Central/South America 2010/11


Central/South America 2010/11

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My trip 2010


My girlfriend and I are currently in South America heading south to Buenos Aires for Christmas...

I love this place...everyone should visit!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » San José » San José September 26th 2010

The journey to San Jose was a rather long and boring affair consisting of badly dubbed movies played too loud, overly cold air conditioning (something that was becoming rather normal now) and another strange border town. Sarah wasn´t quite 100% either so her journey was even worse than mine! We crossed into Costa Rica without problem but with plenty of useless delay...an arbitrary bag search consisting of digging the bags out of the coach, hauling them across to the customs table, waiting around for half an hour for a not very offical looking chap to come and look at 10 partially opened bags before saying all was fine and we could get back on. As was the norm for border crossings you have 2 stops - the exit part of Nicaragua and the entry part of ... read more

San Juan Del Sur. What a stark contrast to the jungle isolation of Ometepe! A small town on the Pacific coast, this town and the surrounding coastline is renound for its excellent surfing and warm Pacific waters...Mi Gusta Mucho! We arrived and checked in to our little hotel and quickly headed to a surf shop to get a lesson sorted for the following day. That night we spied out a little place that did fish and chips!!! Admittedly it wasnt the same as at home but it was a fair effort and was very greatly appreciated by us! The following morning we hopped on the truck with all our boards etc and bounced along a dirt road for about an hour until we arrived at the beach. Our instructor was a Peruvian surfer in his late ... read more

Hello all...its been a while! I have been so busy for the last...well however long it was since my last blog. A lot has happened since then...for example, we are now on a new continent! I shall start where we left off, heading for Ometepe Island in Nicaragua - please excuse me for not going into massive detail on every point, you would be reading a novel rather than a blog otherwise! So... Ometepe is a Beautiful Island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua (which is 188km long and 80km wide!) which consists of 2 volcanoes covered in jungle and not a lot more - a couple of towns and fincas is all you get! We got the ferry across the lake (1hr) which was just enough time for Sarah to develop seasickness for the first ... read more

Finally my time had come to get on a bus and get me some Caribbean sun! We booked our supposedly direct bus from our hostel in Flores to La Ceiba which is the jumping off point for Utila by boat... The deal was obviously too good to be true. We got in the taxi to the "air conditioned bus" as we had been promised at 5am and headed for the station. Safe to say the air conditioning was basic at best - sliding windows is, in my opinion, NOT air conditioning. It was ok though - at least the bus was fairly large rather than an overcrowded minibus! The trip was long but pretty much entirely uneventful except for the couple who brought their box of chickens on to the bus which constantly tried to escape ... read more

So we arrived at Lanquin after an interesting journey through the mountains on a gravel road after the paving ran out and the humidity just got higher and higher...by time we reached our hostel (El Retiro) we were ready for a swim. We booked a room and headed for the river at the bottom of the hostel to cool down. The hostel was great - a complete change to what we had been used to - cobañas with thatched roofs on stilts with hammocks outside - jungle around and a fast flowing river at the bottom - it was bliss! 10 mins after getting in the water we were asked if we fancied some tubing down the river...of course we did...it was exactly what was required! We jumped in the back of a truck with our ... read more

Hola... I hope all is well. Bit of catching up to do with the old blog. so much has happened since my last post! We had just arrived at the Language school for our weeks tuition which was brillo...my Spanish is no longer limited to ten or so words, and we are learning more and more every day...the 15,000 verbs in the Spanish language are a pain in the backside but its all a learning process! Whilst in Guatemala we didnt get up to much except for some exploring of the town and consuming lots of cake. After my 4 hours of learning per day I needed a nice snooze before heading out. We met Betsi who was an American girl from Boston who became our buddy for the week. Cafe sky was the highlight for ... read more

Hola! Sorry for the bombardment of posts but this has been the first time I've had any spare time to sit down and a) think about what we've been up to and b) have enough time at a computer to get it all down! As I mentioned in my last post, the trip to Guatemala was, for me at least, Hellish. I had developed what I initially thought was a cold which was probably from the close quarters on the bus to San Cristobal, the air conditioning and my general run-down-ness from not sleeping on any of the busses! This wasn't a problem initially - we big strong men can deal with colds no sweat...that was until the sweats came...and the fever, and the nausia, and the rest...I did manage to maintain my composure for the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca June 16th 2010

We arrived at our hostel and dumped our stuff, freshened up and headed out into town to explore. Instantly I felt more relaxed - the place had a slower feel to it an was nowhere near as chaotic! the main square was full of tarps and tents and people laid out which we later found out was because the elections are due soon and the teachers are on strike - some real political activism it was quite a nice change to the apathy we have in the UK around election time! We had some great food at a little vegetarian place - by vegetarian I mean we had chicken soup, steak and generally nothing vegetarian at all! The waiter was excellent (and not Indian like Sarah seems to think) who, when we asked for the set ... read more

¡Hola Everyone! I hope everyone is good! I have so much to tell from my last post that this may be a bit of a ranting drawl but I will try to keep it to a minimum and just give you the highlights.. The last time was in Mexico City after we had just arrived... p.s. I cannot upload photos very easily at this internet cafe so I will upload some to facebook and try again somewhere else! So - Mexico City was excellent - we made our way to the Museo de Antropologica in the Chapultepec park which is a world renound anthropology museum studying all the Central/South American indiginous peoples. Its very impressive - the photo of the giant pillar supports a massive roof on its own and is a gigantic water feature at ... read more

Good morning from across the pond! It is 07.50 here and the sun is shining. We arrived last night in to Mexico City (home time - about 2 in the morning) and it is a fair sight from a plane - stacked up buildings as far as the eye can see circled by towering mountains. It really does live up to expectations! After customs we pretty swiftly got a move on to our hostel in a crazy taxi - I don´t think that the highway code has reached Mexico - 6 lanes of traffic - all of which pretty much do what they like! It was a pretty overwhelming journey - people and cars everywhere, sirens, music, talking, a bit more crazy driving (people going up the 6 lane carriageway the wrong way on a scooter ... read more
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