Back In RD again...Southside exploring...

Published: March 14th 2011
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This has been a long years wait to come back here, this time on the southside of the island! I managed to catch my flight on time from San Jose despite my driver getting into an accident on the way to get me in the morning, I hopped in a cab and to the Airport I went. I was a little worried that the "new" law had kicked in for expired visas, but my friends Debb and Ryan just crossed over by land to Nicaragua and Ryan told me not even a second look as he was over by a month, I would be over almost 2 and at the airport....So I get out of the cab, spark up a kool and look one last time at the Mountains surrounding San Jose

I head in to the exit tarrif booth and make sure to smile and say " Hola, Buenos Dias" from now on to anyone who matters. she looks at the computer then my passport not even a blink...$26 please. In my brain I'm jumping up and down YESSSSS!! So I hand over my credit card and sign the ticket and head to the Condor counter.

It was a nice flight surrounded by naz.....I mean A WHOLE LOT OF Germans since it was a flight to Hamburg. I gotta say the women are right up there with ugliness with the Chics from England..seriously. I know its not all, but about 100 of them there and none I would even concider giving a facial even?? Yea that's bad lol. anyways We landed in The RD no problems at all, headed to get my $10 tourist card and then to customs, both were a breeze maybe 20 minutes exiting the plane and through customs not bad at all. My taxi driver was right outside with teh sign "Mr. Greg" I gave him the 1982 Don Johnson trigger finger like "there you are bud" Lit up another Kool and enjoyed the 90 degree weather with sun and then headed to the hostel. On the way me and the driver chit chatted about a wide range of topics. Really nice guy! About 30 min later we arrived at the hostel, right in the middle of the colonial zone, now for people who love history liek I do this is the Mecca of History for the new world. So many old buildings, I mean 500 year old buildings old, Forts, the first churches in the americas etc etc. Even the streets are still cobbled from the start.

I met Bettye who runs the hostel charming older lady from Tennessee who is into art, I mean A LOT of art, but she’s really talkative and helpful with anything you need. I set my stuff in the room and chill out until my friend Gloria gets home from work then we’ll meet up and have a few drinks and chit chat. Around 8pm my friend Gloria met me at my place and we spent the night talking in Plaza Colon park and went had a few beers, It was really great We walked down by the old forts I had an amazing time, I have been contemplating back and forth whether to go back to the states or just stay here and find work and make my dream of living simple with a little house, growing some food and having a few pigs and chickens around come true. This is truly the place I feel best in, and I felt this way last year when I explored the north side of the Island also. So I will make my decision pretty soon on a definate answer.

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