Traveling Cy


Traveling Cy

CY (short for Cyclones) is the official mascot of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, U.S.A.

Iowa State University
Wikipedia's 'Iowa State Cyclones'

Current location: Jinja, Uganda

Thanks to my hosts:
Michelle Ashman, Robyn Bailey, Kalle Butler, Bryan Cook, Michael Demmons, Carla Fernandez, Logan Groher, Halef Gunawan, Jason/Corrinn Hardy, Ryan Hardy, Daniel/Rebecca Herr, Dennis Himberger, Jason King, Scott/Susan/Benjamin Kirk, Hugh Lacy, Adrienne Miller, Lance/Courtney Muller, Yuko Murata, Joe/Elizabeth Nuzzaco, Vitor Oliveira, Sandy Podjaski, Keith Poimboeuf, Jon Ross, Ryan Russo, Rodney Sabatini, Ron/Erin Scantlin, Eric Schunk, Rich/Amy Schwartz, Dustin Staples, Yulia Surya, Stacy Tullock, Michael Waterhouse, Fika Wiriadisastra, Insun Yu.

Hey all, Dennis took me to Costa Rica, where we were mostly traveled around Poas Volcano. This was my second time in Costa Rica, and I had a completely different experience than my first one. Until later, Cy... read more
Parque Nacional Volcan Poas
Foggy Poas Volcano
Blending in with strawberries

Europe » Italy May 22nd 2009

Ciao - we had such wonderful time in Italy. The country is simply, beautiful. We started out in Pisa/Florence, and unfortunately we weren't too impressed with Florence - there are many other locations we've visited during our cruise that is more memorable. Rome, on the other hand, is charming. We did a quick tour around Rome and Vatican City, and we wish we had more time to spend here. We went to via Appia Antica, where some of the catacombs were located, and had the best meal on this excursion, as the only foreigners in the restaurant and Mama cooked our meal of pane and pasta! Very delicious. We also managed to check out the Bone Church in Via Veneto, which is very memorable. Amalfi Coast - where do I start? Beautiful region of Italy. Positano ... read more
When in Rome ...

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 20th 2009

Welcome to Montenegro! Bryan's international cell phone got a short, but sweet text message to welcome us to a new country. Supposedly we crossed the international boundary of Montenegro, on our way to Croatia. The Dalmatian Coast is very beautiful, and development has been racing to accomodate the streaming of tourists to this picturesque region. Unfortunately this was a quick visit in Croatia - the immigration didn't even check our passports to stamp the entrance mark into Croatia! -Cy... read more
Croatia II

Europe » Greece May 18th 2009

This trip marks my second time in Greece. We started out in Greek capital of Athens, and while I didn't have the chance to visit the Acropolis (yeah, I decided to stay on the cruise boat!), but from what I've heard, the city is still beaming from the 2004 Summer Olympics with several major landmarks and sport stadiums built for the world event. Unfortunately, majority of these expensive buildings are boarded up and not open to the public, thus they are somewhat abandoned and will decay overtime; and just like the next door Parthenon, they could turn into ruins in a couple of years. And the subsequent trip to Santorini Island was always rewarding. We managed to do a 6-mile hike around the crater rim of the dormant volcano which made the whole island. There were ... read more
Blue Santorini
Some Greek ruins

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice May 12th 2009

Our time in the French Riviera was short - but we managed to check out two locations in the region: Nice and Monaco. We had a huge expectation of Monaco, but unfortunately we weren't too impressed with the city-state, but managed to check out the Grand Prix track around the town, of which Monaco is famous for. -Cy... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 10th 2009

Greetings from Barcelona! I'm tagging along with Bryan and Jason to the Mediterranean Sea cruise, and here's our schedule. Mediterranean Excursions 2009 05/10/09 Barcelona, Spain 05/11/09 At Sea 05/12/09 Nice, France 05/13/09 Florence/Pisa, Italy 05/14/09 Rome, Italy 05/15/09 Naples/Capri, Italy 05/16/09 At Sea 05/17/09 Santorini, Greece 05/18/09 Athens, Greece 05/19/09 At Sea 05/20/09 Dubrovnik, Croatia 05/21/09 Venice, Italy 05/22/09 Venice, Italy ... read more
HOHO Barcelona
Spanish liquor
Coast of Spain

North America » United States » Florida » Miami May 1st 2009

Greetings from Florida! Miami is an interesting International city that has almost everything in one location. Some highlights are the famous South Beach where Art Deco district is located, Little Havana, the posh Coral Gables (one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the nation) to see the Biltmore Hotel and Vizcaya Museum, and the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Northern Miami. Weather was wonderful, and we had plenty of sunshire during our visit. Off we go, till next time! -Cy... read more
Biltmore Hotel
Vizcaya Museum
Ancient Spanish Monastery

I'm tagging along with Amy and Rich (for their honeymoon) to Costa Rica - an amazing country in Central America. In many ways, this trip is unforgetable - mainly because we survived the 6.2 Scala Richer earthquake in the capital of San Jose's international airport. Costa Rica is a tropical paradise, and we're always surrounded by lush rainforest, and of course rain is happening quite often here. That's all for now, keep traveling. -Cy... read more
Lily Pond
Coconut Tree 1
Coconut Tree 2

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton December 28th 2008

Hey all, Michael took me to his hometown in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, in the Eastern side of the country. We first flew to Halifax in Nova Scotia via Boston, and drove roughly four hours to the capital of New Brunswick - Fredericton. Fredericton is famous for its beautiful scenery, located at the bank of St. John River. We managed to stop by in two university campuses: University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University, and then a quick detour to the City Hall in the historical district of Fredericton. That's all for now! - Cy... read more
St. Thomas University campus
University of New Brunswick campus
Fredericton City Hall 1

North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery December 7th 2008

Hi all, I am in Montgomery - the capital of Alabama, in one of those quick passing-through transits. We did a highlight tour of some key interests of the city, including the State Capitol and the Civil Rights Museum which is famous for Maya Lin's black granite memorial in front of the building (Maya Lin is the designer of Washington DC's controversial Vietnam Memorial). You know what they say about Alabama - where the skies are blue! Until the next time, - Cy... read more
State Capitol building
Civil Rights Monument

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