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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad October 30th 2008

The more we travel onwards the smaller the provinces get, the land more vast , the grass more green, the trees taller and the mountains grew. The land is so beautiful i could hear myself saying it out loud. We crossed a bridge of water and my excitement rose. This heat can only be tamed with a long swim in the ocean. We pulled in at the station in the hottest part of the day and thawed our frozen popsicle air conditioned bodies immediately. Lots of cubans waiting , holding casa particular placards and screaming low prices. I hadnt seen this since cambodia. Head down and beggining to wade through the boisterios crowd we were surprised to see a piece of paper with our names in bold letters not uncommen at the arrivals gate at the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad September 27th 2008

Writing this, we're just back from a day on horseback in El Valle de Los Ingenios (a valley near Trinidad where the colonial sugar plantations were once situated) and we've both got VERY sore bums indeed! The horses led us along stoney mountain trails, over a railway line, through three rivers and up to a cascading waterfall where we cooled down in the crystal clear waters. We both had quite different experiences so here's a version of the day from each of us. My Day Out With Crazy Horse By Jess Apparently you only need to know three things to ride a horse in Cuba: right, left and stop. What they don't tell you is in fact you also need a disregard for helmets and a tight grip. We were thrown straight into the deep end. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad September 24th 2008

To those of you who I revealed our travel plans to, whose eyes shot wide open and mouths dropped to the ground (as if you got a pinch on the bum); the ones who were too polite to question us or call us crazy, even if that was what you wanted to say. You know who you are! Last night (23rd September) might go a little way to explaining our motives. When at home and working, you never seem to have the time or you are too tired to enjoy the simple things in life. More to the point, you forget or don't notice. After dinner (about 9pm) we went up to the roof our 'casa' to gaze at the lightning storm. The storms arrive after the hot day and its like nothing we've ever seen. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad September 14th 2008

The panorama above is other Valle de los Ingenios (or the valley of the sugar mills). So we finally made it out of Havana. It took a while, and a lot of hassle, going out to the bus station, being more pushy than we like to try and get answers instead of a "try again tomorrow". Funny how when you ask more firmly, suddenly there are buses leaving! The last couple of days in Havana dragged a bit as things were still slow in opening. We wandered the massive and deserted Plaza de la Revolucion with the outline of Che Guevara on the outside of the Ministry of the Interior and the huge monument to Jose Marti. It seems such a waste of money building huge monuments like that when there are people struggling to survive. ... read more
The Necropolis, Havana
Necropolis, Havana
The view from Helen and Alfredos apartment

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad August 14th 2008

Having sussed the Havana bus reservations we travelled down to the south of Cuba to an old colonial town called Trinidad. If Havana is stuck in the 1950s Trinidad is more or less existing in the 1930s, there is even less evidence of commercialisation and tourism here. After we had run the gauntlet out of the bus station and avoided being dragged to a random house by one of the many old women who tried to grab us, we made it to the house where we had booked a room. It was a really nice house with a couple who spoke absolutely no English whatsoever, which forced us to again practice our espanol! They cooked us great food and were very welcoming (we think, they could have been saying more or less anything to us for ... read more
One man and his cock
Trinidad street view
Buying lunch

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad July 18th 2008

You Can Leave Your Hat On (The Bus) - Tragedy in Trinidad, Cuba Sun 01/06 - 05/06/08 I leave the hotel Paradisus just before 1pm, and arrive at the main coach terminal. I'm headed for Trinidad, a small town South East of Varadero. The terminal is crowded and noisy, and I attract unwanted attention from a pair of fat, bad-manned guys, who find me interesting because I'm English and alone. I can't work out whether these pigs are local or tourists like me. One is ginger-haired and covered in vile, greasy boils, skin like a carrot-topped pizza. He stands opposite me, sweaty and rank. The other is darker and balder, and sat down next to me. I suspect he has inclinations to molest me, and I make plans to strike first should he get too close. ... read more
Plaza Mayor
Nuestra Senora de la Popa

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad May 16th 2008

hi ihr lieben, wir haben es also nach cuba geschafft! Viñales nachdem wir unser auto voruebergehend in besitz genommen haben, sind wir ins land des gruenen goldes nach viñales aufgebrochen. wiedermal etwas spaet und die sonne nicht mehr in sicht bezogen wir unsere casa particulares in der villa silvia. bei einem eiskalten mojito konnten wir auf der verand etwas abkuehlen und entspannen. um unser abendessen besser zu beschreiben, hier ein zitat aus unserem reisefuehrer: bei einem kreolisches essen haengt das fleisch bis ueber den tellerrand hinaus und die nachspeise ist suess bis zur schmerzgrenze! es gab spanferkerl mit reis und bohnen, salat, chips, einen fruechteteller und als nachspeise kokosraspeln mit zuckersirup - sehr lecker! danach rollten wir uns auf den hauptplatz und lauschten cubanischer musik. am naechsten morgen waren wir froh dass unser auto noch alle ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad May 4th 2008

Trinidad is about 4 hrs drive from Havana on the South Coast of the Island, about half way across. We decided that as we didn't have that much time in Cuba, we'd divide the time up half-half between Havana and Trinidad rather than trying to rush around like I have been doing everywhere else on this trip. We got to Trinidad on Saturday afternoon and checked into another casa. On Saturday we had some dinner in the casa and then headed out to some bars in town. Trinidad is a small colonial town with cobbled streets and, as with the rest of Cuba, has many bars with live bands and opportunities to dance. One bar is totally outside on some steps leading up from the main square and every night they had live bands and other ... read more
Jon at sunset Saturday
the main square Sat evening

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 6th 2008

At the moment I´m sitting perched on the end of the seat as it´s a bit painful to sit down, but I´ll come onto that... We are still in Trinidad. It´s such a gorgeous village that we have ended up staying here for three nights so far. Our first proper day was at the beach. The beach is gorgeous...white sand, clear blue sea, palm trees, mojitos in the shade. In the usual tradition we managed to get burnt whilst still plastering on the sun cream and sitting in the shade for most of the time. Lucikly we had planned ahead and brought some after sun so we´re pretty much alright now. After the beach, we headed to the Casa musica. This is right at the top of the hill in the village and is an outdoor ... read more
Taxi Coco
Casa Musica
Trinidad life

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 3rd 2008

Hello So here we are, sorry for the delay in our first entry proper and there will be photos to follow its just that we haven´t got the lead with us at the moment. Anyway, where to start... So our first port of call was Mexico City where we arrived quite late with no guide book or anything. The first thing we noticed was the difference in the force of gravity in Central America, our bags seemed to have doubled in weight from when we packed them in UK. Ah well, hopefully we´ll get stronger We hadn´t really thought about Mexico City at all so it was a bit random to suddenly find ourselves wandering the streets relatively late in the evening looking for our first hostel. Our first day we basically did the city sights ... read more
Señior Simon el Mexico
Cuban Cabaret

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