Published: October 18th 2008
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This morning I had a blast!! I looked at two apartments and I really liked one of them. I will look at some more on Monday. There is an apartment that has a gym that I’m looking forward to seeing.

After looking at apartments I went exploring. I went to the boulevard were vendors and shops line the streets. I looked around at everything. Then I went to see the oldest church in all of the Americas. There is a statue of Christopher Columbus in front of the church. Across the street from the church was the Hard Rock Café. I bought a hat. There was some commotion outside the church because some ladies from the US wanted inside and the guards wouldn’t let them because their shorts were too short. One of the tour guides started talking to me in Spanish and I told him I don’t speak Spanish and he said “your kidding me, you are Latina, no?” and I said “no” he said “you are at least 80% Latina, though, you don’t speak Spanish?” I said “no sorry” he could not believe it. Every time I saw him he would call me Latina.

The church was beautiful inside. It has a mausoleum with many stones that plot who is there. I was taking pictures of the plots and my camera went dead, no more battery power. I walked around some more and tried taking a picture of Jesus and my camera worked. I went back to the mausoleum to continue taking pictures and my camera wouldn’t work. My driver Nangy and I think it was the goasts not wanting me to take pictures of the stones. We left and my camera worked fine after that. SPOOKY!!!

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19th October 2008

Marilyn Z
Where is the picture of Jesus?
20th October 2008

Well it's good to know that Jesus is watching over you while you are there...you Little Latina! haha Maybe you should start practicing some spanish...Una Cerveza, por favor.....gracias....de nada....que hora es? and so on....Man, I should be there with you! Are you going to rent an apartment instead of staying in the hotel?
21st October 2008

In reading the newspaper Sunday, they wrote in the Travel Section, an article on DR….very interesting., Wanted to ask you, about the market place and how the food was. A little different I would envision. And your Spanish ……how many words have you learned by now…. Also, working on a good tan… can hardly wait to hear your stories, and see pictures.

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