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Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad February 1st 2019

Ahoy there, Matey! It’s time to go to the Windjammer for breakfast. I’m not in the habit of eating breakfast...just a little low cal chocolate milk with my many pills. But here, onboard, with all this cooked breakfast available, it’s too tempting not to delve in a little. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp. Sam & Sandy and usually Cory would rise way before me. I love sleeping! Sandy would exercise in the gym. Cory would walk. Sam would eat his breakfast. One time, he ate 3 breakfasts in one morning. I would eventually crawl out of bed and we would all join up together for breakfast #? Burrrp. My knee was bothering me so I was always looking for a resting spot. How bad is that? I have become my mother. She had the same issue and preferred ... read more
Coming into the Port of Aruba
Walking ashore from our ship
Sam scoots onto our open air tour bus

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad March 24th 2018

Aruba! Our final port of call was Aruba, an island we have visited twice before and love. We decided not to,book a tour this time but to explore the town and surrounding area on our own. Leaving the ship at just after 7 am was probably, in hindsight, a bit too early.....nothing was open when we first went out. Little little has been here twice before and so, on this occasion, pew bunny accompanied Dave and I on an adventure. We had a quick breakfast at a traditional Dutch cafe and then set about wandering around until the shops and stalls opened. Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island, one of the ABC islands and boasts too, equally gorgeous coastlines. The Caribbean and the Atlantic. If you want to be a beach bum and lounge on the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad April 25th 2017

Aruba 17th April Aruba Easter Monday, not a good day for a cruise ship to arrive in a Religious country. Although all the trips went off, what few there were, the only shops open were the diamond merchants and the Designer Labels. Even some of the bars/cafes remained closed The lure for tourists is the sunshine, the interior of the island is arid. The clear waters are a paradise for snorkelling and scuba diving. Tourism and oil are the main income for the island, the government has concentrated on increasing the number of hotels on Aruba. The number of tourist flights coming in over the sea is testament to the holidaymakers coming to the island.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad March 29th 2017

Carnival Sunshine arrived at Oranjestad, Aruba, at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Susan and I had booked the "Best of Aruba Island Tour" through Carnival. We met the tour just outside the cruise terminal. The cruise terminal was decorated with "Aruba, One Happy Island" signs outside and a display of colorful Carnival costumes inside. The tour bus headed out on to L.G. Smith Boulevard, the main street of Oranjestad. An "I ♥︎ Aruba" sign is here as are the parliament and Wilhelmina Park. (Aruba is a Dutch dependency and a constituent part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Aruba became a Dutch possession in 1636 following the Thirty Years' War.) Leaving Oranjestad, the single sizable town on the island, it was evident that Aruba is a desert island, not the typical tropical Caribbean island. The landscape ... read more
Carnival Costume
Carnival Costume
I ♥︎ Aruba Sign

After about 10 hours of travel, we're here. It was 10pm by time we made it to our room, but we were all very hungry. We had a quick Italian dinner at Casa Tua. The hotel seems very nice, the rooms certainly are. I'll report more tomorrow sorry so short. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad October 19th 2015

You’ve heard of Destination Weddings…. well why not Destination Birthdays? And for mine, I chose Aruba ‘the happy island’! We were first welcomed at the airport with a tote bag full of activities and coupons. We met amazing and friendly locals knowledgeable in the history of their country. From cab drivers to street vendors almost everyone we encountered spoke four languages: English, Papiamento (their native tongue), Dutch, and Spanish. Needless to say the inviting atmosphere and people of the island made us feel right at home. It was more than the relaxing and renewing vacation we were hoping for. It was truly a pleasure to experience the island first hand with We booked the Baby Beach Package (roughly $80 per person) and it was worth it! The package included: hotel... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad March 16th 2014

Aruba... One Happy Island... similar to Virginia is for Lovers, Aruba has staked claim to One Happy Island. Having visited just recently for a week... I can wholeheartedly agree. Aruba is one happy island. The minute the airplane started the descent onto the island, I immediately relaxed. The whole week we were there the weather was partly cloudy, low to mid 80s, with a constant Caribbean breeze. Upon landing, you go thru Aruban customs, which was relatively painless. We stayed in Oranjestad at the Renaissance Ocean Suites, which was considered "downtown" and the less touristy section of Aruba. The island in itself is about 19 miles long, not too big. The airport was a short cab ride to our hotel. In Aruba, the driving is the same as if in the States. In addition due to ... read more
Views from the Lagoon at the Renaissance Aruba Resort - Ocean Suites side
Bushiribani Gold Mine Ruins
My innuksuk in the forefront

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad January 30th 2014

24thJanuary 2014 ARUBA, Dutch Antilles Distanced Travelled 5273 Nautical Miles Temperature has been increasing as we cruised from Fort Lauderdale down to Aruba in the Dutch Antilles. We cruised on a south easterly course between Cuba and Haiti. Aruba is just 18 miles north of Venezuela. The Island is about 19 miles x 7 miles wide. We arrived at about 09.15 and had a short trip booked to see the Islands Highlights. When you’re shown the desalination plant and a collapsed Natural bridge you will come to the conclusion quite rapidly that Aruba is not the place for palaces, museums or works of art. The real lure here is for tourists, it is the sunshine and the beaches on the leeward side away from the windward side of the island which is rugged and underdevoped. A ... read more
Aruba beaches
BIG Hotel
Church of Santa Anna

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad January 28th 2014

Enjoyed a lazy day at sea. Opted for the wine tasting, no surprise there, and sat at a table with Purdue alums or former Purdue employees. Lovely ladies and so easy to remember, two Nancys and two Marys. The Cellar was funny and very knowledgable and the wines he chose were interesting and distinctive and good representatives of their variety. I particularly liked a Savignon Blanc (sic), Nobilis from New Zealand. I usually don't care for this type of wine as it seems too acidic for me but this was quite good. The winds have picked up since we passed by Haiti and the skies clouded over so I decided to read and nap. Soon I was rocked to sleep. Good thing I set a wake up call or I probably would have missed dinner. This ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad November 21st 2013

Oranjestad, (Orange city from the House of Orange the ruling family in the Netherlands), Aruba We had breakfast with Paul and Christina and then watched masked boobies dive and go after the flying fish that were escaping the ship cutting through their territory. The four of us got on different buses after lunch to take two different tours. Paul and Christina to snorkel and Valerie and I to tour by “semi-submarine” the same scuttled wreck of the 440 foot freighter, the Antilla and to tour other parts of the island. The Antilla was a German merchant marine ship that the Captain sank on purpose because he didn’t want to return to Germany and get involved in World War II. The wreckage is down just 50 feet underwate... read more
1311-44 Eared dove
1311-45 Sandpipers making their marks
1311-46 A few of the hotels on the wealthy end of Aruba

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