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Published: October 18th 2008
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Hey everyone…. I missed yesterday - sorry!! I was busy with some work stuff…. So today was another great day in training. My team is really coming along.

Yesterday, I was picked up at the office buy a different driver. His name was Julio. Julio wanted to show me the DRs version of the White House. So he drove me past it on the way to my hotel. I have some pictures attached. But he didn’t slow down and my camera doesn’t just take a picture when I hit the button, so sorry, the pictures aren’t very good. One thing the pictures don’t show are the guards. There were guards all over the place with machine guns. I said to Julio, that it doesn’t look like they want any one to jump the fence… He told me “No way! They would shoot you dead! They will shoot you dead for just thinking about it.” Ok, so no jumping the fence of the presidents office.

Mangy picked me up from the office today and he drove me past the sugar cane memorial. It’s a statue for the sugar cane workers. I took some pictures of it. Tomorrow I go apartment hunting. This will be interesting. My realtor doesn’t speak any English and I don’t speak much Spanish. Nangy, my driver, says he will help translate, but he is a jokester and he said he might have some fun with the translations. GREAT!

I also attached a picture of some of the traffic. I really want to capture a great traffic jam but I haven’t been able to yet.

Ok, I’ll type more tomorrow and let you know how apartment hunting went.


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