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February 4th 2019
Published: February 5th 2019
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Yoo-Hoo. Gotta get going. More to see and more to do. We are getting off our magnificent vessel at another port. Today we are exploring the French island of Bonaire. Amusons-nous! No taxis or busses around for a tour. This island is small so must be they figure we can walk it. So let’s start hoofing it for awhile and see what we can find.

Wandered in and out of the many, familiar looking souvenir shops. We have already bought a few T-Shirts from these islands even though we swore we weren’t going to buy any. We both have WAAAY too many T-Shirts. I think we could wear a different one everyday of the week for a year. That’s TOO many!! Here’s an interesting shop with free samples. Sandy and I take it on. Cactus juice. Hmmm. Well, I’ll try anything once. Yucky!Yucky! Terrible! Putrid! My tastebuds have been destroyed. Let’s get out here. Yowee. Rotten goo. That’s what I have to say about drinking cactus crap. Do Not Try It! This is my warning to all of you.

Along our travels, we found familiar, friendly acquaintances from the ship. They had seen me taken pictures of Lovely Lulu onboard so inquired about her and her career. Lulu has a job? Good! Instantaneously, Loose Lulu flew into their arms for a special, feature picture with her new friends.

Sandy mentioned we needed to find a French restaurant and have a croissant. A must for tourists! Of course we should do that! Another lap around the shops and we found our seats in an outside area of Luciano’s (French??)bakery eating their delightful croissants. Wait a minute! Luck is upon us. Free WiFi is available at this eatery! Sandy & I rushed to get on our handy dandy tech devices....my IPad and her smartphone. We are back in the real world. Tons of emails and Facebook postings to plow through. Yippee. After a point, Sam kind of hinted we had played long enough and our party should move along. Oooookay. Slowly we got up and began trolling along through another colorful Flea Market. We came across a taxi/tour bus drop off. Cory checked if any vehicles were available but none that met our needs. We decided to head back to the ship. Obviously, it was time to EAT! Passed an interesting artsy flamingo....made of hundreds of flip-flops. It’s “baby” was made out of crushed, plastic water bottles. Find Lulu!

Once back on the cruise ship, we trudged off to the buffet for a Pick-Me-Up. Dinner was coming up but not soon enough. We had a nice seat out on the deck. A tad windy but it was a warm wind. Roasted pork was being served....the whole hog. Sad to see. Earlier at breakfast, we saw the other side of the pig. OMG. You want bacon? Here’s some bacon for you. Cory wanted it all!

We went to the evening’s entertainment show: Tango Dancing. A beautiful presentation. Oh.....could this be Cory and me after our dance lessons? Hah! I DON’T THINK SO! Not even close. How beautiful and graceful they were, gliding across the stage as if they were on ice. We still just know how to do “Clump, Clump, Clump” in the box. Following, there was another game show in the Safari bar. It was okay. The drinks were better.

Bedtime! Ahhhhh....so comfy. So soothing, with the balcony door open, hearing the rippling waves that rock us to sleep....immediately! Zzzzzzzzzz.

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Georgous WatersGeorgous Waters
Georgous Waters

Nice building
Sam found a plugSam found a plug
Sam found a plug

Cory tells Sam “Ive found a spot to plug it in!”
Cruise ship friends love  LuluCruise ship friends love  Lulu
Cruise ship friends love Lulu

Little Lulu misses Big Lulu
Lulu found her GrandmaLulu found her Grandma
Lulu found her Grandma

And a big flamingo
At the French bakeryAt the French bakery
At the French bakery

Croissants and ice cream....yummy
Lulu devoured by mean fishLulu devoured by mean fish
Lulu devoured by mean fish

Lulu rides this donkey
Flea MarketFlea Market
Flea Market

Lulu loves this basket & sign
Back to our shipBack to our ship
Back to our ship

Pretty island

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