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Here I am returning from a long absence since my last blog. It has been a while since I updated my travel stories. This time, words do not flow easily into my head like they used to, and this probably one the effects of COVID-induced alienation syndrome. The pandemic had taken a toll on many of us including a psychology student like myself. I experienced my sanity diminishing day by day as the whole shebang went on far longer than anticipated and I don’t know how, but I managed to keep my grip intact. Two years of on and off lockdowns, open-closed borders, flight restrictions, quarantine bs, and not to mention emotional roller coasters mindfuck that we are learning to overcome. Let's face it, is there a chance of reclaiming the old lives back? Probably not. ... read more
The resorts
Milk chocolate melting under the blue skies on a beach
Baby turtle at Fisherman’s bay

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao February 3rd 2019

Up and at em. Routine ritual: EAT! Today we visit the island of Curaçao. I think we liked this Caribbean island the best out of the four places we visited on this sailing adventure. We walked for awhile through the touristy stands. It all starts looking alike. Sam & Cory on their hunt for old license plates. It happened. Finally found a tour bus (very reasonable) that would take us around the island and show us some of its high points. Our guide was “Sweet Linda”....she wanted to be called that. She was very good. Our bus driver took us around the shops, the houses, churches, graveyards, oil industry and more. We made a stop at a lake known for its Flamingos. They were quite a distance away in the lake so my photos look like ... read more
Lulu takes her seat as we approach Curaçao
Beautiful Buildings
Beautiful Buildings

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao September 27th 2018

It's a great place to have your vacation. The island is still not a ''tourist machine''. The people are very friendly and it is easy to get in contact with them . The island has an interesting history, and you can still see many unike houses and places from its history.... read more
Curaçao Vacation (2)
Curaçao Vacation (3)
Curaçao Vacation (4)

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao April 19th 2018

I skipped diving on Tuesday because I thought it might be a good idea to give my knee a rest. Donna and I had a nice leisurely breakfast while Jim and Dave loaded onto the dive boat to go out for a couple of dives. We spent about 3 hours in the pool, and then went down to meet the dive boat when it came in and take a swim in the ocean. It was great, weather has been warm and sunny. In the afternoon we rested and stayed out of the sun as we had all had plenty of sun for one day. We then decided to do a little exploring and drive up to the north end of the island. Curacao is 45 miles long from tip to tail, and we are currently about ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao April 16th 2018

It has been an interesting couple of days to say the very least. Originally our trip was going to begin Saturday morning 4/14, with a stay the night before in Minneapolis since we had a 5 a.m. flight. However, I'm sure you have all read about the huge storm, that barrelled across the plains slamming into central and southern Minnesota dropping over 2' of snow. American Airlines had the foresight to email passengers leaving on flights Saturday and Sunday allowing us to change our reservations at no cost. The second we received the email, I called and we managed to get out on a flight Friday night at 5 p.m. just ahead of the storm. So we arrived in Charlotte, NC Friday night to 79 degree temperatures, 12 hours earlier than originally planned. We met our ... read more
Curacao 2018
Curacao 2018
Curacao 2018

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao January 5th 2018

We are going to try to start this entry with a panoramic view from our balcony. Today is our last day of visiting islands – this is our last port city. SAD! We slept in a little today, because our excursion was not until afternoon. The ship docked around 8:00 and lots of people must have headed out fairly soon thereafter, but we found it comparatively quiet aboard this morning. We went up to the Horizon Court for the breakfast buffet, but it wasn’t very crowded – plenty of empty tables and not many people milling around the food tables. At 9:00 Janet went to her Knitters & Knatters, but found she was the only one there. Nobody showed up to knit with her. She did stay for the 10:00 trivia too and answered the questions ... read more
Statue at Art Museum
Another Cactus Fence
Aloe Vera Field

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao January 4th 2018

The BLOG does not seem to have Bonaire as a Caribbean destination, so we chose Curacao (where we are going tomorrow). This morning we had a quiet time around the ship as we were not scheduled to arrive in Bonaire until noon. So we slept in a little and then went to the formal breakfast for Eggs Benedict. Janet was a little late getting to the knitters group but she did get some work done before the Trivia Group took over Club-6. But she did get a new project started. Meanwhile David went to the Fitness Center but decided he could do treadmill at home, so instead he walked several laps outdoors on the promenade deck. Then he found a sale on “cruise T-shirt” and got one – with 10% off for Elite passengers. David went ... read more
Eroded Limestone
Huge Termine Nest

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao November 30th 2017

Our final destination on our Caribbean cruise was to Curacao the last of the Dutch protectorates. The buildings are definitely Dutch heritage and the place is pretty and clean with lots of pedestrian walkways. The two halves of the island are spanned by a high bridge for cars but pedestrians cross over by means of a floating pontoon which has to be floated to one side when big ships come in. If the pontoon is not available there is a ferry to take people over. Both sides of the island are full of shops and bars catering for the tourists and there is a very nice fruit market on the Punda side which has some great fruit for sale. Everyone wants to sell you some! We bought our souvenirs and then stopped by a water front ... read more
The flaoting bridge joing the two halves of Curacao
The fruit market
Dutch influenced buildings

8. - 22.7. Curaçao ist super! Tauchen, schnorcheln, baden und sünnelen soviel das Herz begehrt. Das Tauchen ist hier besonders einfach, an der ganzen Westküste der Insel befinden sich 20 bis 100 Meter vom Strand entfernt Riffe mit wunderbaren Korallengärten, bevölkert von unzähligen Fischen und Krebsen. Man mietet einfach die Ausrüstung, fährt mit dem Auto an einen Strand, baut dort das Equipment auf und schwimmt zum Riff raus. Ohne Guide, ohne Boot. Herrlich. Ansonsten geniessen wir das Spielen, Lesen und Faulenzen, und - vor allem Marco - auch das Kochen. Unsere Reise ist vorüber, wir hatten eine tolle Zeit mit vielen schönen Eindrücken und Erlebnissen. Wir sind dankbar, einmal mehr diese Möglichkeit gehabt zu haben. Und nun freuen wir uns auch auf die Rückkehr und das Wiedersehen mit allen Daheimgebliebenen. Tschüss, bis zum nächsten Mal!... read more
beim Wrack
traumhafte Strände

Three years ago my wife, my son and I traveled to the Island of curacao, it was very fascinating. We visited my wife's aunt who lives there. We met many sites in La Isala; We went to kenepa beach, this is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Its waters are incredibly crystalline. We could see the fish in the water. The waters of these beaches are calm and clean as a crystal. We also visited the cave of the herd. I was really pleasantly surprised , this is an enormous and beautiful limestone cave system, They are very well lit. We visited the suspension bridge every night. This is a bridge over some boats and is removed when passing the Giant boats. Curasao is a very beautiful island its inhabitants are very cordial. ... read more

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