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My trip to the DR actually started at 11:30 pm on the night of April 23rd, 2010. I decided to leave from Syracuse, NY, because the plane tickets from Syracuse were half the price on Jet Blue of the tickets from Montreal (where I live). I had a 6am flight from Syracuse so I left Montreal at 11:30 pm because I wasn't sure how long it would take. Anyways, I got there at around 3:30 am (I took a while because I stopped quite long for a meal/snack). I drove all the way until 20 minutes before getting there but I had to give up because I was falling asleep (quick nap and then completed the drive). Uneventful connection at JFK and I was on the ground in the DR for noon. It was hot! I ... read more
WEEK1 - square next to hotel

A continuación algunas fotos tomadas durante el mes de octubre de 2009.... read more

Got the train to Newark airport to spend the night as our flight was very early. Oh next time i will save up enough money not to do this option, one night at an airport is enough. I was anxious about the trip as i hadn't done it before, and expected New York's finest weirdos to come out that late in the evening...well they didn't disappoint. The train station has so many homeless people, sad to see, but the airport was deserted for the majority of the night. Our breakfast comprised of...guess what....donuts!! The check in que for the flight was a strange experience! All the announcements were in Spanish, and the staff only appeared to speak Spanish. Understandable as the majority of people on the flight spoke Spanish! But still, pretty crap that no English ... read more
The place was stunning!
Photo 5
Photo 6

Sat., August 8, 2009 - Departure from Miami to Santo Domingo Everyone who travels with me knows that I like to sit in an aisle seat on an airplane. Contrarily, this time I was happy to get a window seat because I anticipated seeing islands surrounded by breath taking water. I sat next to a Dominican boy approximately eleven years old named Sodocrenise (he advised that it was ok to call him Sam), who was fearful of flying. He kept talking to me, which I believe was a way for him to calm his nerves. I took various inflight videos on our way to Santo Domingo. I'll mention the video link later, so please continue reading. Our landing was a bit bumpy unlike our smooth flight and admission into the country. Going through customs in the ... read more
Hotel Atarazana - the pink building on the left side
My sister getting ready to have her first taste of Mama Juana
Makumba Discotec

Well, here I am. The lone traveler has landed in her homeland. Excited? Yes. Distressed? Absolutely. Confused? Without a doubt. These feelings are something I knew would be inevitable upon my arrival to my home state. The things I saw and experienced will never be forgotten or disregarded; I intend to use what I have learned to expand my horizon through a refreshed state of mind. I know my life will be forever changed whether I chose to acknowledge these changes or not. Now, going through my daily tasks sometimes seem simple and meaningless. For example, when I go to the store and am trying to chose the right beauty product or thinking about what I might eat for dinner, it is easy to forget all the things that I have seen, heard and lived. Sometimes ... read more

SO i'm here at the airport in D.R. flying to miami again. the plan was to go from miami to Honduras TODAY but my flight from santo domingo to miami was delayed, so i'll be spending another night in miami and then on to Honduras tomorrow. We've officially been approved to go to Honduras by the State Department, so pending a civil war, it is for sure that I'm going. i'll be doing another homestay for a while and do my training. I won't officially start Peace Corps until September 26th, any time before that I'm a trainee. D.R. was good, but I think we're all just ready to get going in Honduras. Hope things are good with everybody else at home! ps - pictures will be coming soon! ... read more

So things are still going well with el cuerpo de paz! I´ve started spanish classes which has been a little difficult since Dominican spanish is WAY different than spanish I´m used to learning. It´s basically like being thrown into the deep end of the pool, but I´m doing okay. I´m a few levels above where I need to be in order to become a Peace Corps Volunteer, so as long as I stay on top of everything I should be good to go. The bad thing is I´m learning Domincan phrases like ¨tigere¨ and ¨te fuñiste¨which won´t do me any good in Honduras, but it´s never a bad thing to learn about another culture. I get destroyed in dominoes on a nightly basis by the men in the community, including 12 year old kids, but I´m ... read more

Hey everybody, so here's the deal. I'm still waiting to hear the official word on Honduras, but for right now I'm in the Dominican Republic until the 22nd of July. I'm living in a host family in Santo Domingo for the first three weeks of training which consists of language/cultural/technical training. After three weeks we're supposed to go to Honduras BUT everything seems to be up in the air right now. Things are going well although it certainly is hot, but for sure that is something to get used to. Hope things are going well with everybody and I'll check in again soon!... read more

Hey one and all, Just thought Id update you all on a few things. Not too much to update actually. All has been well with my classes, they are hard to take seriously sometimes but I am trying. So I think that taking classes with Dominicans has been quite the experience, I like having the opportunity to talk with the locales, and not make such a fool out of myself because I actually have a reason to do so. I made one friend in particular that will not speak to me in spanish because he thinks that he has to speak slowly but I am at the point that I really do not need people to speak slowly to me anymore. I try to explain this to him but he still speaks to me in English, ... read more

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