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February 1st 2019
Published: February 1st 2019
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Ahoy there, Matey! It’s time to go to the Windjammer for breakfast. I’m not in the habit of eating breakfast...just a little low cal chocolate milk with my many pills. But here, onboard, with all this cooked breakfast available, it’s too tempting not to delve in a little. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp. Sam & Sandy and usually Cory would rise way before me. I love sleeping! Sandy would exercise in the gym. Cory would walk. Sam would eat his breakfast. One time, he ate 3 breakfasts in one morning. I would eventually crawl out of bed and we would all join up together for breakfast #? Burrrp.

My knee was bothering me so I was always looking for a resting spot. How bad is that? I have become my mother. She had the same issue and preferred sitting when I would take her shopping. We found the theatre open with a speaker. Ahhhhh....a seat——nice to rest here. Sandy pointed out we were in the church service. Oh, God, heal my knee. Didn’t hear me - didn’t work....we left.

Cory has visited guest services several times. When we were home in NY, he received a card from Royal Caribbean for a $200 credit for this cruise. Onboard, he has received nothing but a big round around on this offer even though it is legit. Bummer. He’s writing a letter to RC. $$ is $$.

Another dance lesson today. Today was the waltz:1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Again, tricky in thick rubber soles so being smooth and graceful was completely out of the question. Clump, clump, clump. We learned a new “box” for these clumping steps. It’s been fun but has ruined my knee. I’ll take the pain if I end up dancing like Ginger Rogers. HAH!

They had a sports bar on this ship: The Pitstop. Cory and Sam were going to watch a play-off football game here. Sam ended up staying in their stateroom. Cory sat with Malcom (dance instructor) in the bar. After a full day of cruising, we were pooped and excited to rest up for our first port landing in the morning.

Day 4: ARUBA- beautiful place.

We took an open-air bus tour around the island. Toot-Toot! Lulu loved it. Best way to see so much that you couldn’t see otherwise. It was windy, windy, windy but warm. Lulu wailed with joy as the breeze flew through her matted hair. Don’t judge the temperature by Sam’s know he likes to layer, layer, layer and layer like he is on a Alaskan cruise, even though the temperature is hot. The big bus stopped at a huge tourist rock that Sandy climbed to the top. So energetic. We all stayed back and wished her well. We drove pass the big hotels, various homes and the Divi Divi trees (the famous Divi Divi tree is Aruba's natural compass, always pointing in a southwesterly direction due to the trade winds that blow across the island from the north-east). Our bus took us to the Aloe fields and factory. Interesting as we took their tour. I believe in heals everything. Aloe prices were very high in their gift shop. I get mine cheap in a GMC Store. We stopped at their famous light house but didn’t go up in it. Maybe they had an elevator......maybe not. My knees didn’t care. Lulu hates heights. After more than 3 hours, we were dropped back at a flea market. Their flea markets are nothing like we are used to....not even close but interesting.....all souvenir stuff. We walked along the Main Street. When we headed back to the ship, we found a nice, FREE trolley that took us down and around through the town to a big shopping mall. It was fun. We got back on our Loveboat and grabbed a snack at the buffet. Within two hours, we were headed to the dining room. And I wonder how I gained 5lbs. on this floating cornucopia! Pig girl! We relaxed in the Centrum enjoying their musical entertainment. We followed that with our attendance at TV game & laughs.

We collapsed onto the bed. Another island to explore tomorrow. Be ready.

Warning! 39 photos to wade through. They are on several pages so keep looking!

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Everyone is loadedEveryone is loaded
Everyone is loaded

Sam & Sandy are in their seats- back of the bus!
Poor homes Poor homes
Poor homes

Big rock in the distance
Our tour busOur tour bus
Our tour bus

Lulu found her seat
Hi Sam & LuluHi Sam & Lulu
Hi Sam & Lulu

Back seaters
Cemetery in ArubaCemetery in Aruba
Cemetery in Aruba

All above ground and temporary!
I love ArubaI love Aruba
I love Aruba

Antique shop?
Inside the aloe factoryInside the aloe factory
Inside the aloe factory

Heals everything

2nd February 2019

So glad you are enjoying Aruba! We did too. In fact I think that you got to see more of Aruba than we did.
2nd February 2019

Thank you, Jo
I think we actually enjoyed the next island, Curaçao, even more.

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