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February 3rd 2019
Published: February 3rd 2019
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Up and at em. Routine ritual: EAT!

Today we visit the island of Curaçao. I think we liked this Caribbean island the best out of the four places we visited on this sailing adventure. We walked for awhile through the touristy stands. It all starts looking alike. Sam & Cory on their hunt for old license plates. It happened. Finally found a tour bus (very reasonable) that would take us around the island and show us some of its high points. Our guide was “Sweet Linda”....she wanted to be called that. She was very good. Our bus driver took us around the shops, the houses, churches, graveyards, oil industry and more. We made a stop at a lake known for its Flamingos. They were quite a distance away in the lake so my photos look like chunks of Double Bubble bubble gum floating on the water. I did comment that we saw more flamingos at Gatorland but of course, they weren’t in their natural environment. Picky, Picky, Picky. FYI...flamingos are born white in color and turn pink only after eating a diet of shrimp. Think about that all you shrimp lovers! We’ll be calling you “Pinky”. There was an Asian man on the bus. With his telephoto camera lens, he took a photo that looked like he had been standing right next to a flamingo. WOW & double WOW! I envied him.

Another stop on this tour was at their Curaçao Liqueur Distillery. Slurp, samples! I liked the chocolate the best but it was strong! I prefer weak drinks. My age restriction has kicked in. OMG....Ha, Ha, Ha......I see I put a list of “Uses” for it with my photos. The list really goes with the Aloe plant. I got mixed up but maybe the list could apply to both “soothers”.

After our 3 hour tour, we walked along a water-side flea market. Lulu took advantage to sun herself on the wall. She’s so bright and sunny anyway it she insisted. Twenty minutes later, we walked across “the Floating Bridge”. Once on it, an ambulance came wizzing across it. Lulu cringed- she thought it was coming for her (sun stroke). We strolled in and out of the many shops in very colorful buildings. Took a break and we drank smoothies at one of their eateries....Cory drank beer. He’s not a smoothie type guy. While enjoying our surroundings, we watched the floating bridge separate and open to let a boat pass through. Those folks on the bridge get a free ride for the duration. Luckies! Crawling back to the ship, we came upon a gorgeous casino. Cory ran speedily to a seat at the slots in hopes of winning .....and he did. Sandy and I realized there was free WiFi here and began our long awaited desire to get back online with our devices. Oh my, so much to check out. You would think we had been gone a year. Cory & Sam got completely bored watching us so decided to go back to the beautiful boat. Fine with us as our nimble fingers fluttered across our screens. We were engrossed in our work. Before we knew it, Cory was back....reminding us we had to board the ship....time was up! Whaaaat? I had completely forgotten about that and the time. Thank heavens, he thought about us. Sandy and I almost became permanent Curaçao residents! Cory had arranged for a golf cart to get us back quickly. Hooray. Thank you kind sir!

Back onboard——Routine Ritual: EAT! We did. Went to a fun magic show and topped the ending off with a few pops in the Safari Bar. Good-night, everyone. Another port tomorrow beckons us.

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Floating Flea Market BoatsFloating Flea Market Boats
Floating Flea Market Boats

Huge Bridge we crossed over
Another Tour Bus Another Tour Bus
Another Tour Bus

Curacao Distillery
Sweet Linda & Distillery itemsSweet Linda & Distillery items
Sweet Linda & Distillery items

Wrong list for this liqueur..goes with Aloe plant

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