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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 19th 2014

May 2nd - May 7th 2013 We basically fell in love in Trinidad. It is the most fascinating, colorful, interesting, cultural and fun town, mostly because there are tons of things to do. Trinidad is one-of-a-kind, a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial settlement where the clocks stopped ticking in 1850. Built on huge sugar fortunes during the early 19th century, the riches of the town's pre–War of Independence peak are still very much in evidence; colonial-style mansions, Italian frescoes, Wedgewood china, Spanish furniture and French chandeliers. We couldn’t get enough of exploring the paved streets, soaking in the most beautiful light in early evenings, having great dinners at our favorite restaurant Taberna Ochun i Yemaya and dance the nights away in the company of live salsa and mojitos. All our travels were normally very active however since ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad August 5th 2013

After a night in Cienfuegos, I arrived in Trinidad (an hour and a half away -- take a taxi or Transtur, not Viazul, to make it even shorter) hoping expecting to find a town that warrants its effusive descriptions in travel books. While I had heard some negative things from other travelers about how touristy the town is, I'd also heard that it's a can't-miss colonial town frozen in time. Sadly, in the end, I have to go with the former of the opinions: I was disappointed. THE TOWN I immediately found the perfectly polished city center to be disingenuous. Everything is perfectly manicured and restored, even more than inplaces like Granada, Nicaragua and Antigua, Guatemala. What bothered me the most about the main square is that unlike in Granada and Antigua, there are really no ... read more
Caburni Falls
Topes de Collantes
Pine forest

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 26th 2013

Breakfast at Dady's was pretty good. The usual Cuban breakfast included an egg omlette and some meat or fruit. At Dady's we had omelette with plates of bread, cheese, ham, coffee and fresh juice. As majority of us wanted to go to Playa Ancon Tony arranged for Ricardo to drive us there on the bus and come back for us later that afternoon. We just paid a few $CUC each to cover it. My first time in the Caribbean Ocean – just a little bit excited. The beach was really pretty, the water a nice colour and my favourite part – warm enough for someone wimpy like me to swim in. We set ourselves up on the beach and spent the day swimming, reading, tanning, burning etc. There was a bar on the beach making cocktails ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 3rd 2013

Day 457 Thursday 10th January Today Mario and Mercedes from our Casa put on another great spread for breakfast before we started into our packing. Our bus wasn’t till 11am so we had plenty of time to get ourselves sorted and pay our bill. At 10.30 Mario told us his son couldn’t drive us down to where the bus was leaving because he was at the dentist but he would get his neighbour to drive us. His neighbour rolled up driving a battered 1952 Chev that he had to hot wire start it with two wires hanging out from the dash. Mario came down town with us and he laughed all the way about the state his neighbour’s car was in and all the things he had to do to keep it ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 15th 2013

Exploring Trinidad, a stop over in Cammaguay and on to Santiago de Cuba Leaving behind a vibrant city like Havana was sad and inevitable, but nonetheless we picked up our little Kia rental car and made our way south and east. Driving in this island nation isn’t challenging from automobile traffic standpoint, but rather from keeping an eye on everything else, like horse carts, hitchhikers, pot holes and trying to find any kind of directional signs. We were off to see some more of this beautiful nation and chose to drive east in search of more sights and adventure. The road out of Havana had three lanes in each direction for a good portion of the voyage. One thing was missing however…..traffic. Seems that the Russians built this highway for the Cubans, but of course ... read more
Cuban Coastline
Lovely view of Trinidad
Sunset near Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 1st 2013

A short blog just to wish you a happy newyear and to inform you that everything is perfect here in Cuba. Stories and pictures will follow later (when we are heading to Costa Rica, half of january), as internet is rare and expensive here and you have to queu to use it. Short first conclusion Cuba is great!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad August 6th 2012

The Quiet Charm of Trinidad There is nothing better than exploring. There is nothing similar to the feeling of being taken by surprise. There is nothing more special than a place which challenges your expectations, puts you completely out of your comfort zone, and then finally hands you your rewards on a silver platter. I had been in Cuba for 4 days and was yet to experience a major culture shock. The country was amazing, the people were friendly enough and the food had far outweighed all my expectations. I had been in Varadero, which as anyone who has been to Cuba knows, is not the real Cuba. Cushy and relatively rich it could almost be mistaken for a part of Spain. This was not something that I knew. Rental Car picked up, we left the ... read more
The streets
Cuban Graffiti
Night Life

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 28th 2012

There's a thinly veiled hint of self centredness at the root of many visitors motives for jetting into Cuba and we joined that queue. On the wrong end of US inflicted trade embargoes for over 50 years, Cuba's improvised methods to survive in the face of financial adversity are a surreptitious part of the attraction to this most individual of countries. Would Cuba still pique the senses to the same degree if the streets of Havana were choked with Toyotas rather than 50 year old plus Buiks, Plymouths and Chevies? Or would the crumbled elegance of its Spanish colonial architecture be just as seductive all spruced up in its Sunday best? Sure we'd all love to see Cuba back in the fold, but selfishly, a major component of its allurement is viewing it in its semi ... read more
Havana Vieja

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad May 15th 2011

Cuba!! by Rachael Arriving in Havana!! We had visions of scary immigration control upon arriving in Cuba but as usual with most things on this trip it was a lot less daunting in reality. However we did have a bit of drama upon leaving the airport - we had booked into a hostel and were quite perturbed when none of the taxi drivers or any locals had heard of it...finally we were taken to a random house and discovered it was actually a casa particular -which is what we stayed in the entire time in Cuba, where you stay in a family´s home and they cook your meals for you, rather than staying in a touristy hotel. More complications followed as the owner Oscar unfortunately couldn´t have us to stay as his bathroom was broken or ... read more
El dia de los trabajadores parade in Havana
Playa Ancon
getting ready for scuba diving!!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 29th 2011

Trinidad The town of Trinidad on the South Coast is an old colonial town. Again, a lot of work has been done in co-operation with Unesco in restoring some of the older buildings and this has helped to boost the tourist trade. Trinidad seems to be a popular destination with the tourists and, I guess because it is so much smaller than Havana and because the tourists are concentrated in to a smaller space, it seems far more touristy. Certainly most of the shops in the centre of town are selling souvenirs, and the restaurants seem to be more expensive and will only accept payment in CUCs. The town still has its cobble streets and no new buildings in the town centre. Rations We stop off at a bodega, or Ration Shop. This is where Cubans ... read more
Explaining Santeria
Trinidad Beach
Casa De Musica

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