica, dus guess what? We plakken er nog een dagje Nicaragua aan vast. Conclusie: we hebben te weinig tijd voor alle mooie dingen en toffe mensen die dit land ons biedt. De eerste middag die we hier doorbrachten hebben we het ministadje (je kunt hier letterlijk alles binnen 5 minuten lopen) een beetje verkend en kwamen we al gauw bekenden tegen uit eerder verkende steden. In de daarop volgende drie dagen werd dit een traditie. We kwamen op straat werkelijk iedereen tegen die we eerder deze reis hadden ontmoet. SJDS is voor ons dus een beetje de plek waar alles samenkomt. Die middag ... read more
Uitzicht vanuit hostel
Salsa dansen

Terug in de bewoonde wereld! Allereerst heel erg bedankt voor al jullie leuke reacties, we vinden het echt geweldig om wat berichten van het thuisfront te lezen. Dus blijf ons de komende week vooral nog spammen :). Op zondagochtend 7 augustus vluchtten wij 's ochtends vroeg weg uit Granada, omdat er die dag stierenrennen à la Pamplona zou plaatsvinden. Na ons trauma door de verloren toeristenkoffer op de weg eerder deze vakantie, wilden wij in geen geval onze backpacks op het dak van een chickenbus. Helaas pindakaas. Op de bus naar Rivas lagen onze backpacks. Wij zaten op de laatste rij en keken dwangmatig om de zoveel minuten achterom om te kijken of daar niet toevallig onze backpacks terecht waren gekomen. Het is goed gekomen. Later namen we de boot naar Isla de Ometepe, dat letterlijk ... read more
En zij zat er ook op
In de bus een heuveltje af denderend
Beestjes #1

'Not the friendliest of places' Ben, July 2011 Ben, TJ, Andy and I arrived in Granada, Nicuragua, after a rather long 10 hour bus journey with cheeky cab action on top. The bus journey was fine because there was so much room so we lucked out in that respect. We stayed at the Bearded Monkey Hostel which was naff but convenient in terms of getting to the centre of town. Granada is an old pirate town but, other than some interesting colonial architecture, theres little of interest there. Once we had established this, we decided to do what any respectable group of men would do and headed out to the nearest drinking hole. TJ bought a lovely cigar and Ben mixed his own Cuba libres. These were the good times. We toasted ourselves on the smoothness ... read more
Hostel stalwart, Dylana's dog, Zion
Wierd illuminati stuff at Granada

We headed to the pacific coastal town of San Juan Del Sur in southern Nicaragua. This place was very gringofied and was a ramshackle tourist town. It is the place to party in Nicaragua. I spent the first night on the sidelines because of a monster burger that I ate at Black Whale where there was also a crab in the toilet that they couldn't get out because it kept hiding. We met a group of Irish guys and of course lots of boozing ensued. I am not really a fan of rum but the Nicaraguan dark rum flor de cana was really good stuff and gave us a great night out. The bay of San Juan was really nice and we went swimming in it and saw a small bull shark and some rays in ... read more

I was due for another dreaded border crossing after just one day off so I decided to minimize the distance I would have to travel on this day. My target would be San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua which was only about 150 kilometers away. The border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is, perhaps, the worst in terms of how busy it is and how many official and unofficial scams are being run. The Costa Rican customs is notoriously slow in processing their paperwork so there you wait. On the Nicaraguan side they collect official fees for entering and leaving the country which essentially amounts to a fee for stamping your passport and filling out a receipt for the fee collected. There is also a $1 fee to be paid to the local municipality which might ... read more

This morning we ate at another one of the comedores in the market. So much food for so little money. Geoff was all excited about having fried eggs. It's weird but they aren't easy to get & impossible to make in shared kitchens with pans that everything sticks to no matter how much oil you use. So, surprise surprise he had fried eggs & gallo pinto. I had an omelet & gallo pinto & it was all good. We then hiked up to the top of the point overlooking SJDS where there is a huge Jesus statue. We had to go see Jesus! The hike up was very very hot & very uphill. We walked in the shade whenever possible & had to do a lot of water & catch your breath stops. The view from ... read more
It's already 90 degrees and we've decided to hike to that hill in the distance.
A beautiful spot & worth every bit of effort to get there.
The view from the top!

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