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Well I’m finally here! I traveled all day yesterday and was too tired to post a blog, last night. I have a great hotel room at the Hilton. It’s small but I have an awesome view of the pool and the ocean. Looks like the Hotel sits right on the water! I don’t have much to report now, I just woke up and I haven’t explored yet. It’s pretty funny how everyone here speaks Spanish and they ask me questions I don’t understand. Even after I tell them “I don’t speak Spanish” they still try to ask me stuff, in Spanish. I guess I must look like someone who speaks Spanish and knows everything. Well, I’ll tell you more later. I’ll get out sometime today to explore and take some photos. ... read more

This was the summer that began my travels (summer 2007). It was also the summer before my first year back in the classroom. I was finishing my last year in my masters in teaching program, was about to embark on a year of student teaching (paid minimally as a teacher's aid) and I wanted to take advantage of having the summers off, but I didn't have a huge budget to spend on a trip... yet! Habitat for Humanity does 1-2 week overseas home-building trips called Global Villages. You find a destination and date that fits your schedule, fill out an application, and then have a phone interview with the trip leader for that location. They basically want to hear that you are a team-player, are flexible, and are up for the challenge of heavy lifting and ... read more
Dominican kids loved hanging out with us!
The crew
I got my first pair of hiking boots for this trip.

De afgelopen tijd ben ik voornamelijk in de hoofdstad geweest voor het onderzoek dat ik samen doe met een consultant van IDEAC. Er is weer te veel gebeurd om op te noemen! Ik ben verhuisd, heb kennis gemaakt met mijn nieuwe buren, heb mijn eerste onderzoek afgemaakt en opgestuurd en niet te vergeten, ik ben getrouwd. Ik moest wel met Alexis trouwen om met hem samen te kunnen wonen. Ik heb ook kikkers uit huis gejaagd, een week zonder stromend water overleefd (dank aan buren die hier beter op voorbereid waren), ben gestoken door twee zee-egels en heb een kleine voedselvergiftiging opgelopen. Die voedselvergiftiging was het gevolg van verschillende fabrieksbezoeken en het verplicht proeven van allerlei soorten dominicaanse zoete massa's op basis van fruit, suiker en wie weet wat nog meer. Maar om bij het begin ... read more
Festival de café Polo
Festival de café Polo
Festival de café Polo

Y’all, Logan and Adrienne (yes, I know, I am addicted to tag along with them) have hosted me in Santo Domingo in island nation of Dominican Republic. Logan’s old roommate Eliel decided to marry a girl from Florida, and although both of them live in Atlanta, they wanted to conduct a wedding in Eliel’s hometown of Santo Domingo. Onto the second day of our trip, one of the girls from the wedding party got her necklace snatched by two guys in a motorcycle, so it might be a good thing for the rest of us, as we are very cautious for the rest of the trip. We managed to visit beach and sightseeing most of the touristy site of Santo Domingo, however, we left our passports and valuables (including some cameras) back in the hotel. But ... read more

From our insel Air window, SDQ looked green, flat and sparsely populated. Rusty zink sheets covered the roofs of the homes in the shanty town which lie along the flight path. The approach was turbulent but the landing was good and the passengers broke into applause. It was 2.16 pm. Bienveniedos a SDQ. We spent the night before at Tante Ligia who graciously offered us to share her house since we had neither furniture nor house. We slept fitfully at 2 am, woke at 6.15, left some baghs and instructions for Panic (who is camping at a pet resort until our return) with Eve and got to the airport on time. To see us off were Rose, her son Shaquille, Gera, Eve (all good friends) and Shanna´s oma (grandmother). The flight took us thru St. Maarten ... read more
Two 4 de raod
Santo Domingo SDQ

The alarm was set for 5:30 am. We woke at 5:28, our bodies and internal clocks already finely tuned. In the solitary confines of our detention chamber (read, 'hotel room') we sit in solemn reflection of the day past and we agree that a 'serta-pedic' mattress or a 'sleep-numer' bed has nothing on a worn-out, lumpy mattress when a body is really tired. The sleep was good. The destination is Jarabacoa - a little mountain town on the east back of the Rio Yaque del Norte. It rises some 800m/2624 feet above the sea and lies 70+ miles north of Santo Domingo. It was literally and figuratively night and day between (well) night and day in SDQ. The mad rush of cars, people, mopeds and donkey carts were non-existent when we left the Independencia at 6:10 ... read more
Just outside Zona Colonial
Try to find Vibert
Our taxi

A theatre history teacher in Miami begins all of her classes by saying, “Death is all around us.” And I suppose it always is. But when we inhabit the modern world, its inherent order, its many rules that codify our behavior, that lead a city to flow like a machine because we are programmed into it, implicitly stopping at every red light and seeking the help of cops and judges instead of relatives with guns (for the most part anyways) - all these restrictions and limitations bred into our freedom of choice over action prevent an array of deaths that would otherwise result in the increasingly complex landscape of urban life. Likewise, health and safety codes further deter us from getting electrocuted, poisoned, trapped in a burning building, buried under the rubble of a poorly ... read more

... doch wenn man total einquetscht im Flieger sitzt, ist man froh sich bei einer Zwischenlandung einmal die Beine vertreten zu duerfen. In Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik, hatte ich ungefaehr eine Stunde Aufenthalt, bevor es dann nach San José, Costa Rica, weiterging. P.S.: Grosse Erwartungen an das Flugzeugessen habe ich ueberhaupt nicht, doch diesmal waren die Mahlzeiten wirklich richtig mies! Denkt also daran, wenn ihr mit Condor fliegt, solltet ihr euch schon von vorneherein selbst verpflegen! :-) ... read more

You know your priorities have changed when you look into a toilet bowl that hasn’t been flushed - because water has yet to return to fill the cistern - and think, “That’s a nice turd.” Though my digestive situation has improved a bit, I’m still a bit jealous of all ye of solid fecal matter. No worries though; I’m not sick, it’s just that the dirty chinos who make the best fried chicken on the planet - El Pica Pollo - never change their oil, which is always the color and viscosity of motor oil. And this is obviously why that chicken tastes so good, but it’s also why the American’s queasy bowels erupt in earthquakes; inevitable tsunamis follow for half a week. And it’s worth every sitting. Plus, since you already got the shits, you ... read more
Carnaval Vegano
Carnaval Vegano
Carnaval Vegano

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