Jarabacoa, Here We Come!!

Published: August 6th 2007
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Serious property guardsSerious property guardsSerious property guards

In the wee hours of the morning we were surprised to see that the regular guards were armed with shotguns
The alarm was set for 5:30 am. We woke at 5:28, our bodies and internal clocks already finely tuned. In the solitary confines of our detention chamber (read, 'hotel room') we sit in solemn reflection of the day past and we agree that a 'serta-pedic' mattress or a 'sleep-numer' bed has nothing on a worn-out, lumpy mattress when a body is really tired. The sleep was good.

The destination is Jarabacoa - a little mountain town on the east back of the Rio Yaque del Norte. It rises some 800m/2624 feet above the sea and lies 70+ miles north of Santo Domingo. It was literally and figuratively night and day between (well) night and day in SDQ. The mad rush of cars, people, mopeds and donkey carts were non-existent when we left the Independencia at 6:10 am. The only constants were the mounds of garbage accumulated at the street corners and the shotgun-toting security guard.

The outocaro stand was only a few blocks away. We got directions the day before. Backpacks on our backs, we headed up the road. The first 'ha-ha' of the day came when we wanted to change 100 pesos. Vibert entered an open coffee shop, handed the guy behind the counter the 100 peso bill and, in his best and most confident spanish, asked to "cambio en placa poquito". The guy froze for a second and then, with a you-must-be-kidding-me kinda look he asked: "you want change?" "Si, si".

Antonio, our taxi driver, charged us 100 pesos (31 to 1 USD) and we sped away in what used to be a car to the Caribe Tours terminal - a rather impressive building with quality buses. 360 pesos paid for the trip. Jarabacoa, here we come. 😊

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Our taxiOur taxi
Our taxi

This is the taxi we go to the Caribe tours bus terminal

21st May 2007

Although the local spanish dialect changes according to the country..I am almost sure that he would have understood the change question with this..┬┐Me puede cambiar esto por favor?..for future reference.
22nd May 2007

vibert n shanna
this is truly your quantum leap. i am really happy for u both. the pics are awesome ....i am having nice kicks. thanks for all the 411,history and scenery. it feels like i am right there with u all. keep me in tuned as u journey on. continue to embrass each kodak moment ... blessings
23rd May 2007

Enjoying de trip!
Hi Vibes and Shan you are taking me on an exciting journey with you. Keep the pictures coming, they are beautiful.
24th May 2007

Well well you are a mighty long way
from the beaches of St. Maarten. It was a great pleasure to have met you both and I am riding right along with you with prayers and thoughts of the phenomenal experience you are getting ...Much love

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