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October 30th 2008
Published: October 30th 2008
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on the road
The more we travel onwards the smaller the provinces get, the land more vast , the grass more green, the trees taller and the mountains grew. The land is so beautiful i could hear myself saying it out loud. We crossed a bridge of water and my excitement rose. This heat can only be tamed with a long swim in the ocean. We pulled in at the station in the hottest part of the day and thawed our frozen popsicle air conditioned bodies immediately. Lots of cubans waiting , holding casa particular placards and screaming low prices. I hadnt seen this since cambodia.
Head down and beggining to wade through the boisterios crowd we were surprised to see a piece of paper with our names in bold letters not uncommen at the arrivals gate at the airport. Our last casa lady had phoned ahead and we had a room waiting for us. This casa was nice and also big. It had a great terrace blanketed with vines and fresh mint growing for our mojitos with our dinner.
We set out on foot on a quiet day on some quiet streets. It was independencia day and everything was closed except for the first markets i had seen in cuba. There were more pink faced tourists carrying guide books in the streets than locals. Our new game for the day was to guess their nationality and im guessing they were doing the same. We ran into our dutch friends from the last casa and set about taking the piss, catching up on gossip and exchanging information. I was saddened to learn that the local beach was not that of the white sand variety but rocky , brown sand and prone to a few midges. I was optimistic and we made it our mission for the next day.
We planned to meet up at ' La Ruinas something something' with free admission and a live show subsidised by hefty drink prices and donations by yours truly. The band was good but lacked the vivacity we had enjoyed previuosly. As we drank and waited for our dutch compant to arrive we eyed the gigolo:tourist ratio.
We jumped into this funny little yellow bubble taxi and struggled our way to 'La Bocha' the local beach. A 5 km road trip out of town in which we thought at times would have to push the poor yellow bubble. Well as to keep it simple we were there no longer than an uncomfortable 45mins before we headed back on foot as there was no taxis about. Our 1hr lesuirely walk back in the searing heat left us contemplating the rest of our trip and we decided to cut it short. We should have done our homework and maybe not arrive with such high expectations. We are not the package tourist type nor have the budget which allows the comfortable environment of other tourists and white sandy beaches. We were happy to come and leaves me thinking hard about the real cuba. Regreso mexico xx

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4th November 2008

regresso eh
bak to mehico for you little munchkins eh? good to see your lookin a little browner chica :P keep on contemplatin/eatin/enjoyin/dancin/reflectin...great to hear ur stories! besos!!

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