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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 15th 2016

Tuesday 12thJanuary 2016 A Russian jeep took us up into the hills surrounding Trinidad where we enjoyed great views over the Caribbean coast. Next was a visit to a museum of coffee which in reality was nothing more than a few old piccies in a garden shed, where we saw how the Cubans used to dry, roast and grind coffee and then sampled some – good job Roger had already explained this otherwise we would have been lost. We then had a gentle hike through a coffee plantation and on to a waterfall and pool where a group of German tourists were swimming and making a lot of noise. The Waylors don’t do noisy tourists so on we walked through peaceful and beautiful forests to our chicken lunch and back home for shopping in the market. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad November 29th 2015

Today we headed to Trinidad as a base for the next 4 days. Intending to book bus tickets for the 80 km trip we were approached by the usual touts offering taxi services to wherever you want to go. After negotiating down a price to pickup & dropoff at our apartments at each end the offer was to good to refuse so our Cadillac of choice was a Buick. Our Buick did not arrive but fortunately another car did with 2 extra passengers. The trip was a much better experience than a bus. Spent much of the day organising ongoing bus tickets & researching accommodation for these places & then wandered around the old town taking in the sights. The town was founded in the 16th century & is now World Heritage listed. Steep streets work ... read more
Slave restraint items on wall of our favorite restaurant
Latest train carrages
A quick exit for fast approaching trolley

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 28th 2015

Trinidad: Old World Charm There was a crocodile farm called Criadero de Cocodrilo, just opposite where we had parked our rental before hopping on the boat to Boca de Guamá. And now, on our way out, we stopped for a while in part, we admit, to take a gander at where last night's dinner had come from. There were over 5000 crocs here, from tiny whippersnappers to 20-foot man-eaters. Fifty percent are released in the wild by age 8 and the others kept for breeding, display and food. Ty boy-handled a croc his age and we dodged an offer of a croc-burger, probably because we had just 'bonded' with the creatures. Further up the road we spotted a primary school and we stopped. Prior to our departure, we had bought a decent supply of pens, pencils, ... read more
Plaza Mayor
Young shutterbug
Tower at Manaca Iznaga

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 13th 2015

The bus bounced along Trinidad's cobbled streets and deposited us at the station. From there we jumped onto four bicitaxis and were pedalled in various levels of discomfort to our hotel, the Trinidad 500, named to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city in 2014. Our drivers raced each other through the streets which at times was exhilarating, but often felt rather dangerous! The hotel is in an old colonial house, beautifully restored, on the edge of the city. After unpacking and relaxing a little, the plan had been to eat at the hotel then go out to experience the nightlife, but torrential rain put paid to that idea. Instead we ate and drank at the hotel then had an early night! The next day was glorious. Our group split up so everyone ... read more
The historic centre
Trinidad's streets
Music in the streets

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 8th 2015

Geo: 21.8, -79.98 GÜN 11 GÜNLERDEN PAZAR: Öğlene doğru Trinidad'a vardık .. Gitmek istediğimiz mekana gidemiyoruz ....zira bir noktadan sonra şehir merkezine giden yollar kapanıyor ve araca izin vermiyorlar .. Eşyaları evlere sürükleyemeyeceğimize göre .. Yol üstü bir ev bulmak, bize daha pratik geldi. Sağolsun Vidal ,derhal devreye girdi ve bize uygun bir ev buldu. Kendine bizden daha ucuz bir ev bulmuş... mal sahibesini göstererek . "Bu gece onunla yatacağım" diye nezih ve net açıklamalar yapabiliyor . Latin'lerin seks mizahı anlayışları, bizden çok farklı doğrusu. Zira Kadın da gülüyor … Eşyaları bırakıp yemeğe çıktık . Mal sahibemiz, bize yakında bir restoranı salık verdi. Bulduk… Guitarra Mia ( yani benim Gitarım ) adlı bir restoran Gitarla bozmuşlar .. Gelen çorbanın üzerine bi... read more
the good the bad and the ugly

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad October 14th 2014

The tour began by bus to Cienfuegos with the heat and humidity forcing our first (but not last) stop at the ice cream store. We’d heard of the ice cream stores (government subsidised – brilliant!) and treated ourselves, only to find out later we’d paid in Cuban Convertibles (matched to the USD) instead of Cuban local Pesos (24 = 1 Convertible). We were very happy with our icecream until we realised we’d paid 24 times too much! Henceforth, we carried both currencies and used local pesos where appropriate – tourist mistake #1. A language lesson the next morning in a beautiful Moorish mansion helped build our Spanglish before we headed to Trinidad, on the Southern coast. It carries a reputation of beautiful buildings, classic cars, salsa, sun and parties in caves. It didn’t disappoint. Just driving ... read more
Learning Spanish from our guide Aimara who was a fantastic help throughout the tour
Relaxing with the view from one of our Trinidad terraces

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 14th 2014

Trinidad is the gem of the Sanctus Spiriti province. It is a small and relaxed town with cobbled streets and beautifully preserved and restored Colonial buildings. There are two picturesque bell towers, both painted bright yellow, from which you can see over the town and its surroundings: to the North, old sugar plantations and the mountains beyond, and to the South, the Peninsula Ancon, a glorious 7km stretch of white sand and glittering green sea. There are a few colourful leafy squares where you can six and read during the day, listening to local musicians playing Buena Vista Social Club classics. The area around the main square, Playa Mayor, comes alive at night with several live music venues, numerous Paladars – each with a waiter in the doorway who will try to lure you inside – ... read more
Two men and a donkey
Street in central Trinidad
Car maintenance

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 20th 2014

Geo: 21.8, -79.98Vandaag laten we de auto langs de kant van de weg staan. Trinidad is een mooi authentiek koloniaal stadje. Het is daarop ook UNESCO werelderfgoed. Het oude centrum is verkeersvrij en heeft allemaal straatjes met kasseien en gekleurde huisjes, gezellige pleintjes en overal muziek natuurlijk. De foto's spreken voor zich.We hebben ons ook een stukje laten rondrijden op een driewieler, dat moesten we toch eens meegemaakt hebben. Het hotel Iberostar Grand Trinidad is top en het eten is bijzonder lekker hier.... read more
Overal muziek
Klooster van San Francisco

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 13th 2014

Trinidad de Cuba - UNESCO City of colour, culture & music The bus trip to Trinidad takes an hour and a half after a chaotic start at Cienfuegos. We wait and wait along with many other travellers for the ticket office to open. Getting any info from the staff is impossible. In the end, the bus arrives and they let us on with just our ticket confirmation - but only after extracting a CUC for the bags - a definite scam. The landscape en route changes to one with mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Playa de Ancon is the main resort on the southern coast, not that we plan to go there. Despite the warning about overzealous touts (jineteros) we find the crowd waiting at the bus stop pretty mild mannered. ... read more
Mojitos & Lamb Ropa Vieja at Cubita Trinidad
Plaza Mayor Trinidad
Dominoes guys  - Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 8th 2014

Geo: 21.8, -79.98Have you ever had a desire to experience Colonial Spain but your time machine was in the shop? Trinidad, Cuba, a UNESCO World Heritage site might just bring out your inner Spanish Conquistador. For the non Veradaro/Holguin beach crowd, Trinidad is the second most important stop in Cuba after Havana. And rightly so. Preserving, restoring, and promoting Trinidad actually predates Castro and his band of not-so-merry men. Batiste recognized the historic and tourism value of the city and supported restoration efforts. After a long pause, the Cuban government, realizing the hard currency value of tourism, and with the support of UNESCO dollars, has restarted restoration efforts. The result is a very attractive town centre that eliminates the need for much imagination in order to envision a time in which the Spanish empire had outposts ... read more
The Boys
Vintage Traffic
Our Trinidad Casa

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