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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 26th 2008

We hitched a ride in Les and Yaremis' tiny little Hyundai to Trinidad, where we enjoyed son and salsa music every night. There are lots of foreigners here, mostly European, so it felt like a backpacker sort of a place, and we had a lot of fun with new friends.... read more
Baseball in the streets
Shopping destination if you don't have CUCs
Peso pizza

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad November 25th 2007

Hello! Then I finally found some time to write something for you! I´ve been in Cuba for one and a half week now and I´m starting to get into it. It´s not the easiest system (especially when I don´t speak any spanish) in the beginning, but after a couple of days it´s getting better. Cuba it´s a crazy place! I can´t compare it with anything I´ve seen before! It´s like being in a big museum. After 3/4 days in Habana, I took the bus a bit west to a place called Vinales. That was a nice little village, surrounded by some nice valley´s and loads of great crags! Adam, Steve... everyone: Save up some money, learn some spanish and go to Cuba for a different climbing experience. check out (or something like that) The best ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad October 9th 2007

Trinidad Road Trip Wow, what a weekend… its gonna be a mission to try to fit in all the stories but I’ll give it a shot. After much indecisiveness and guilt, I abandoned 2 sick friends, missed another friend’s (possible) afternoon birthday dancing outing, hopefully made it up 2 her by going out 4 peso pizza and getting her a cute prez, missing my 2nd yoga class in a row… I finally decided to go to TRINIDAD on another “excursión” which seemed ridiculously cheap with a group of other European students. (Not my usual lot, they were all very ill, hospitalised or chasing a Cuban girl). The ridiculously cheap bit of course had its reasons as we found out… actually seemed ridiculously expensive at times as some of the following stories will reveal. The craziness all ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad July 17th 2007

Trinidad, a Gem of Colonial Style Leaving Cienfuegos we travelled across some fairly uninteresting rolling hills for about an hour to Trinidad, where the restaurant supposedly booked for lunch was full to the rafters. We drove out instead to the Valle de los Ingenios, part of the Trinidad World Heritage Site. The landscapes here are big and quite attractive, but there is not a whole lot to see; it was a principal sugar cane production area until the region’s economy took a nose-drive in the second half of the nineteenth century, and the ruins of some forty sugar mills (ingenios) apparently lie buried beneath the vegetation. At an old eighteenth century estate, Manaca Iznaga, developed by a Spanish slave-trader and sporting a 44-meter water tower... read more
Museo Romantico, Plaza Mayor
Fashionistas, Trinidad
Plaza Mayor

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad July 11th 2007

Today was spent walking the cobblestoned streets of Trinidad. It's so picturesque. We visited the Romantico Museum where they showed lots of fine art, pottery and furniture. We checked out a rations store and had drinks in a bar listening to a group called Septeto Rafael Saroza. The average age of the band members had to be 80yo. The bassist looked like a meerkat. You can see him in my Travel Photo Album under Trinidad photos. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad July 10th 2007

Today we left Habana for Trinidad stopping at Santa Clara along the way. There is a monument here housing Che Guevara's remains. It's a really beautiful place. Under a huge statue of Che is a kind of tomb with death masks of each of the Cubans whose remains were found in Bolivia with Che. Then we drove through the Sierra del Escambray (Topes de Collantes). A beautiful drive if I wasn't suffering from heat stroke. I tried to sleep it off in the van. We finised up in Trinidad in the afternoon. This place looks just like a postcard. During our road trip Erik and I exchanged MP3 players -- he listened to Australian music (Grinspoon was his favourite) and I listened to Van Van. Erik explained the reason for the coloured license plates in Cuba: ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 22nd 2007

After Veredero, we headed to Cuba´s best preserved coonial town, Trinidad. I should have known not to expect much since I have now seen dozens of well preserved colonial towns but we decided to go nevertheless. travelling by bus in Cuba i soemthing else. There are two systems, one for locals and the other for tourists. Once upon a time the tourists buses provided extra luxury and air conditioning, however since the introduction of new chinese busus to the locals only system, there seems to be little difference between the two other than the price. This is just one example of the systems in place seperating tourists from everyday Cubans. At the Trinidad bus station we were met by a sour looking women holding a sign bearing our names. In Havana, the owner of our ... read more
Playa Ancon and a beautiful girl
Incredible beach and water
Cake´s ready

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 10th 2007

after a very good nights sleep at Jesus' and a delicious homemade brekkie we set off for our 2nd home - the bus station. so we finally decided that Trinidad is where the sun is shining and get ourselves on the first bus out of the city in search of salsa, mojitos and big fat cigars.... 5 hours later we arrive in the beautiful town of Trinidad on the south coast. we have nothing planned or booked and we rock up at Tati's casa at La Boca beach where the sun is shining (strongly!) and the Caribbean sea is calling us... A quick lunch consisting of yet more beer and a mountain of cheese is followed by a spot of sunbathing and swimming and local boys exciting themselves at the sight of us in the sea ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad November 15th 2006

The bus arrived at 7am in the morning. I walked past the small gaggle of people promoting their casas particulares and walked to the address Sofía had given to me. I was met at the door by two very friendly old ladies who gave me coffee, then explained that they’d let the room that had been reserved for me because Sofía had warned them I had stayed at Guantánamo and so may not have made the bus connection. They brought their next-door neighbour round and I went round to hers. She seemed a real sourpuss and I felt rather depressed. This was the fourth time I’d stayed somewhere different than planned and I guess it’s just the way it is round here. I certainly don’t begrudge Sofía. Anyway, rather than resting in bed, I thought I’d ... read more
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad October 18th 2006

J'ai voyage avec eux de la Havane jusqu'a Trinidad. Puis on a louer une voiture pour faire un tour des environs. La semaine que j'ai passee avec eux etait super et j'etais ravi de servir pour la premiere fois d'interprete. ... read more
Conny et moi
Conny und Andreas

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