Lauren Zeiner


Lauren Zeiner

I will be traveling for business. I am super excited and plan on entering a daily blog.

Hola everyone, As you all know I’ve been looking and looking for apartments like a crazy person. I have found the location of where I want tot stay. There is a street called Anna Caona and on one side of the street is this giant park. It is beautiful, and people are running thru it and there are spots in the park that are Wi-Fi hot spots. It is very safe. On the other side of the street are apartment buildings. Sammy Sosa has a place here. I saw one apartment that is within my budget, and I might get to see two more on Monday. Then I should be able to move this week. I hope!! I attached a picture of the view of the park from an apartment on the ninth floor that’s available, ... read more

Its getting late here, but I wanted to post some pictures of the new ACS CompIQ team. We are almost done with training and it has been great! I haven't posted any blogs this week, because everyday after work I go apartment hunting and I don't get back to the hotel until late. I am really close to picking one. I can't wait to move into my new apartment. then I will be able to relax more after work. Well I'll catch you up with what I've been up to this weekend. Have a great Friday tomorrow!!... read more
LZ Training

Today was uneventful. I worked most of the day, I took a break to work out at the gym for an hour and a half. Then I came back to my room and finished up some more work. That’s it. I also sorted some laundry. Some of you wanted to see the picture I took of Jesus, yesterday when my camera was acting up. So I attached it to this blog. I expect tomorrow to be way more interesting than today. I’ll let you know!! ... read more

This morning I had a blast!! I looked at two apartments and I really liked one of them. I will look at some more on Monday. There is an apartment that has a gym that I’m looking forward to seeing. After looking at apartments I went exploring. I went to the boulevard were vendors and shops line the streets. I looked around at everything. Then I went to see the oldest church in all of the Americas. There is a statue of Christopher Columbus in front of the church. Across the street from the church was the Hard Rock Café. I bought a hat. There was some commotion outside the church because some ladies from the US wanted inside and the guards wouldn’t let them because their shorts were too short. One of the tour guides ... read more
school zone
Front of Church
church bells

Hey everyone…. I missed yesterday - sorry!! I was busy with some work stuff…. So today was another great day in training. My team is really coming along. Yesterday, I was picked up at the office buy a different driver. His name was Julio. Julio wanted to show me the DRs version of the White House. So he drove me past it on the way to my hotel. I have some pictures attached. But he didn’t slow down and my camera doesn’t just take a picture when I hit the button, so sorry, the pictures aren’t very good. One thing the pictures don’t show are the guards. There were guards all over the place with machine guns. I said to Julio, that it doesn’t look like they want any one to jump the fence… He told ... read more
Sugar Cane Mem
Sugar Cane 2

Today was a GREAT training day! We got a lot done. I hope every day from now on is like today! I will try to remember to take some pictures of my new team. I was going to take some pictures of the crazy traffic on my way home tonight, but my camera went dead. I will put new batteries in and make sure to take some pictures tomorrow. Today would have been the greatest day for pictures! It was pouring rain and we passed a couple of bad accidents. Nangy pointed out one car that was totally smashed and said “now that’s a good car, you see, where the people are - the car isn’t bent”. Plus, I wanted to take a picture of the motorcyclists who had their helmets on today - its because ... read more

Every morning I pass Christopher Columbus’ memorial on the way to work. This memorial is somewhat of a controversy here. Christopher Columbus is a bad man to the Dominicans. He is responsible for killing all the original Indians here in the DR. No one here likes him at all. The memorial was built, but no one wants it. It is also part of another controversy between Spain and the DR. Spain says they have the bones of Christopher Columbus and the DR says they have them. I guess even Cuba says they have them. It’s a big deal. The pictures attached are of the memorial. Today was a better day. I think I’m over the jet lag. The group wanted to change their hours from 9-6 to 8-5. We will start this new schedule tomorrow. This ... read more

Today felt long to me. I think I may still have a touch of jet lag. Plus working from 9 to 6 is hard to get used to. I met my new team today and I think we are going to do great! We all get a long well. They are really a great group of people. I’m going to enjoy working with them over the next five weeks. I rained so hard this afternoon. The windows in my work area are boarded up and I asked if they did that when the last hurricane hit. They said the windows have been boarded up for a wile. My driver, Nangy, picked me up and drove me thru most frightening traffic ever. I try not to flinch at near death, but sometimes I can’t help it. Most ... read more

I am going to try to post the picture of my view from my room. I took this pic sitting on my bed. ... read more

Well I’m finally here! I traveled all day yesterday and was too tired to post a blog, last night. I have a great hotel room at the Hilton. It’s small but I have an awesome view of the pool and the ocean. Looks like the Hotel sits right on the water! I don’t have much to report now, I just woke up and I haven’t explored yet. It’s pretty funny how everyone here speaks Spanish and they ask me questions I don’t understand. Even after I tell them “I don’t speak Spanish” they still try to ask me stuff, in Spanish. I guess I must look like someone who speaks Spanish and knows everything. Well, I’ll tell you more later. I’ll get out sometime today to explore and take some photos. ... read more

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