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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 29th 2023

I cry not for you and not for myself, I cry for the helplessness of mortals who live on the sufferance of life. In order to avoid this bitter end, we would all have to be born again, and born with the knowledge of alternatives. This is my second trip to Cuba. There are many different lenses you can see through when considering to visit Cuba. My cursiosity is to see how a communist/socialist life is actually lived. In North America we hear very little, if any, about Cuba or it's people. Us Americans are so busy and kept engaged with the domestic political masquerade that it does not leave us any time of interest to know whats going on in the rest of 98.3% of the globe (United States covers 1.87% of the earth). For ... read more
A 1955 Pontiac
a resturant in Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad September 27th 2021

Trinidad was again another great place to visit when in Cuba! Cobbled streets, vibrant colours, a short hop away from the beach, brilliant restaurants and even a cave nightclub. We enjoyed the few days that we had left on our holiday in Trinidad. No cars are allowed in the inner city, so walking around the cobbled streets is a pleasure! A very popular restaurant that often has a line out the front is La Botija, we went there twice and I recommend going there at least once. Palacio Cantero, the very obvious iconic tower of Trinidad has a nice view point and is also a museum. We also enjoyed the experience of being in a natural cave nightclub just on the north of the town. As you walk up the hill, various little alcohol stands pave ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 30th 2019

Day 9 Cuba 2019. 30 miles. What another glorious day. Our luck is changing. The last two days had 50% cloud and warm breeze. Today it started off with a clear sky and 28 degrees again. We cycled to the location of an old sugar cane processing plant and went up the tall tower built by the plantation owner in 1815 which gave great views of the surrounding countryside. Because it is visited by many tourists the road up to it was full of people selling their wares. Bananas, reversible black and white dolls and white cotton tableware forever, flapping furiously in the wind. As usual we were pestered to buy at every step. I thought we were in Marrakesh. This area was the second largest sugar cane production area in Cuba and several large houses ... read more
View from cafe in Trinidad .
Textile sale

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 29th 2019

Cuba Day 8. Monday 28 Jan 61km. 570m ascent 29 degrees cycled today. An early start at 8.15 after deciding on plan D. The cause of much plan changing was the likely bad weather conditions following a tornado yesterday in Havana which left 3 dead and 176 injured. We eventually decided not to travel up the hills to Trinidad but to cycle around it. This was a very good choice of route since the wind was quite strong but on our tail on the undulating road. Whilst the day started with damp roads, and the necessary puddles, the cloud cleared somewhat and the sun shone on our backs as we headed south west. The road was the best so far with few potholes and fairly light traffic and we sailed along nicely until midday and Liz ... read more
Ali puncture repairs .
Centre Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad July 9th 2018

Sun-Mon-Tues 8, 9 & 10 July Day 3-5: Trinidad We had 2 ½ days to enjoy this beautiful colonial UNESCO city of Trinidad which is home to numerous churches and many colonial buildings. Nearby are the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of Sugarmills) which we visited on the way out of Trinidad and Playa Ancón, where we enjoyed long stretches of white sand beaches. Nowadays, Trinidad's main industry is tobacco processing. The older parts of town are well preserved, as the Cuban tourism industry sees benefit from tour groups. In contrast, some parts of town outside the tourist areas are very run down and in disrepair, especially in the centre. Tourism from Western nations is major source of income in the city. The Plaza Mayor of Trinidad is a plaza and an open-air museum of Spanish ... read more
Ancun Beach 14 kms from Trinidad
Ancun Beach 14 kms from Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 13th 2018

Sorry to overload you with two stories in quick succession but Cuba turned out to be an internet black hole. No contact with the outside world for 12 days! I haven’t lived like this since 1997. So, I have written two entries and published back to back. If you like Italian food but don’t like going to Italy, then Cuba is for you. Every restaurant here does pizza and pasta and some will serve a proper meal for $1.50. The currency used by tourists in Cuba is CUC, Convertible Cuban Pesos. CUC are equal to USD so it is easy to work out what everything costs in your usual currency. Back to the Cuban gastronomy though. You don’t have to eat Italian every night. The local cuisine can be interesting too. Some good meals have been ... read more
It just had to be done!
Horse and cart ride in Cienfuegos
First Solo Dodgem Car Ride!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad June 12th 2016

Well we found internet, but still no cameras. However, I have a strategy - when we see obvious tourists, we ask them to take our photo and to email it to us when they return to their respective homes... we will see how that pans out. Stats to date: -approximately 400 KM covered -approximately 10 pizzas/each consumed -lots of local music under the night skies -lots of soda (super weird because I hate soda at home) -score on flats 4(Alyssa):0(Andrew) -score of crib games 4(Andrew):0(Alyssa) - so wrong! That's about it. It's hot, the food is edible, the towns and rolling countryside spectacular and the people incredibly friendly and welcoming. Oh and sorry Janna - happy birthday yesterday! Alyssa and Andrew... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad May 16th 2016

Nice as my casa was and nice as it was to have my own room and ensuite, I can’t afford to keep paying CUC$20 a night for accommodation. And nice as my casa host was in Playa Giron, she let me down a bit with the casa she booked me in Trinidad. I asked her for a place with shared rooms or dorms but apparently all the places with dorms were full. Asking her what the price of the place was, she kind of dodged the question initially before eventually telling me that it will be CUC$20 a night but that I could split this bill if I could find someone on the bus to share with. I therefore spent the bus ride picking out other solo travellers as targets. Once we arrive, I start approaching ... read more
House In Trinidad
Another Classic Cuban Scene
Trinidad Street Corners

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 28th 2016

I am still not 100% from the cold ass weather in Amsterdam. Feels like a slight cold. Soooooo I know the drinking didn’t help, but I had a hard time getting out of bed. But my time is so limited I carried on and got up to catch a classic car to the beach. Playa Ancon is the name, clear blue waters is the game. I had a great time lounging in the sun like a lizard basking on a rock and some Cuban who lives in Miami bought me a beer cuz he stole my chair. Lol. I took a walk down the beach and ran into an Israeli dude and his Belarus girlfriend of whom which we shared the car from Habana. Woa!!! Cooool!!!! We had a fresh coconut with the top lopped off ... read more
a boat
the "strong" beer weighing in at 5.4%
streets of tinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 27th 2016

Since I only have 6 days in this lovely country I really had to blast around if I wanted to see anything more than a huge city for the entire time…and you know how I feel about big cities. Even though I did enjoy my time in Habana I decided to catch a bus at 7am to Trinidad 7 hours away. Well there was an option to ride in a classic car all the way for the same price so I decided to do that. At 7:10 I asked if there was a specific time we were leaving or if just when full. Twas the latter and we curmudgeonly rolled out at 10 something finally arriving after the stupid bus would have been there but whatever. Adventure. Lol. Trinidad is even more of an old tyme ... read more
view from the back
some mountains on the way
some more

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