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Hola chicos! It's been a wee while since the last blog so I thought I best get cracking with the next one. We're in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua at the moment and have been here for just over two weeks. We're staying at a Spanish school, trying to retain a few words and have still got another week of lessons here. Anyway, let's go back to where Ben left off... We ended up staying on Utila for two weeks-a week longer than planned! I was a little bit bored there from time to time whilst Ben was off diving but I managed to survive! (Well, actually it wasn't so bad sometimes being a diving widow because I downloaded a great book on my Kindle-'The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window ... read more
Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
Utila, Paradise Divers
Tagusigalpa, Honduras

Our faux SAR made us about 90 minutes late getting into port, so we had a mad-dash for the gangways once the ship tied up. It was another “tender day,” and the wind and seas were both very high, with 90-degree heat and 100% humidity thrown in for good measure. The tenders chopped so much that water came up over the bow and doused everyone on the top deck. We are getting our sea legs back, A week ago and we would have both been queasy, but no problems today. We headed out to Mombacho Crater Volcanic National Park. Great guide today, who very thoroughly explained the history of Nicaragua during the 90-minute trek. We stopped at Lake Nicaragua for photos of this huge lake and the volcanoes that surround it. Again, we are quite taken ... read more
Lake Nicargua Islands
Amazing Colors
Amazing Flowers at 5,000'

Nicaragua. The land of hammocks, rum, rice and beans. I arrived in Managua airport after enduring a decent 35 hour journey, crossing 3 continents within 48 hours. Departing Mumbai after 5 months of traversing India, via a London quick step onto LA City of Angels. An overnight stay in Venice, having my aura read by hyper color hippie and almost marrying a mexican later, my flight departed sunny California to the jungle heat of Nicaragua. One time I wish I'd done my weather check. The most obvious reality upon entering the country was the heat. The dirty, sweaty, sticky humid heat. Unlike the smoggy slums of Mumbai, Nicaragua's humidity was at 80%, translating to cow licked hair, shiny skin, mud splattered legs and a plethora of strategically placed and radiantly red mosquito bights. Needless to say ... read more
San Juan del Sur
el barrio
Indian Nose, San Pedro Guatemala

It’s Dragon Fly hour now- just before dusk. A bird that remains to be seen makes a drawn out whistle that sounds like a long, high train whistle- just one single note. After the sun goes down it will be the fireflies’ turn. Then come the toads hopping into the house and protecting us from mosquitoes, along with Cherepos- local lizards- as best they can. Stick bugs have been out all day as with their veiny counterparts- the leaf bugs and once it is good and dark, land crabs click, beetles meander, and itsy bitsy insects, far too small to distinguish, scatter across our orange tile floor. It’s a flood of night life that only Kingsolver could do justice to describe (Prodigal Summer anyone?) The night sky is draped across the ocean, changing into deeper colors ... read more
My own little swimming turtle!
Tona- tastes like Chang...or Bintang...or Pacena....or Angkor....

I had started a personal blog before we left last week- just sort of messing around with how the new blog space works and planned on continuing to conquer the learning curve upon our arrival in Nicaragua. Welp, the internet connection here is a tad too slow for learning and I didn't want to spend my precious Fauna-is-napping time frustrated at technology. So, I went back to an old friend; I know that there are many people who, years ago, subscribed to this blog- some of whom I know personally, and some who just found our journey online and followed us around the world. From now on, I will likely use this venue to write and share about our future endeavors as well- the posts won't be as frequent, but this here Travel Blog offers ... read more
Fauna hates the food
Well hello again Cuba Libre, I remember you!
The dining and kitchen area of the outdoor living space

22.8. San Juan del Sur Die Fähre „Che Guevarra“ legte um 11 Uhr ab und brachte uns wieder an das Ufer nach San Jorge. Von dort brachte uns ein Taxi nach San Juan del Sur, DEM Stützpunkt fürs Baden und Surfen an der Pazifikküste Nicaraguas. Die Fahrt war kurz und binnen einer knappen Stunde sind wir bereits in der Küstenstadt. Da der Strand hier allerdings nicht schön ist, haben wir uns eine „Ecolodge“ 9 km nördlich von San Juan del Sur gebucht. Die Fahrzeit hierher war allerdings mit einer halben Stunde relativ lang, aber die asphaltierten Straßen hören hier kurz hinter der Stadt auf. Unsere Unterkunft ist wirklich sehr schön(mit Pool) und liegt genau zwischen zwei wunderschönen Stränden. Playa „Madera“ –das Surferparadies (wir denken oft an Fabsi) und Playa „Marsella“, eine ruhige Bucht zum Schwimmen. Traumhaft! ... read more
San Juan del Sur
Playa Madera
Casa Madera

The first day on Ometepe, I rented a kayak for the day and kayaked to San Ramon. From there, it's about a 4km hike to San Ramon waterfall. A 60 meter waterfall halfway up the volcano with the water coming out of the crater-lake made from rain water. It was pretty awesome to shower in the waterfall after a long hike! Later that day we kayaked to the isthmus connecting the two volcanoes. It's a very shallow swamp and the only way to access it is via kayak. There were numerous species of birds and monkeys around the swamp. After 2 days on the island, I left the hostel and walked to Oje de Agua (natural springs) about 4 hours away from the hostel. The walk was amazing and I hitchhiked on the back of a ... read more
Hike to the waterfall
San Ramon waterfall
A quick shower before the hike down

We are delighted to report we survived "Becky 38". As I write this Becky is curled up in bed licking her wounds from a big birthday evening, but more on that later. The days have begun to melt together after seven weeks on the road. Although I may not be in the clearest mental state as I write this, I will do my best to accurately bring you all up to date on our adventures over the past three weeks. In departing Nueva Arenal we discovered we had made a slight error in trying to get to our next destination, Los Chiles, on the Costa Rican/Nicaraguan frontier. We ended up having to back track South to La Fortuna to get on a road that heads North. This ended up being a 4 different bus event that ... read more
Julio y Tarpon
Los Chiles
Merida Fishing Guide

It's the diversity throughout Nicaragua that slows your progress. Fortunately so since Nicaragua is a country to take slowly. We entered from Honduras at Las Manos, paying our $12 entry visa at the dusty border crossing jammed packed with waiting cargo trucks. After acquiring Cordobas from the persistent but polite money changers, we were directed to a departing chicken bus headed to the highland city of Esteli about two hours away. Cool and comfortable, Esteli is a busy agricultural town that we found to have really tasty hamburgers in its Central Park. For about a buck and half, you could have a burger bigger and better than a Big Mac. Two trucks in the fashion of taco trucks competed for business. Having our fill of beans, rice and platanos, we tried them both. The best being ... read more
Mending Nets
Volcano Concepcion on Ometepe
$12 Total for 2 Tilapia

Excerpts from last year's trip to Nicaragua. Operation: Nicaragua, Day 1 We made it! And we are completely giddy about it! We rolled into the airport in Managua with absolutely no idea how we were going to get to San Juan del Sur. Tammy was prepared to haggle with the taxi drivers, but we settled with a shuttle bus to take us directly to SJDS, but not without first buying a celebratory bottle of wine! Paxeos, the bus company was the Best. Idea. EVER! we met a friendly young man, Louis, who was sharing the shuttle with us and he entertained us for a good while on the drive. The ride became even better when we dropped him off and picked up the driver's family in a gas station parking lot! His wife and 16yr old ... read more
Tammy & I

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