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It feels a bit fraudulent having a week's holiday when you´re volunteering, but Easter means the schools are closed and we have been forced to take a week off for what Dominicans call Semana Santa (literally, holy week). What a shame! To kill a bit of time we (that´s all eleven Santo Domingo-based volunteers) de-camped to a small town about two and a half hours east of SD called Bayahibe. It´s a tiny place, no more than 20 streets and a hundred or so houses and small hotels. The main purpose of the trip was to get a bit of sun and to take a trip out to Isla Saona, a small ´paradise´island just off the mainland. This was planned for Tuesday so after checking into our hotel on Monday lunchtime we fulfilled our first ambition ... read more
Beach at Bayahibe
Capn Jacque's Parrot
Storm clouds approaching

It´s been a strange week, with seasoned veterans leaving the guesthouse and newbies arriving. In theory, this leaves me as one of the most experienced people in the house but it´s a bit like the blind leading the blind! It was an odd week at school, too. Without Sarah to take the lead, Amanda and I struggled a bit to gain control of the classes who were even more excitable than usual because it was the end of term. By Thursday (the last day of school before the Easter holidays), half of the teachers were away on courses so we abandoned all hope of teaching English and just had goodbye parties for Amanda who also leaves on Monday. On Friday, everybody in the house took a trip to Boca Chica, the nearest beach to Santo Domingo. ... read more
On the way to Boca Chica
On the beach at Boca Chica
More views of the beach at Boca Chica

I can´t believe I´ve only been in the DR for two weeks. The cold and wet of the English winter and sleepy little Winchester seem a million miles away. The time has gone so quickly and we´ve managed to pack so much in that it feels like I´ve been here for two months already. My first full week at the school has been great fun, but the longer I spend with the kids the more I realise just how difficult their lives are. Most foreign visitors to the Dominican Republic stay in one of the all-inclusive resorts, far away from the poverty of normal Dominican life. There are plenty of very wealthy people in Santo Domingo, as witnessed by the number of massive 4x4´s on the roads but for most people life is quite hard. It´s ... read more
The man from Del Monte, he say yes!
No firearms on the beach!
View of the caribbean

I´m sitting in the i to i guesthouse in Santo Domingo to write this. We´ve got a computer with access to the internet which will make staying in touch much easier - assuming it´s working. I´m discovering that not much works as it should in the DR but the pace of life is so laid-back that it doesn´t really matter. There are about 10 volunteers at the guesthouse (give or take the odd overnight guest), all working on projects in and around Santo Domingo. I started teaching yesterday so today so I´m pretty knackered at the moment, especially as we had a big night out yesterday and I only had 3 hour sleep. Dominicanos just love to dance, mostly merengue and raggatan, so there´s no chance of just standing around for a quiet drink. It´s hot ... read more
The barrio
Cafe con leche 2
Cafe con leche 3

Back in february we spent about 5 weeks in the DR and shot footage of Carnaval In La Vega, Bonao, Santiago and Santo Domingo. We finally got around to editing the Santo Domingo Carnaval Parade video. In Santo Domingo they have a parade or "desfila" with Carnaval comparsas and groups from all over the DR. This video highlights "los pintaos" from Barahona, as well as some brief shots of men from Monte Christe fighting with bullwhips. Next year we have to make it out to Monte Christe to shoot the Carnaval celebration there. Hopefully we will not get stuck in the crossfire of the bullwhip fighting!... read more

I am heading to Santo Domingo on tuesday morning but will be flying into La Romana airport. I have been to La Romana a few times but never to the airport. I will most likely take a bus to Santo Domingo and stay there for a day or two before heading up to Santiago. I may spend a night in Jarabacoa as well. I would like to shoot some video in Jarabacoa as I have never been there. I need to call my buddy geremia fromtaxi dominicano . He had wanted to shoot some video of his taxis outside of Altos De Chavon and on the beach in Bayahibe. If he is available, maybe he will pick me up in La Romana and we can shoot some video out in that area. Once in Santo Domingo ... read more

I am a big baseball fan and love going to see a game or two while in the DR. I have seen games at 3 of the 5 stadiums. I have been to the stadiums in Santo Domingo, San Pedro, and Santiago. Next winter I want to go to San Francisci to see a game and maybe even La Romana. I wanted to show people what a winter league game in the Dominican Republic was like. I shot a bunch of video at a game between Licey and Las Aguilas and edited together a short video clip to put The video was shot at Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo. The games can get pretty wild. Lots of music, dancing, cheering, drinking and . . . . . the best part. . . . .CHEERLEADERS!!! All ... read more

Alcazar de Diego Colon. Ojo, yo no soy el sanki que sale en la foto. Jean Berger read more

Grupos de hermanos de la ICPD en Adrian Tropical. La pasamos super ! Jean Berger read more

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